Socially Awkward People Unite!

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  1. a dark room, online, semi-anonymously
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  2. *raises hand!* I am a socially awkward person! 8D Mostly cause I am a severe introvert and people make me tired. >:[

  3. I would define that article as "easier said than done"

    I think I feel weird around people because A) I hate small talk B) I feel more unique/different than most people my age C) Childhood social trauma stunting my social growth D) I'm not a speaker, I'm a writer and an artist

    Usually when I talk to people it always ends up being insincere small talk and then when that runs out what else do I say. My brain rushes to think of something Oh god oh god the silence is too long hurry say something! Oh crap my mind is blank! *dies*
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  4. I'm SOCIALLY AWKWARD , I'm shy quiet keep to myself , don't fit into any one group , I am dark but have a light side to me , My colors are black and red and blue < Yes blue strange for a dark person like me but like I said I do have a lightside to me , You take me to a party and i would end up in a corner by myself
  5. I used to be terribly socially awkward.

    Then I joined the military and just became indifferent to compromise in the face of people's opinions. It's a much better way to live.
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  6. <----Is of the top ten percentage of Socially Awkward people. Also, a kid named Joey might call you a thousand times just to tell you that.

    I am sooo not society worthy. The only time I can muster up enough courage to actually talk to other people is at work, dealing with customers. But even then god forbid I have to ask/tell a coworker to do something. ._. I much rather prefer to chat on Skype than talk -as many people would know- and I'm JUST finally beginning to be able to want to talk on voice/video with Myrn-pervs let alone random strangers in the world! D:

    Except for when I've been drinking! :D Mittens takes liquid courage to a whole new level by hugging random people! :D And dancing, you cannot stop me from dancing to a song I've deemed "ABSOLUTELY AWESOME" while drinking! ^^
  7. From my appearance to my habits, I symbolize a "weirdo trying to be normal". Some people are sweet about it and think they're my endearing traits. Some just. :c
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  8. I come from a "saving face" culture, where even if I couldn't give four blazing dragon fucks about the social situation I was forced into, I would still pretend I am having a wonderful time and chat up all sorts of people because it would be rude not drop everything you are doing to entertain the guests/completely go out of character to impress the hosts. Social situations seem like farces and when they seem sincere, I get all sweaty and nervous cause I don't know how to respond to that at all without vomiting a bunch of untruths. The worse part of it all is that it ultimately makes me feel a some spoiled brat of a person, refusing to swallow the harsh bitter pill of societal norms without a fuss just because, for some unspecified reason, I am just too special to. So, most of my social awkwardness is fueled continuously by own inability to react to/generate sincerity and a good healthy dose of self loathing. AWWWWWW YEEAAAHHHHH!
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  9. Yeah I totally feel you, guys.

    So much easier to communicate face to screen, in my opinion. For me personally, it's not speaking, it's writing. For the life of me I cannot communicate my thoughts verbally. It's all jumbled and horrible sounding.
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  10. I'm socially awkward.
    Whenever I drink alcohol with my pills taken, my other side takes over because the effect is null, and forget most of the things that happened, except those that made me feel different, such as love related things or something.
    Thank you, bipolarity, and thank you, ryetalyn.
  11. [MENTION=3102]WolfNightV4X1[/MENTION] exactly! in middle school, i used to rehearse in my head what i would say. but end up not saying it. :c i think i left my guts in my mother's womb.
  12. Alas I am very socially awkward. Not in the net sense (or maybe I am and I am kidding myself) but I can't hold a conversation very well. Seldom do i venture outside my apartment.
  13. Socially awkward? Only like my whole life. Sometimes it's even hard for me to talk to family :P I'm a little better now than I was in my teens since I joined an anime club but every once in a while when I get really stressed out I find myself running through "safe" scenarios
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  14. I am a very shy person in real person and I have a hard time talking about myself!
    That said, like Jink, I have very little choice in the matter!
    In my family, my ducking out to breathe is construed as rude and refusing to make nice.
    So people just think I have a really tiny bladder because when I reaaaaally need a moment, I pretend to go to the bathroom.
    But around my family, I am expected to contribute and be present, no matter how many people there are. And around my friends, I try not to be a bother by acting uncomfortable, because I do not want their experience soured.
  15. I'm pretty awkward. When I'm in the presence of others, I get into little panics sometimes. Also, I'm just confusing to look at. I'm one of those freaks who smiles and laughs when people are telling me sad stories. Not long ago, a friend of mine was telling me how a dog died by getting sat on while it was sleeping in the laundry. I was like "Haha, awww that sad! :)" Which I mentally kicked myself for. I don't really think it's funny. I actually am empathizing with them. I think I just smile as a way of coping with the sadness? I really don't know, but it gets me in trouble sometimes. :/

    I have ways of distracting me from being social, though. I chew a piece of gum and focus on that, or I play with a rubberband. It helps keep me calm too. I'm one of those weirdos who will rush out of the nearest open space (be it a door or window) so I can go be alone and hyperventilate. >>; I'm usually stoned when I'm with my friends anyway, so they either leave me alone or dismiss my weird behavior because I'm under the influence. They have the good fortune of not knowing me very well because they're mostly my significant other's friends. I'm just the pretty girl on his arm that goes where he goes. xD

    Eh, this is why I'm a homebody anyway! I'm perfectly happy just hanging out with my son, my boyfriend, my online friends, my books, my video games, my stuffed animals...
  16. Totally awkward. I'm horrible at small talk, usually because the things that I find interesting to talk about most people think are extremely weird, and because I have a very ... odd sense of humor.

    I also work in a medical profession that obligates me to speak to humankind on a daily basis about the small furry-children they call their pets. That's a whole new level of crazy right there, and I can promise you it makes for some conversations that don't help my awkwardness one bit.

    "HAHAHA, YOU'RE DOG IS FAT... o.. kay.. let me go write up some charts.."
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  17. Yeah, I know. I'm a lot better now...but I still suck. I'm joining an anime club too so yay :D
  18. I'm so awkward that even online interaction is tough. Whenever I check my phone, I'm hoping that people HAVEN'T tried to contact me. I never answer phone calls and I'm scared to check my voicemail. Small talk is one of the most difficult things in the world. Interaction with other people is generally difficult unless I'm being paid or I'm intoxicated. I just find people easier to understand when I'm reading about them.
  19. I hate everyone before I meet them because I'm a cynical bastard

    But I love my friends to bits because I have a glimmer of hope for the humanity I hate.

    I really don't belong here, because I'm a smooth-ass motherfucker. I'm a strong, independant brown fox who don't need no lazy dog.

    But it gets a bit awkward when I dance in public and I either mess up, or am too embarrassed to pull out all the stops.