Socially Awkard, Highschool Romance?

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  1. Intro: Today was like no other, that was for sure! Zoey was socialy awkward and everytime she though she was getting better it turned out shew as just taking a step back. She was told hse could be pretty if she took the time to do so, but she was far to into her games. Today she was turning 17, though to her it was just another day. Who was going to celebrate with the socialy awkward girl, who everyone didn't even bother to remembered stood next to them in line, or shared a class with them. Well they did if they need some entertainment, and she happen to be handy. Zoey had always had crush on one person though, she more called it loved. She was always there when he needed something, though of course he never knew that. He was the top dog, the head man. Every girl wanted him, so she knew she never had a chance, but just watching from afar was not going to hurt anyone right?

    Plot: Zoey is social akward and has a crush on the "Elitest" In the school and has so for many years. But what happens when he talks to her for the frist time, and it comes out that he has had a crush on her?

    I Need: I need some one to play the male. I also would like some one that can post at least a para, and can reply at least every few days.
  2. I'm highly interested in this. I have the perfect picture for this roleplay as well. PM me or hit me up with a visitors message if you wish ;)