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    So You Want To Be Dauntless? @Bluemoon.xx
    Dystopian | Adventure | Romance
    Beatrice Prior has always struggled with feeling like she belongs. Born into Abnegation, the faction of selflessness, she has come to realise that being selfish may just be a part of who she is. Though after receiving an inconclusive result from her aptitude test, Beatrice realises that she finally has to make a decision on her own. Will she choose Dauntless? The faction for those who are brave and fearless, or will she stay with her family in Abnegation and live a lie?

    Beatrice 'Tris' Prior
    Tobias 'Four' Eaton
  2. It was oddly freeing for Beatrice to be up this high. She didn't know why or how, but this is where she belonged. Maybe that was too big of an assumption after only choosing Dauntless, but she had to play by the rules. "Faction before blood." She reminded herself, muttering quietly enough so that nobody else heard. She could feel Eric's eyes on her, much like the rest of the crowd. Everybody doubted her, the stiff from Abnegation. "I'll prove them wrong. I will. I must." That was what she needed to do, otherwise she was going to be factionless. Left out in the cold with nowhere to go and nobody to care for her. "I don't need to be cared for anymore. I'm Dauntless now. Fearless. Brave." As Beatrice climbed onto the ledge of the roof, the last few words of her thoughts seemed less realistic. "Brave enough to trust that this Dauntless leader doesn't want to make an example out of me?" She thought. It had crossed her mind, that the first jumper would be the first to die. Beatrice could see it now, her lifeless body landing on the concrete, drenched in a pool of blood.

    "No." Beatrice shunned the thought from her mind. She couldn't think like that, she couldn't doubt herself. If there was ever a time for her to take a leap of faith, it was now.

    So she did. Beatrice closed her eyes, sucked in a deep breath and stepped right off of the ledge.
  3. Four waited patiently at the bottom of the jump near the edge of the net. He was curious to see who was the first to take the jump. The others who stood behind him, murmuring to one another. They usually placed bets on whether the first jumper would be male or female. Four never took part in that but the stakes of the bets were. Usually dangerous but always fun.

    He looked up and noticed that there was a body falling through the large hole in the top of the roof. He held a hand up to the others with him and the room went into a hush. It was a female, her hair was evidence of this along with... a dress or a skirt? Four approached the net and waited for her to land, watching her bounce a few times. He pulled the net down so that she would roll towards him. Abnegation? His brow rose about as high as it could. Taking her hand he helped her off the net. "Your name?" He questioned, letting go of her hand.
  4. There was a rush of wind, fear and empowerment as Beatrice felt her body descend. She hadn't jumped which she sure would have granted her a feeling of control, instead she merely stepped forward and released her body into the hands of fate. Would there be water at the bottom? Maybe a large group of Dauntless to cradle her? As the last thought swirled through her mind, she cringed. "Falling into entwined arms would definitely hurt."

    Then everything went dark. Beatrice had fallen into the large hole and her eyes desperate sought some sort of recognition. She was inside somewhere and it was dark, the only light being from the hole she'd just fallen through. Then without warning Beatrice felt her body hit something hard before it launched her back into the air. "A net?" She thought in disbelief, opening her hands in an attempt to grip the rope. She had intended on savoring the moment but before her stomach could catch up with her, the net was pulled and she began rolling.

    Everything suddenly moved so fast, she was rolling, clinging to somebody for balance and then standing. Or rather wobbling. The solid ground felt alien to her after the weightless sensation. "Your name?" The question took her by surprise, it was so casual compared to the rush of adrenaline that coursed through her. "B--" She paused, considering that a new start required a new identity. "Tris."
  5. "Pleased to meet you Tris." Four replied as he let go of the girl, watching to make sure that she would not fall over. He had seen people do that before and was not wanting the first one to jump to crack her head on the cool stone floor. A few of the Dauntless behind him were cheering softly over the fact that it had been a girl who had jumped first and they had won the bet. Four rolled his eyes and continued to wait close to the net.

    One after another the new recruits jumped into the net all with expressions of relief that they had not fallen to their deaths on the first day. Four helped them out one at a time, other members helping to steady those who looked sick or woozy. Eric was the last one down after all had jumped and pulled himself off of the net. Four stood near him as he looked over the large group. Four snuck a look over at Tris before returning his attention to the man who was speaking, explaining how things were going to work from here on out.
  6. Tris felt invigorated as the stranger let go of her to help the other recruits off of the net. She had intended to thank him before stepping off to the side, but she was distracted by the soft cheering emanating from every direction. Evidently being the first jumper was a big deal among the Dauntless faction.

    Tris watched as the other new recruits landed on the net until finally, one of the more menacing leaders Eric appeared. She didn't think free-falling could be so graceful, but even as he landed, he reeked of uncomfortable suave.

    After everybody had shuffled into two groups, the new recruits and the Dauntless born, Tris looked around and realised she was the only transfer from Abnegation. As she was about to ask the tall scruffy Candor boy next to her if he knew anything about Dauntless initiation, but before she could, Eric began speaking.
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