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  1. Soar
    By virtue of unity.
    That all our hearts be one
    To reach the impossible star.

    Earth, 3180.

    And we're the only ones here to experience it. We've cured death, made the universe our playground, and even tapped into the fabric of space itself. This future is bright, and it's only just beginning.

    Once we looked to our children and saw the future. Now we see a world finally worthy of their innocence.

    Nothing could make this better.

    Optimistic science fiction meets the drama of ever-present ambition. Ours is a generation that settles for nothing less than more. Never will we rest, not even when we have reached perfection.

    Humanity has achieved technological singularity, unlocking powers once thought unfeasible. And while there still remain discussions of virtue, the world is at peace for once. All the rushing, and we're finally here.

    But there's no time for rest. We're the first; we must pave the way, pressing ever-forward. That is the atmosphere that we breathe. But who shares the air with us?

    Take a seat and enjoy the fresh air outdoors. Food and entertainment will be provided.

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  2. So what exactly is the plot for the rp? Like a space adventure kinda deal?
  3. It's intended as a terrestrial scifi, actually, but I'm planning to rewrite the overview tonight to compensate for its sore lack of detail. :3
  4. Mmm, sci-fi~

    I wont be around when this begins, but I can probably join in midway.
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  5. So, apparently I'm terrible with deadlines. I've been trying to detail this thing all week and I'm coming up with very little performant information. The initial is planned out, but what happens down the road I'm still trying to fix up.

    To summarize what you may be getting yourself into, it's a far-future society that has largely recovered from — but is still coping with — an apocalyptic event rendering most of the Earth unlivable. This is a story about what happens when the balance this society has achieved is tipped out of whack.
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  6. :C I didn't make it.
  7. No big; didn't miss a thing. :3

    I'm going to work on this over the next li'l while. I'll keep you guys posted.
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  8. Hiatus complete. I hope.
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  9. I've rescheduled for a midnight session, for those of you eastside of Greenwich. I'll be trying something the following week to pick up the other half of the planet.
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