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  1. White. Just... just white. That was all she could remember. Never ending black that suddenly erupted into a blinding view of white.

    Her name was Alicia Waller, and she was one of many. Another corpse in this massive crater. A crater filled mostly with the bodies of teenagers and young adults. Above the crater, a man levitated against the known laws of physics - a long cape billowing behind him.

    His name was Zero, or at least, that's what everyone called him. Zero was the first of what would be called the 'Superman Virus' and this, this was ground zero. No one knows what happened. Zero appeared and a crater full of beings infected with the Superman Virus followed him.

    Zero was a bald man, with dark skin and illuminated green eye, a skin tight black and yellow unitard and a rather unpleasant disposition.

    The field of white that Alicia was experiencing suddenly imploded on itself and suddenly she could see again. She saw the man hovering above her, then he turned and shot away in the sky. She tried to move, but found it hard. Too hard, at the moment. What was going on? Where was she? Where... had she been before? That was when she realized she couldn't recall anything that had happened... at all. This turned out to be what had happened with all the bodies in the crater that had appeared before Zero.

    ~Two Months Later~

    The world as it was known before was over. The Superman Virus had turned a small portion of humans into super humans, all with unique abilities, that infected all around them within a close proximity.

    Welcome to Harbin City. This metropolis was the ground zero of the Superman Virus and was, so far, the most affected by it. Before, it'd been a hub of criminal scum. Now? Now it was a god damned war zone between super powered criminal scum and would-be super heroes. Of course, there were new super-humans who just wanted to live but... their afflictions usually drew super-drama to them.

    Alicia was one of the first to get powers, and she was also the first to work both sides of the field. Right now, she was on the criminal side because, hell, why not?

    Her power was one of dimensional prowess. She could reach and step through space and even create it. Also, the most common of the super-humans, flight. Each form unique to each persons powers, she manipulated the space around her body to move through the air against gravity.

    Right now, Alicia was working with a group of super-humans who had decided the the Harbin City Bank Bank was getting knocked over for... really, no reason. It had happened countless times by now, but those without powers had still needed a bank but... well, it wouldn't get them far. They weren't doing it for money anyway, they were doing it because they could.

    Right now, Alicia was the only one acting. It was like some MMO RPG. Their were others in her lobby, but she was the only one active right now. A security guard had approached her and she'd simply opened her hand and laid it on his chest, stopping him. The security officer had spoken the usual regurgitated protocol. 'Freeze' 'stop', 'don't move'. She didn't cared, she was strong enough that she didn't need too. Before the man could say another word he just vanished and she grinned at the teller behind the desk not far behind where the man had been.

    This was fun. No one could stop her, and those who could were fun to fight.
    No matter what, she won.​
  2. "There she goes again," Cliff sighed as he watched Alicia go on the security monitors zapping some other poor soul into oblivion, "One of us needs to get down there before she gets rid of everybody."
    Cliff was another of those afflicted with the Superman virus, and he was none too happy about it.
    Something about the constant prejudice and fear he was subject to from everyone else just pushed him to the point where he was knocking over banks. To be fair, the fears of regular humans were well founded. Alicia could send you to anywhere she wanted just by thinking about it. If she really wanted she could take a human being and drop them into an active was scary.
    Cliff was no less dangerous, having control over kinetic energies, he could speed or slow motion or even stop it entirely if he wanted to. However, he was limited to what he could manipulate. If he was quick enough and anticipated the shot, he could stop a bullet in mid-flight, but he couldn't control a room full of people.
    He couldn't fly either, making him something of a freak among even his own fucked up kind, but he could speed his own movements up enough in bursts to appear as though he was teleporting. He could appear beside you in a second.

    He left the guard station and moved swiftly through the hallways, catching up to Alicia's position in a matter of seconds. He came up from behind her, standing across the room. A guard was drawing his weapon and about to fire.
    A swift right hook to the jaw put him down and out.
    "Quit screwing around Alicia, just get in and do what we're here to do."
  3. Tom was sick of this. All the people in the world and he was the one who had a superpower. It wasn't even, in his mind, a good super power. Who really needs to be able to clone themselves so there was thousands of them? Nobody. The holograms did not fool him, but that was because he knew what they really were. Tom wouldn't know nobody else would.

