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  1. What if... our statuses were live? Like any other notification a small block filled with text is sent to your alerts and although its not totally live it is relatively active enough to assume it is. Similar to blogs but a bit different where statuses are no longer something that you keep to yourself, after all you type that status to post on your wall for all to see anyways so why not make it where others whom follow you receive a notification telling them that your either going to be busy for a few days or whatever is on your mind?

    This way not only will people get more sociably active with one another but also receive updates on either there life or some sort of cool or funny meme that they thought was funny at the time.

    Is my idea bad? or is it something to think about? I would love all opinions, although its obvious that i'm looking for staff approval more.
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  2. Hm. No idea if this is something that could be done because I have absolutely nothing to do with the inner workings of the site, but I can see the merit if the idea. However, if it were to be implemented, I'd like to see it have a notification option to not receive them at all, and a way to make a single status not send out an alert if you so choose.
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  3. So in a nutshell Iwakubook in regards to Statuses?

    I'm up for this! :3
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  4. This and other social connectivity mods are something we think about on a regular basis and ever so often consider adding. O__O In the end we choose not to for some of the following reasons:

    1. Privacy. Sometimes these additions don't come with appropriate privacy controls. :( Many people do not want to be on public display, and new modifications don't always respect that.

    2. Any time we add in a new feature or modification, it adds extra work/queries/strain on the database. You know how too many apps can lag a cellphone? Or when your computer has too many installed programs it begins to load really slow? Same thing applies to forum sites! So when we add a new feature we consider if it's going to be something really useful to roleplaying first and foremost, and then go down a "is it worth it" check list. Social stuff is pretty low on the list. D:

    3. Features that focus on promoting people over roleplays tend to come with social consequences. .__.; People start working for attention, doing the popularity dance, etc. We want people to be noticed by the roleplays and content they post on the site, and not by their status messages, trophies, post counts etc. So we like to avoid adding in any features that are too personal/people based.
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  5. It did just dawn on me, people lurk fairly often which some way simulates this already.

    Plus Blog's are essentially this already, which granted are usually meant for bigger things (databases, a rant etc) but there really is nothing stopping you from using it as a Status with a notification.
    And it shouldn't even count as spamming people, because avoiding it is as easy as clicking "unfollow".

    In a nutshell, with some creativity we already have these features on Iwaku.
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