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  1. So, I am going to be pretty blunt..

    I want a few people to RP with that I can try new things with... And won't mind sexual GIFs and pictures (of models and stuff off Tumblr not of me). I am pretty shy but I really want to let out my adventurous side.

    I want:
    Female x Female
    Male x Male
    Female x Male (Female)
    Three Sum (I want to play a girl with two other girls or one man and one girl. We can play them.)

    Pain, to the point of being completely bloody or broken.
    Multiple genitals, someone tried to RP with me once and their character had three dicks.

    I think that covers everything.
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  2. If you're still looking, feel free to shoot me a message. Be warned, though, I'm very passive with the initial set-up of a roleplay. I either keep things short and simple with a basic introduction at the start, and learn/adapt as the story unfolds; or let my partner tell me what the story plot is going to be.
  3. I'm interested in a FxF roleplay. We can talk about plots if you want.
  4. I'm about the same way.

    PM me.
  5. I have a couple ideas if you would like to hear them.
  6. PM me
  7. Mae, would you want to do one with. Me? While you try to be male in FxM?
  8. Its taken.
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Not open for further replies.