    The worst part was that he had to...urgh...fight. A pacifist like him hated the very idea. Tom had guessed that the police would just kill them. The great part...the only good part...was that he could fly. He didn't even know how he did it. It was as if invisible clones pushed him upwards. At least he didn't have to wear a bloody superhero outfit. Ever since he was a young boy, Tom had thought they looked mighty uncomfortable.

    if he knew anything about cliqué villians, and unfortunately, he did, they always robbed the bank. Or they tried. So he went to his local one, and why was he not surprised? "Alright Tom, maybe they'll kill you and you can go to the afterlife like you should have in the first place," he thought to himself. He went inside, looking fairly normal. He needed a gun or something. Then he could surround them with guns.
  4. Sandra walked down the street and stopped at the bank. She could see the carnage and destruction going on inside. She sighed, unsure of whether to go in and help or not. She normally took the good-guys side (aka the underdogs). She saw a flash of Alicia, who she had seen in action before. It was horrifying what she could do. But sandra had never used her powers against her.
    She was one of the latest infected, and had gained blood manipulation. She could turn anyone's blood into a weapon, she could gain energy from it, she could control someone's blood flow, regenerate herself using it, create clones (not yet mastered. She's only created parts, like torsos and arms and legs), she could transfuse her own blood into others or visa versa, or control someone and cause their blood to boil. But she could fly, using blood propulsion. She had somehow figured out how to move her own blood and levitate without destroying herself (aka using her blood outside of her body. She rather uses it inside and moves it carefully. Still very destructive to one's self if not done correctly. Very nasty stuff.)
    So she stared for a second.
    "*sigh* fine I'm going in." And she walked up the steps and opened the doors.
    (ive never done a intermediate lvl rp, so i will try my best!!!)
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  5. Andre or "Ghost" watched the bank robbery from a nearby roof. He sighed in disappointment, as it was just the usual carnage. None these villains nowadays new how to properly commit a crime. His shadowy figure flinched in agitation. His black smokey face with pure white eyes was something to behold.
    A being with the ability to pass through objects and possess inanimate objects was dangerous. He himself was neutral in the whole hero vs villain spectrum. He decided to have some fun with this group. With a laugh his smokey form melted into the building he was on.

    As it emerged from the buildings lower floor it passed through a car. The cars battery was immediately drained. He then passed into the bank. No need to bust down a wall. As he entered he noticed a girl entering the front as he did. He materialized in front of her. The smoke took a humanoid form. "I would not go in there if I were you. It may get quite... Messy" he chuckled.

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  6. Sandra flinched back slightly.
    "It definitely will." She said to the human figure. She couldn't sense blood in him correctly. It was there, but it wasn't running correctly. She attempted to move his blood up five feet and back into the pillar to the left, in which the rest of him follows. She wasn't sure if it would work. She reached for her knife in her pocket at the same time attempting to throw him back, ready to create a blood whip.
  7. Ghost felt a slight twinge but nothing more. He stared at her for a second. "Ah, you're a blood bender." He figured floated across the floor and positioned itself behind her. "Ya, that doesn't work very well on smoke." He smiled patronizingly. "But uh, I guess we're even because smoke doesn't work very well on regular people." His fist reared back and he threw a punch at the side of the head. It passed straight through. No harm done. No pain felt.
  8. original.jpg
    This is tick tock a very subtle mercenary who likes to talk off to people. She was in all honestly inspired by deadpools way of buisness niether a villan nor hero. She was simply there, now when the super virus came it all change see she got what she ultimately wished for. She got the power to be like deadpool just a bit different. She gained a power over time and regeneration skills so while people sat minding their own buisness she would slow down the world to steal, murder for money and much much more.

    Granted tick tocks outfit is a bit wierd strange out of the ordinary but she also had various normal skills. Like from a young age she learnt how to handle a gun and now had almost perfect aim all the time. With her she held a sniper, dual pistols, and dual knives. With these various skills she became a hired mercenary and quite cold.

    Tick tock awoke in a small pit looking more modern then she did now and saw that man.... what was his name? Zero! She looked agape at him and then he vanished. In the next few weeks she learned of her powers and made her small outfit.

