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    Social networking has become commonplace and accepted - you can hardly go anywhere without being prompted to "like" something on facebook or "follow" something on twitter.

    Tell me, Iwaku, why do you or do you not use social networking sites (facebook, twitter, myspace, and linkedin for instance)?
  2. I use Facebook to keep up with my relatives in the Phillipines.
    That's about it, really.
    I don't use it because it doesn't interest me. There's no big, long reason. I'm just not interested by it.
  3. Students use social media like Facebook for everything from organising events to discussing stuff for class, and let's not forget the panicked last-minute messages to your mate in the same tutorial group as you asking to borrow his books so you actually get the work done in time. So yeah, I use Facebook quite a lot. It's pretty good, if you don't mind the adverts or twat-sausages sharing links that make you want to take up spree-killing as a profession.

    Don't get the whole Twitter thing, though. It's a great idea in theory, but in practice it just looks like everyone spends most of their time saying horrible things to each other via web browser. Funny in a spectator-sport sort of way, but not something I want to jump into.
  4. I use facebook because it is the only way to communicate with some friends who are too lazy to answer emails or get skype. I happen to think facebook is one of the most morally reprehensible, vile, evil organizations ever to grace the planet and thus block their in stream ads and, when they ask why, tell them that it is because it is a fucking ad. I also no longer Like any page. I refuse to be part of their advertising racket. Free services should be free, not thinly veiled information gathering scams. Also, I hate the fact that now, even if you are completely hidden, if someone knows your name they can send you a message anyway and pay like a dollar I think to get it in your main inbox. There are too many people I don't want contacting me. At all. Ever. In short, facebook sucks balls.
  5. I use Facebook rather heavily, being one of the first things I check when I wake up in the morning, aside from Iwaku and my emails. I use it to keep in touch with friends, family and classmates, it's where I post the majority of my art work and just look for some good humor and see what my friends are up to. Some of them are already out of college so it's interesting to hear what they're doing with their careers.
  6. I love social networking sites, because I am a hermit, introverted stalker and a busy body. I like being in the know. I like knowing what's going on in everyone's lives without having to actually contact and have awkward conversations with them. I love that I can keep in touch with family members who are on the other side of the country, and I love that I can get my -local- family members organized and showing up to family parties on time without having to waste the minutes on my phone.

    I HAAAAAAAAATE watching people blabber their uneducated opinions about government stuff, when they don't even know how the government actually WORKS. I hate seeing people post inspirational messages like "You don't need a man to be fulfilled" and then three days later bitch and moan about how no guy will ever love them. I hate those damned "Look at me, I am totally being the bigger person and am happy with my life. Unlike SOME trash talkers!" even though by posting those messages they are acknowledging and trashing the very assholes they are talking about. I hate watching people get in to retarded facebook fights with people they hate when all it takes is just blocking the jerks and never seeing or speaking to them again. I hate those damn chain mail messages that try to make you feel guilty over stupid bullshit cause you didn't reply/like it.

    I have recently taken to hiding the posts from people that have a chronic problem of making me want to strangle them. That way, I only see the stupid stuff when I WANT to go check out their profile and see what they've been up to lately. I have found myself in a much much better mood when using facebook. :D
  7. I use Facebook to stay better connected with family members. Otherwise, it's for trolling and Borderlands 2 golden key codes. Oh, I guess I also use it for news sometimes. Like if I want to see updates on my TV shows, or campaigns I'm supporting.
  8. Facebook for my family, friends and fellow marines across the world.

    I dislike social networking and hate people who post dreadful spam like "OMG I ate cheerios." or those people who always post depressive status. I also understand the dangers of social networking sites. Not along the lines of companies looking up your profile before hiring you, but more so the false pages used to obtain information from you. I find them to be a cesspool for drama and a method to hang your dirty laundry in public. Which is something I'd rather not see.
  9. I have to agree with Diana on the political nonsense. It's why I stopped using Google+ and all I really do on FB is like pics and be nosy, /shrugs. I've taken to using my Instagram more as I use it to upload my sketches but other than that, I'm becoming bored with social media.
  10. I don't use too many of the social networking sites out there, but I'll admit to still using facebook. I have a twitter account, but I don't really use it much...I'm the talkative type despite my natural shyness and hermit-like nature...I can't type my thoughts in a short sentence. So for me, facebook is better between the two- though it can be frustrating. I get tired easily of the game requests, and some of my friends tend to post randomly depressing things, but some of them are also very upbeat and I find facebook helps me keep an eye on some things that are hard to otherwise. It has its ups and downs, but overall I like it. Though I think facebook is narcissistic since it has it's own page you can like...about itself o.O;

    I also have a google plus account just mostly because I have gmail. My only friends on it are my dad and my uncle, who occasionally messages me on it, but otherwise it is completely silent. I probably have my old myspace somewhere, but I haven't really used it since it was popular when I was in like...sixth grade, which was at least eight years ago, considering I was twelve and I'm almost 21 now. Oh, and I'm not sure what Tumblr is considered, but if it's social networking, I use it mostly to stalk tags based on my favorite anime and video games and such. And my friend who posts random art on it sometimes.
  11. I mainly use Facebook and Skype. It's an easy way to stay in touch with people, and not everyone has a phone, or has my phone number....Plus, I like video chat on Skype. Seeing people's faces is fun. ^.^