So you're a cannibal mutant….

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  1. 2033 was shaping up to be quite the year. prior to this, starting from 2016, the world got itself into a nuclear war. Following that, in 2028, society began rebuilding itself. That is, a society filled with not only humans, but mutants, some being more agreeable than others.

    Mutants love meat. They'll eat some animal meat here and there, but for most, there's an undying craving for people. Post-Apocalyptic law states you can't just go around killing innocent people, but it doesn't say you can't take down an offender, and turn them into your next meal if you've got disgusting tastes like that.


    Once upon a time, in New Scrap City (Totally Not Post-Apocalyptic New York)


    There once was a mutant simply named Joe Omega. Now, this wasn't really his name, but it sounded really cool. He had just recently been screwed over with some serious gamma radiation and Ion Rays after having gone through an old laboratory for supplies. Joe was a decent guy, he really was. He tried to hold on to his human tastes for normal food, but the cravings for meat just kept coming on stronger than his need for vegetables, which had diminished. He'd taken up a job as a bounty hunter, sometimes taking on runaway humans, but more often mutants and escaped androids, having been assigned to the 'Search and Destroy' department, which, as the title suggests, rarely takes people in alive.

    There was always an urge for mating. Mutants having mutant babies was frowned upon, but not yet illegal in most places. Mating called for the creation of more 'imperfect creatures' being placed on the planet, and often meant mass amounts of meat, quality, if possible. The way to have a perfect Mating season would have involved all sorts of things. The flesh of other intelligent lifeforms, like humans for example, to suit the need for quality meats.

    But what the fuck would our hero be smoking if he gave a damn about mating. He had to shoot things, put food on his table, and try to get on with his irradiated life.
  2. This world may seem scary and horrible, especially to those who have been humans all their lives. But honestly, mutants weren't that bad. They were a little scary but most of them were really nice and understanding people. Just don't mess with them, because they will rip you open and use your intestines to strangle you. That's only if you really piss them off. Or they're really hungry.

    Anyways, some mutants were more human than others. Most of them were freak accidents, not born mutants. That's what Muireann was, a freak accident. Muireann had the ideal human life. She was rich, didn't have parents, was not only the popular amongst her friends, but she always the prettiest. After an accident that she won't even think about, she began to grow a bacterial contamination. Slowly, she has been becoming more and more mutated. She hides it has best as she can, but certain emotions triggers her to show full form. Some may ask if society welcomes mutants, why not become one? Well, for one, being mixed with human and mutant wouldn't look really good on her part. Society didn't like mutants and humans MIXING. Another reason was that she wanted to hold on to her old life, and the human part of her was the only thing she had left.

    From what she has discovered about mutants, many were interested in mating. Others, not so much. Muireann didn't have an opinion on mating humans OR mutants right now. Her concern was whether she is human or mutant, or what mix she is. So she had no need to date.

    Now, what was our Murieann doing right now? She was sitting in the middle of fucking nowhere, staring off into the distance. Corny, I know. But this is where she liked to sit when she thought about things like this.
  3. Joe was strolling through the middle of nowhere, almost as if he presently had nothing to do with his sad life. He had almost never been caught without his gear: His almost sacred, religiously worn bounty hunting armor and accessories, as he and his yellow glowing eyes moved forwards, when he noticed a fine young lady sitting by herself. He was used to these roadside homeless folks taking up matter in the universe. To randomly see a potentially insane fellow on the side of that empty road somewhere in Queens while heading back home after calling it a day, and nearly letting your guard down.

    However, today, he was feeling a bit generous. The genetic lawman reached into a couple pouches of his belt, and produced a few coins, as well as a wrapped up hamburger slider, a treat that had been returning in a crude, yet effective manner.

    Not a word was uttered as the fellow went along his way, refusing to make eye contact for fear he'd be cursed by this strange young lady...

  4. She looked up, and stood. "WAIT!" Murieann walked up to him, and handed him back the money. Her hands were shaking, showing a little fear. Mainly because she was so tiny compared to him. "I don't need any money, sir. I'm not homeless. But thank you for the k-kind offer...." She used her hair to hide her face, in fear of being judged for her looks. No matter if the person was mutant, machine, or human, she was always afraid of being judged. Her arms a disease where her skin had random holes in it that has not been named yet. trypophobia_ii__by_tylerrenee-d513kf7.jpg For this reason, she quickly put her arms behind her back. Being careful not to look up, she scuffled back over to where she was sitting previously and just sat, and looked into the sky. It was like she never moved.
  5. "Hey Hey…" Replied the man, turning around. His altered eyesight allowed him a couple of almost supernatural abilities, one being A kind of X-Ray Vision. He spotted the abnormalities, but feared stress, which was a common trigger for many merely bordering on being mutants, as he stared at her, taking on a smirk.

    "Oi. Never hurts to have an extra buck in. The richest man in this new world could end up in rags, as some Biker Gang's Bitch if they aren't careful. You just be careful out here, Mmmkay? And if the fact that I'm a mutant bothers you some, I'll just get whatever business done immediately so I don't make your eyes go sore and all. Ta."

    And he turned to leave, refusing to take back his gifts.
  6. "O-oh! I have nothing against mutants! I'm sorry! I just. I haven't talked to people in a long time, so I am a little socially awkward. Please, keep it. I don't know what I would do with it. It will get thrown away if you don't take it back, sir. Just do take it, please." She continues to hide her face, holding the money out for him to take. "I don't go into the city anymore, I don't even go to my house. I have no purpose for this."

    Using the only vision she had, she was watching his shadows, trying to think about what she should do.

    For dramatic effect, she pauses a little. Maybe.... Maybe he wouldn't.... Be... She slowly looked up with this sad facial expression.
    Bacterial Contamanation .jpg

    She was working hard on hiding other mutant parts of her. She was finally able to scan him, staring at all his features. He was.... Interesting. People have changed over the past few months, haven't they?
  7. The mutated energy of another was near. Just behind him, actually. Omega turned around to see the girl unleash herself fully, embracing some of her mutant form now...

    "Hm. Looks like you haven't quite gotten a solid handle on things yet. Looks like you could use some tips…" He mused. "I don't have much to hide, but I'm sure I could show you a thing or two…"
  8. "Well..... I refuse to become full mutant is my only problem. I'm basically mind fucking myself.... Miiiiinnndddd fucckkkkk." As she spoke, she did this weird arm motion and ended up just throwing her arms everywhere at the end. A pop sound from her shoulder pierced the awkward silence between the two mutants. Her eyes wide and her arms frozen, afraid to move them because they might pop again, she walked to him slowly, blinking quite awkwardly. Her new eyes were adjusting to the light, trying to see him correctly. "So, where are you going, sir? Well, I guess I should ask where are we going, sir?"

    She stared at his gear. The shine of it kept catching her attention. Without even thinking, because this girl is a dumbass, she blankly asks, "May I ask why you have this on?"
  9. "…"



    "…I wear this gear because I'm a special kind of bounty hunter." He explained simply. "It's to protect myself incase of danger. Especially in this line of work, during this grud-forsaken time to live, things are ten times more dangerous than it used to be. You can't just run around and expect a kind stranger to protect you anymore. If it wasn't for some semblance of order, children would have been kidnapped, and a few days later, dead, and lined up like tuna. Young women would go missing for much longer, as the count of bastard children would increase. Lord knows what else could happen then…"

    The passion in his voice was that of experience. Of a young lad who had seen people lost to such things. That he himself had escaped the madness, but just barely, having nearly participated in it himself.

    "Of course, you're with me now. And we're a merry mutant pair, yesweare." He finished. "Any other questions?"