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  1. How many people have seen really cool pictures in the new Character Vault and wanted to STEAL them for their own characters? c_____________c

    *raises hand*
  2. Not steal (I love seeing people's characters, but I always like coming up from scratch with new ones). But must we get a yard stick Diana and smack your grabby hands?
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  3. Ah yes, plagiarism is my specialty. Let me just take that portrait and invert the colors to make it my own work. No one will ever notice. You'll have all the portraits in the world.
  4. No, but I have wished some were larger so I could use them for desktops
  5. That's too much work!

    Draw a mustache on them instead. No one will ever know. >:3
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  6. I'm in the same boat :D
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  7. Sometimes....when I really REALLY REALLY like a picture but it's all the wrong colors (happens all the time) I actually trace the thing in paint and re-color it. Sometimes I'll change details....but only in small ways as I'm not very good at drawing >.<
  8. I was thinking about using this as my new avatar. What do you guys think? IT'S ALL MY OWN WORK, I SWEAR.

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  10. So far. It has been alot of pretty potraits. SO not yet. I am just waiting for the none anime/actor images to start flowing in.
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  11. None of them has the exact eye colour that my narrative requires.
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  12. Considering I've been a writer for a long time and so default to describing my characters with words, I've never really considered plagiarizing art.

    Then again I mean, look at the character gallery and say honestly just how much of that wasn't already plagiarized from someone else. :jaded:

    If I use art (which sometimes I do for role plays), I just go to DeviantART or Pintrest and then source the image that I use so people can go find the artist easily if they like what they see. I'm still technically plagiarizing since I'm not asking for legal permission to use the art, but at least I'm giving credit to where it's due. I don't really see that in the character gallery much. There's a few that draw their own, and the majority just rip them off places like Google Images without even pausing to consider that they are, technically, stealing.

    Just a thought.

    tl;dr: Most of them are copywrite thieves anyway, what does it matter if you plagiarize from a plagiarizer?:rotfl:
  13. Shhhh. No logic Brovo. Shhhhh
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  14. ... Diana, I made those Depot threads for a reason.

  15. I'm more bothered by people just uploading pictures and not including anything with it besides a name. C'mon! It's a cool character picture!

  16. TOO SERIOUS! >:[ *hands out espresso shots!*