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  1. In the heart ot Toyko there is a school (Gin no umi High) of dark history and strange events of paranormal activity. The building has stood on its foundation for a hundred years but still the lost souls of the dead can't find their way. Why? What is it that they are waiting for? Had they died with regrets and that is why they couldn't move on? Or is there a force keeping them there, trapping them for eternity? The truth has been swept under the rug and the solution is as obvious as the sun in the sky. But still no one can see it. A group of 'gifted' kids see these lonely spirits. Some acknowledge their existance and others just ignore their gift and pass through life unseen. Here in the school there seems to be more going on then meets the eye. Soon the 'gifted' ones will be thrown into a war older then time itself and it's up to them to choose which side best benefits the human race. What they find out will be beyond their comprehention...their very laws flipped upside down. Will they do what is right? Or fall into the hands of deception?


    Name: Xeron

    Age: 17

    Grade: 11th

    Appearance: <a href="" target="_blank"><a class="highslide" href="">[​IMG]

    Short Biography: Xeron is a high schooler at Gin no umi High School. His parents are devoriced and he is currently living with his Father, whom is a work aholic. He barely gets to see his Father and he has no interest speaking with his Mother because of her involvement in an affair. It was the reason for them getting a devorice and the reason he took his own life 3 years ago. Now Xeron is paying the price for the life he took, being followed by a demon known as Dematrenth. He doesn't know why it started following him or for how long it will. but he knows one thing, its not there to make his life easier nor is it there to keep him company. On top of his past problems his current ones are his school reputation and spirital awareness. If it wasn't bad enough that he could 'see' a frightening demon behind him everyday he also sees all the ghost that wonder the halls clear as day. Every single one of them know he sees them but avoid his presence due to the Demon. He however isn't the only one that sees the ghost...or the demon.

    Personality: Xeron is quiet and quite withdraw from the world. He is very intelligent and has no trouble with school work, passing with flying colors. He has a dark out look on life and calls things as he sees them. People take him as rude and kinda scary. But this is mostly cause the massive demon following him. He is hard to get close with but when someone does get through his walls he is really caring and has a high need to protect those who are close to him.

    Special: Has a demon known as Deamtrenth following him wherever he goes. It doesn't obay him or bow to commands but acts on its own, giving off an ominous aura around Xeron. It has effected his reputation and caused people to be warry of him, expectially when they can see the beast behind him. He also has a highten awareness of the spirital world and can see things for what they truely are. Whether they be ghost or...something not of this world.

    Name: Asuka

    Age: 18

    Grade: 12th

    Appearance: <a href="" target="_blank"><a class="highslide" href="">[​IMG]

    <a href="" target="_blank"><a class="highslide" href="">[​IMG]

    Short Biography: Asuka came from a rich background with a family only settling for the very best when it came to their daughter. She is an only child but had always wanted a sibling to share her childhood with. It makes her slightly jealous of other people who have siblings and don't appreciate them. Shes grew up raising herself due to her parents fast life style. They showed their love through money and not affection. This made her a stubborn and strong willed young woman who would rarely ever back down from a challenge. Only time she would is if its obvious she'd loose. Being a person of high pride she doesn't care to loose to someone but puts on a brave face when she does. Her grades are the highest with a grade point average of 4.0. She always goes for any extra credit and has enrolled in a special weapons class to up her chances for a scholarship. Her favoirt choice of weapon is the Katana and has learned to become quite crafty with her new found skills.

    Personality: Kind and easy going Asuka is your average school seinor. Being on the popular side she has lots for friends, from the jocks to the nerds. It doesn't matter what you are classified as long as they're easy to get along with shes more then happy to get to someone whose a little different then everyone else. Only person she tends to avoid is an 11th grade boy named Xeron. She isn't too sure on what it is behind him but she knows its deffidently not a ghost. Those she can see quite clearly but this being that follows him is much different and far more frightening. She steers clear of him as much as she possibly can without appearing rude or inconsiderate. Asuka has a mean streak and tends to tell people exactly what she thinks of them when they piss her off, aimming right for the heart. She doesn't take kindly to cocky attitudes and those who believe they know it all. Shes the first to prove to them that they aren't and has a dark attitude about her that makes her just a little threatening.