    Now in present day she sat in a bank time slowed down grabbing bags of money and killing off random people. "God you know what!" her seperate voices spoke in her head. "Yes?"
    "We should go hunting!"
    Did i mention she was slightly crazy?
  9. She braced herself for the impact of his fist on her head, but nothing was felt. She opened her eyes. Wide.
    "Wha... a ghost? No, it's your power. Okay..." She said. "Excuse me, i'll be on my way." She said, gripping the blade of her knife in her right hand, re-opening the wound she had made multiple times before on her palm. It was enough to draw blood, but not damage many nerves. She healed fast anyway, but it was a precaution. She held her hand out and a long, red string emerged. She rolled it into a whip, and propelled herself forward. In the corner of her eye she saw a flash of girl and a speedy voice.
  10. The girl stopped for a single moment to look at the scene amirking a bit before the voices piped up again. "Omg tick tock go talk to them."
    "Actually she shouldnt lock."
    "Stop being mean tock!"
    "Just shut up im trying to rob this place!"
    She walks back over to the couch and sits making the money look like a regular bag. She then sits in the lobby making it look as though shes innocent. "Fucking gnomes trying to trip me ever since i was 5 i swear to gog."
  11. 'There it was again!' Sandra thought to herself. She thought she'd seen a person! She decided to go to protect the money, but when she got there, she realized she was yet again on the losing side. She walked out, disposed of her whip, looking really pale.
    "We've lost. They got the money." She said, her head down and her shoulders slumped. She was so tired of villains at this point. Her instinct was to do right, but that was hard to do in a war of powerful bad people. She waved 'bye' lazily and went out of the door, leaving whatever mayhem was happening behind her. She walked down the stairs and sat there, her face in her hands. She held herself together, but honestly was drained. She scratched her scalp angrily, messing up her long, dark hair which used to be in a braid. She adjusted her t-shirt and wiped the dust off the butt of her jeans. She sighed, waiting a minute to see if anything else happened.
  12. Tick tock notices the girl walk over and sit scratching her scalp using her peanut sized brain she figures she is stressed. "Hey lady scalp scratcher. Whats wrong with ya?" Tick tocm aits beside her people staring in awe and or fear of her. "I'm tick tock and my two friends that you probably cant hear are lock and tock! Who are you!"
  13. Sandra looks over at the odd girl. It was obvious she had some sort of power by her outfit, but good and bad was hard to tell these days. Sometimes people wavered. Sandra decided to give in and be nice to her. She looked loony, and those people could be the most dangerous.
    "I'm... Sandra. I was going to try to..." She stopped. This girl probably couldn't tell she had powers. She would lie.
    "I was going to take out some money from my bank account, but it's been robbed again." She set her cheek on her hand and leaned on her knee to look at the girl. She was still really pale.
  14. "Dont lie~ its not very nice~" She looks at her and smirks. "So whats you power saaandra?" She starts to tap her feet smiling at her. "Im hoping your a good guy but your probably bad right? Right?" She sighs and looks up starting to calculate the results of this outcome. Did i mention shes a high functioning sociopath?
  15. Sandra's jaw dropped, but she closed it immediately. She swallowed saliva nervously.
    "You got me." She said smirking nervously. "My power ... some people would call it blood bending. But I can do more than bend. It's more blood manipulation. Watch." She stopped and pointed to a pigeon. She brought its blood closer to her, and the pigeon came whizzing startled into her hands. It was terrified and Sandra whispered apologies to it. Then she held hands flat and made the bird fly around the girl's head, then let's it free. Panicked, it flies off, bumping into stuff along the way.
    "And I'm most likely a good guy. The name of villains doesn't really have the correct ring to me."
  16. "Ohhhh~ thats a cool power~ My powers are amazing Though." She smirks a bit and looks at her straight in the eye. "To bad your not a bad guy." A sick grin spreads over her face. "Im not a bad guy myself i just do bad things for very good money." She laughs a bit and gets up. "Oh yeah good luck getting some 550000 byeeee~" She then slows down time and runs out of the building towards her little apartment. Getting there she stops and puts time at a constant speed.
  17. Confused and startled, Sandra started stuttering. "You... uh... wah..."
    But an instant later, just a frame, then she was gone.
    "Teleporter or time stopper..." She sighed. She walk down the street and stopped at the grocery store and picked up a newspaper.
  18. Then there was a creepy freak that did something with time or something. Tom never liked those who could use time. Even before the virus, time frightened him. There was always too much, or too little. Now, with someone to control it. God. That'd be bad. When they left, he relaxed, but she was gone with a whole lot of cash, and that was...well, it wasn't good.

    If only he'd had telepathical powers or something. That would have been more helpful than... whatever this was. The clones weren't going to come in very handy at this moment. He began thinking of a plan, looking completely normal as he walked up to the vault, maybe there'd be evidence for the police, He couldn't steal, right?
  19. Sandra stared at the newspaper's headline.
    she recognized the picture, but she didn't know where. then it hit her
    The man had her eyes, nose, and mouth shape. from the way the eyes were shaded in the black and white photo, he had really light blue eyes like she had. It was some sort of relative. her brother maybe, but she didn't remember having a brother. That didn't matter. when she was given her powers, she forgot a good percentage of her memory. She sighed, paid for the newspaper, and walked a few more blocks down the road to the building she was renting a room from. she stopped at the front for a second, contemplating what she should do. Maybe she should get some sort of extravagant outfit, like superheros from comics. or should she join the dark side? her power really was more of a darker-sounding power. blood, manipulation. they were some malevolent words. very evil sounding. but it would go against her good nature. But she wouldn't be an underdog anymore. she scratched her head, frustrated again and entered the building.