So You Think You Know The Bible ~RP~ Outlaw and Night~

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  1. Nixie's brown furrowed in thought as her mouth tweaked a little to the side while she contemplated what he said. 'I do okay in school. It's just that no one gives me much of a chance. It'd be interesting to see what they'd think if they had actually been there..' She said, more to herself as she remembered the vision of the fire demon, those glowing eyes that taunted her and chased her in her dreams. She began to sketch the image absently in her notebook, not even aware that she was doing it. 'Although, tutoring might make my parents believe i'm not insane, that I'm finally giving in to their expectations. If it makes them happy, why the hell not?' She asked, stopping the sketching and looking down at the drawing a moment before tearing the page out loudly and scrunching it up, dropping it on the floor. She looked back to Xeron, poking his shoulder. 'Do you ever smile? I think you'd be quite cute if you smiled more.' She said it blatently, as if it were the most casual thing to say to someone. Her own smile was a teasing, thoughtful one. She had a twinkle in her green eyes that gave off her friendly, easy going nature. They could also flash a dangerous spark, a threat to those that angered her. She poked his shoulder again, leaning closer to whisper. 'You know, if we ditched now no one would notice.' She was sick of the classroom. She bet that if they got out of there he'd be a little more relaxed. At least, that's what she was hoping for.

    She lashed out hard, one, two, three strikes on his person, knocking him down to the ground with solid and dangerous strokes. He fell to the ground, winded and a little pained. Luckily the body armour they were told to wear had protected him from the brunt of it, but it didnt stop the jarring sensation in his shoulder. He stood slowly, grimacing and wincing as he rolled his shoulder back into place. 'Well, if I were any more battered you could sell me at a fish and chip shop.' He joked, cracking a weak smile and moving to put his training sword on the rack. The teacher clapped his hands slowly, smiling at them. 'Very well done you two. Very well done indeed.' He then turned back to the class. 'The rest of you, back to your training. Let them rest.' He nodded to Drakxen and Asuka, letting them know they were free to get changed and recuperate. Drakxen flashed Asuka a nervous glance. How could she be so oblivious to how he felt about her? He sighed, shaking his head at his own idiocy. She couldn't know because she simply didn't see him that way, he thought to himself dejectedly. It wasn't like he was Roarke. He grit his teeth at the thought and headed for the boys changerooms with a nod to Asuka. 'Good match.' He said, trying not to be too curt with her but his anger levels had spiked again and he needed to take some time to cool off.

    Roarke chuckled, ruffling Rei's hair lightly. 'My life is in your capable hands, miss Rei. Do with it as you will, though I'd much like to keep it, if I could.' He teased, winking at her with a mock bow. He picked up a compound bow from the weapons cupboard. 'Well, If you're opposed to the shooting of an arrow, perhaps a little archery match is in order? My skills aren't exactly parr to yours, but I'm not too bad. Better than Drakx in any case. Perhaps you can tutor me in the artform?' He suggested, flashing a charming smile. She was truly beautiful when she blushed, he thought to himself. Shaking his head to clear the thoughts, he headed over to the targets. The Weapons classroom was more like an oversized gymnasium, spread out so each pairing and weapons type could have plenty of room to move without closing in on each other. It was a dangerous course after all. 'Shall we begin?'