    Special: Asuka is a an up raising skilled weapons specialist whose weapon of choice is a traditonal Katana. Her grace is effortless and shes learned a slight bit of parkor to up her skills. It was an activity she hid from her parents and still actively participates in it everyday on the way to school. On top of being a skilled swordsman she can see and hear the spirits of the dead clearly. Communicating with them when no one is around. She does what she can to help them pass on and leave the world of the living. When it comes to demonic spirits she can only see them in slight blurs, their appearence never fully clear but visable.

    Name: Rei (split persona name: Alice)

    Age: 15

    Grade: 10th


    Rei: <a href="" target="_blank"><a class="highslide" href="">[​IMG]

    Alice: <a href="" target="_blank"><a class="highslide" href="">[​IMG]

    Short Biography: Rei goes to Gin no umi High as an average student but an abnormal girl. Her mother and father were killed during a burglery when she was at the age of 7. She remembers only bits and peices of the horrid memory, when she does try to force herself to remember she faints, falling victim to her other side, Alice. Alice was born out of the tragedy of her parents death, sheilding Rei from the gruesome conflict. Rei doesn't know the burglars never left the house that night, Alice making sure they'd never get away alive. This is the reason for her taking over and forcing Rei into submission. Not allowing her to know that her hands have split blood. Rei is an artist and had gotten through her therapy through her drawings. She can take anything from thought to paper, painting or drawing beautiful works of art. She hopes to one day get past her pain and become a great artist. Rei has been going to a weapons class available to her at her school. Shes very passionate in her archery skills and does her best to hit her mark. Alice has prefected the technique though, every now and then guiding Reis hand to the point of he target. Rei knows she has multi-personality but doesn't know what happens to her when her other self takes over, making her constantly confused and unsure of herself. She can't see the ghost wondering the halls and rarely does she ever 'feel' their presence. Alice however can see them clearly, being the stronger of the two personalities. She knows of the spirits and the one demon that romes the halls. Alice does what she can to steer Rei from it and the boy it follows.

    Personality: Rei is timid, quiet and very shy when it comes to meeting new people. When she is more familuar with someone she allowes her true side to show, being more perky and optimistic. Though she does have some confidence issues she does what she can to hide most things she dislikes about herself. She can be at times quiet defencive due to her insecurities and this makes it hard for her to make friends. Alice is confident, malevolent, mischievous and flirtatious. Though she is the other half of Rei she is nothing like her, being the very thing Rei wishes she could be. Alice protects Rei and comes out only when she feels Rei is threatened. At times Alice does come out to put another in their place or put a scare into someone. Its all part of her dark and playful nature.

    Special: Is a skilled artist and archer. Though she doesn't always hit her mark she does get very close to it most of the time, hitting it on the spot. Alice is Reis split personality, being the more skilled archer. Alice is deadly with a bow and will land on her mark everytime she pulls back the string. She is merciless and finds slight pleaser in ending those who threaten her precious Rei. Alice can see the ghost and demons of the living world clearly, she keeps Rei far from them as best she can when they do cross paths.

    Name: Nixie

    Age: 16

    Grade: 11th


    Short Biography: Nixie started at Gin no umi high as a transfer student two years previous, after an incident at her previous school, a boarding school in england of all places, where she burnt down the entire left wing of the dormitories screaming about a fire demon. Her parents were contacted and she was taken home to Tokyo where she received therapy for twelve months which did help her cope with the things she had seen since that day. No one believes her of her tale but she knows what she saw. She had to undergo many different tests to make sure she wasnt a danger to anyone before being allowed to enroll in the school, a process which she personally felt was absolutely ridiculous. Upon entering the school she noticed that one particular guy in her year seemed strangely out of place. A dark shadown loomed over him and she soon recognised it as another demon. At first she steered clear but soon figured out that it didnt seem likely to harm the students, which made her wonder why the beast followed a boy around. She made it her personal mission to befriend this guy and find out more about him.

