Social Media Revolution

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  1. So my dad emailed this to me, after it was shared with him at work. And now I'm sharing it with you!


    (Ironically, my dad doesn't have an account on any of the websites mentioned. He does use Linked In, though.)
  2. Ha!

    Cool :)

    I'm def. on Twitter and YouTube WAY more than FB. I'm kind of over Facebook.
  3. I maintain that Facebook's main purpose is stalking, the second is ego-stroking.
    Otherwise, this is really cool. Interesting how things digitally handled look when put into "solid" format, like Wikipedia being a two and a quarter million page book.
  4. ._.'
    I'm probably the only person.
    But, social media networking sites scare the ffffffffffffffffffff-word out of me.
    I don't have any account of twitter, facebook, or any of those.
    I also am very scared by how Google has information.
    I don't like this internet being able to just have information on you.
    Like, the other day, my teacher said she looked up my name on People Finder to find my number and call in response to an e-mail I sent.
    I mean.
    God damnit.
    And she found my mom's number, cuz she called and it didn't sound like my voicemail voice.

    I HATE the internet a lot of the time.
    Granted, I wouldn't be here right now and wouldn't know any of you or anything, which is a very sad thought.
    I feel if we hadn't come to far as we have right now, I might be able to go outside more, feel less lonely since a lot of kids get to know each other through facebook nowadays instead of real life, or they just look each other up. I feel there would be tighter bonds, and.. I just don't know.
    Like, a lot of parts of it I adore. Like finding music videos. And reading the news. And weather and hororscopes.. And gaming.
    .... but so much scares me. So much.
  5. What happens in Vegas stays on facebook, twitter, youtube (with more) xD

    I just go in on FB to check if someone has written to me, I'm never online on twitter anymore. Youtube is the only one I use daily of those xD
  6. It's AMAZING how much the world has changed due to the Internet and Social Media. o__o

    And it changed so fast a LOT of people still haven't caught up to or learned that just because it's the internet/online, that doesn't mean you can just say/do anything you want to. @____@

    Like, I see a lot of people say some AWFUL things on Facebook, that I know damned well they would never say to someone's face. But they think that they can get away with it online somehow...? Like other people won't see it and be affected by it?

    HOWEVER, the internet has brought so much GOOD too. XD I was stuck in a tiny box and a terrible life situation, and if it wasn't for the internet, I NEVER would have had contact with the outside world. Made friends, developed as a person, etc.

    There's so many people out there unable to function with people in -person- and thanks to the internet, they are able to make friends in a safer, less stressful environment and carry them over to their real life. O__O
  7. Even before I moved I still used Facebook a whole lot and I still enjoy it. I really don't understand why a lot of people dislike Facebook... I'm assuming it's because you have annoying people on your list who post constantly or something. Now it's a really nice way for me to how my friends and family are doing with life. I guess you could call it stalking...? O.o I'm not really a phone person and not all of my real life friends have Skype so Facebook is really the only way for me to keep in touch with them.

    I would also say you'd be a stupid business if you didn't have Twitter or Facebook. It's easy advertising for any company. When my professor went to Chicago for their huge food industry festival or whatever (I honestly don't remember the name) there were tons and tons of seminars where experts taught business owners how to utilize social media networking to make profits.
  8. Social media is a powerful thing. The Arab Spring has demonstrated how it can be used as a means of mass organisation against repression and other cool stuff like that.

    There's the flip-side to the coin, though.

    Social media can be used well... but it can also be exploited and abused. The guys behind KONY 2012, Invisible Children Inc., demonstrated how a cunning group can exploit social media for their own gain.

    So yeah, it's a pretty fucking awesome thing. But it carries with it risks, which are only going to become more and more prominent as it grows.