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  1. I am on facebook daily, cause A- It's how I stay in contact with family. B- It's how I SHAMELESSLY STALK PEOPLE and C- There's always at least one game on there I really like to play. <<;

    I also like random pages that have positive happy things, like inspiring quotes, kitten pictures, and nature/cool places pictures. >>; It's nice to see a timeline of neat things than the angst people will post in their statuses. (In fact I hate angsty statuses so much I make a conscious effort not to post them myself, unless I go bananas about something. T_T)

    I have accounts with other social media, but I never use them and always forget they exist. o_o

    Do YOU use any social media? What are your favorites. Or why do you avoid the evil things like the plague?

    While we're at it, you can friend me on the facebooks! But make sure you tell me who you are or I'll think you're one of those creepers. O_O

    You can also like Iwaku's page. When the site goes down we post updates and stuff there.
  2. I don't really use Facebook a lot, I haven't even been on in the past couple of months now that I think about it. My main social media are actually Tumblr and Twitter.
  3. Twitter

    even Iwaku

    These Mediums have been created by Social Engineers, these people know what they are doing. Ultimately, In my opinion, If used like the tools they are, there are many benefits to using Social Media to Spread knowledge, Information, and All kinds of awareness. Let's not forget how connected we have become to the point we coexist with nearly all walks of life on Iwaku. We all talk to each other, at each other, over one another.

    It is my belief, that people forget how to be safe, while still putting themselves out there. True trust is a desire we all have, and we all crave to know more.

    But I don't care about what you ate today, or what your wearing. Even where you are does not matter, I care about the weather, or things like how 'you' are doing, how 'life' is going.

    I like to laugh and to really laugh means I need to be 'plugged in'. I need to stay connected to this world because it is all I have ever known.I was raised on it and I know how to use it, entirely to my own advantage. It has made me a very happy human being to see Others doing the same.

    Maybe what I am trying to say is that like most things Social media has its good and bad. Knowledge is powerful stuff, but it all boils down to How you use it and Why.

    I myself use Twitter and I have a good deal of followers I have done art for, as well as Facebook to keep in touch with my family across the country. I like to know when an earthquake is happening, where also. I like to know what is going on in the world, Meet people and ask a million questions. I like to be 'aware'.

    My only Social Media Addiction is Iwaku, being the most refreshing Roleplaying Experience I might ever have.
  4. YOU HAVE NO SHAME! TALKING TO PEOPLE? I kid, I talk to people too, but I don't use it to keep track of family. I also plan on revoking my like to a few pages >> they used to be funny, but they reverted to... anyway, I only have a facebook. no twitter or anything else. Not that I need anything else. I just use facebook when I'm dreadfully bored... If THIS site counts as social media, I guess that's one too.
  5. I got roped into FB a couple years ago to keep in touch with my overseas friends, but I'm thinking of quitting, or at least wildly trimming my news feed. Too many whiny/ obnoxious/ self- centred kids, 'inspirational' bullshit, LGBT hate, and I could have lived a long happy life never knowing what Duck Dynasty was =.=
  6. Same here, except, mostly government hate, posts ABOUT gender/sexual equality (I support it, but they post this Waaaaaay too much), and stupid inspiration stuff. Luckily, I don't hang out with the idiots in my town. I'd also be swarmed with pictures of shot deers, rebel flags, and whatever else they think is cool.
  7. I used to be really big into Facebook, but now I just go on it to see how my friends are doing it and keep track of events~

    I mainly use Tumblr and Twitter now, haha. I'm shamelessly addicted to both of them, haha. If I have any free time, that is where I am. =w=
  8. I mostly stick to Facebook and Twitter, and even then, I'm kinda hit or miss on those fronts. (Feel free to stalk me, but I'm not interesting).

    Fun fact: I posted a lot more on Facebook when I was working. A loooot more.
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  10. The correct answer is: A combination of the two.