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  1. Hey Guys!
    I'm new to this site and well... I LOVE IT!
    I just migrated from RPnation 'cause it started annoying me. :L

    Call me Jazz,
    I'm 17 and well... a girl but I just RP boys cause I don't understand my own gender....
    seriously..... I don't :L
    But enough blablabla, it's cause i'm a lesbo or anything. I'm actually straight...
    ok... I ramble a lot I know!

    So I'll leave it to that or I'll end up giving my credit card number! (4512 xxxx xxxx )

    Ciao Ciao!! :D
  2. Another RPNation refugee! You'll find a few others from that site hanging out; there was a bit of a mass exodus from RPNation to Iwaku a while ago for somet unexplained reason O.O

    I totally get what you mean about not understanding your gender (I'm a girl, too); we be crazy bitchy unpredictable emotional wrecks a lot of the time, but from my experiences, dudes are equally unpredictable, they're just better at hiding it because stupid gender roles say it's fine for ladies to wear their hearts on their sleeves, but men must be IRON CLAD.

    But enough of my feminist jargon!

    I'm Minibit, and you can message ("start a conversation") with me any time you're bored, or if you need a hand n_n
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  3. I Shall do so minibit! ;)
    Hahah yeah its cause RPnatioin has like those huge crashes and shit like that... Plus, they have those updates and they are off for Hours...
    At some point, i got really tired about it and decided to change site with a few friends xD

    and yeah O_O Those crazy bitches are...are something.... ahah But ill admit... I SOMETIME... turn into a bitchy monster xD Anyway! I'll start a conversation sometime soon :D :)
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  4. That credit card number didnt work. ;__;

    But welcome to the community! :D
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    Thanks tho! :) Maybe ill give you my credit card number if you give me cookies (...or not)
  6. I only have internet cookies, that will have to do! D:
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  7. YUMMY!!! XD
    I have to learn to do that tho xD
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