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  1. So indeed. I'm looking for a suitable parter for a (non-mature) role-play, and I tend to be picky at times.

    Here are a few stipulations:

    - I don't make it obvious, but I am a grammar nazi. I'd appreciate it if spelling and sentence structure is accurate. If you slip up, I don't really care. Just as long as you can keep it consistent.

    - I'm on relatively often. I can post at least once a day, so I need someone who can keep up with that. It would be even better if that someone could be on pretty often to respond more than once a day.

    - Keep me in the know. If a schedule change happens last minute, at least try to let me know. I promise to understand.

    - This particular RP will require a female companion. I tend to be a romantic, and I don't do the whole homosexual shtick. Also, I'd rather RP with an actual lady. Not to hate on the guys on here that like playing girls, but it makes me pretty uncomfortable. Sorry 'bout that. :P

    - Keep all ideas and characters original. Though my ideas may spawn from fandoms, I will not accept playing as an already existing person. I'm very finicky about that.

    - Last note, I will only accept one person. As a new guy here on Iwaku, I am limiting myself to two RPs at a time. Since one "slot" is already filled (it's called Blind Spot if you want to check out my writing style), I can only have one more. It's not that I'd overextend myself otherwise, its simply because I am running quite a few projects on my off time. So...yeah.

    Now, If you meet those "prerequisites," I have a few ideas (some fandom, some original) that I would be willing to try. I am always open to different views or thoughts, so let me know, ya know?

    RP Ideas/Inspirations/Settings:

    - Kingdom Hearts: This one I am honestly unsure about setting-wise. I'm up for literally anything, even non-cannonical locations (AKA: Not Disney). Just keep it fair/plausible in terms of the KH universe. The only idea I have otherwise is having it set during the keyblade war (or a bit before/after), kinda like the PSP game that I can't remember the name of...yeah.

    - Cardfight!! Vanguard: Set in the anime's world, but no characters that were present at that time. Card Capital and other stores are under new management, or just gone entirely. As for deck rules, no Link-Joker, Gold Paladin, or Narukami (Thunder Dragons). It may be picky, but its just the way I roll. We can talk more details later. (I will be genuinely shocked if anyone replies for this one)

    - Pokemon: New region (preferably) for ease of control in terms of Pokemon locations and all that. I prefer the game rules, where legendaries are actually legendary and they can't breed (with the exception of Manaphy). Of course, I'd like to introduce a bit of logic to the world as well. Also, unlike the game, legendaries actually govern the elements that they are supposed to. That means there will be no capturing of legendaries. Also, for Pokemon attacks, it would be best to use attacks the way they are described, rather than basing them off of their power.

    - Modern Fantasy: Setting would be less city/school, and more...ehhh, natural, I guess. I was thinking more open fields and meadows in terms of terrain. Characters could be half-animals or something, and humans would be the antagonists for the most part. OR! Or one of us could be this half-breed and another could be a human, and it would be sorta like a "bridge the gap" story. I'm flexible. I'm also chill with magic n'stuff just let me know what you got.

    - Modern Fantasy (again): Setting would be school/city, with characters either being all human, or mixed race. I'm cool with either. Magic, again, is an element I'm open to. This is a more vague thought, so we could flesh it out more as a team.

    I like a bit of romance, drama, and action in RPs, and I like playing shy characters (like myself). As a result, I tend to be a bit passive. All of my other quirks ought to be listed in my Roleplaying Resume. Once again, I welcome other ideas, so let me know! Oh, and let me apologize in advance for all my stipulations. It's just how I operate. If I can't enjoy the company I keep, how can I enjoy the things we do?
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  2. Hi Angel,

    I would love to do the Modern Fantasy with you. I'm an actual female. lol. Send me a message if you are still looking for someone.
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