    Personality: Nixie is generally a cheerful person, the one to always smile even when she's down. She isn't easily intimidated, and finds the good in most people. Often she doesnt have much sense to be scared, not since the fire incident. She has learnt to keep the things she sees to herself, because she doesnt think anyone will believe her and she doesnt want to be sent away to a madhouse. She is kind and the outgoing person of her group of friends.

    Special: Nixie has a deep connection to the darker aspects of the occult, due to her past with the fire demon. She sees all kinds of creepy and unnatural things but she has never told anyone about them. She specialises in art and is taking an extra curricular class to help her get her mind off of the things she sees every day, drawing being the only way she can possibly tell anyone what she sees.

    Name: Zeph

    Age: 18

    Grade: 12th


    Short Biography: Zeph came from a wealthy family who was always smothering him. Until his sister came along that was. When She was born everything about him stopped mattering. He was technically a free man, free to do what he wanted. But all he really wanted was for his parents to give a damn. He started cutting classes, insulting teachers, starting fights and vandalising school property. He was forced to join an extra curricular activity after his parents bribed the cshool to let him stay, a move he personally thought was a waste of time.

    Personality: A rebellous child, one suffering from more pain than he'd ever let on, Zeph tends to push the boundaries in every possible way, ranging from dress code to class etiquette. He's an incredible flirt, and being handsome often gets him the ones he wants, but he never sticks with any one girl for longer than a week at the most. He doesn't see the point. Nothing he does helps his parents see him as anything other than a failure.

    Special: He can't see the spirits that haunt the school. He specialises in knife throwing and fire eating, two passtimes he dabbles in himself simply to stress everyone out. He does some archery but doesnt really enjoy it.

    Name: Drakxen & Roarke
    Age: 19
    Grade: 12th
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Short Biography: Roarke (left) is the older of the twins. He always experienced strange things happening to him, along with his brother Drakxen (right) but only he could see the strange spirits that floated around. It wasn't always this way. When the boys were just five years old they were both able to see the supernatural. Drakxen had an imaginary friend, who he claimed he could see. It was in fact the ghost of a little girl that had died in the fire that had burnt down the house that theirs was built on top of. Something happened the day his imaginary friend disappeared, something which he refuses to speak about, and in fact Roarke thinks he might have blocked it out completely. His will to forget was so strong that the boy stopped seeing spirits. In fact, no matter how hard he tried, from that day on he couldn't see anything unnatural. He could hear disembodied sounds, but couldn't ever tell where they came from, or what the creatures looked like.
    Personality: Roarke is the calm and collected one of the two. He's slightly more serious, and more charismatic than his brother. He's the class president and there's no wonder why. His way of handling people is almost such a way that they believe whatever he suggests is in fact their own idea. Drakxen on the other hand is not the smoothest player in the books. He has a temper that's quick to snap, and is often very sensative. He's fun loving though, and enjoys a decent joke. Just don't cross him or he will maim you. He's got an intelligent head on his shoulders though, and is the occasional sport lover.
    Special: Roarke has the ability to see the supernatural where as Drakxen doesnt. Both boys take weapons training, Drakxen in order to help his temper and Roarke to keep an eye on him.

    Name: Abby

    Age: 17

    Grade: 11th

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Short Biography: Abby was a scholarship kid. Her parents could only afford to pay part of the fee and so she applied for as many scholarships as she could. When she was twelve her older brother died of leukemia, and she swore she could sense him near her, but no one listened. Now she knows its true, because her grandmother told her that she too can see and feel him. They're looking for a way to help him pass on as it were, so that he can finally be at peace.

    Personality: Kind hearted and intelligent, She is one of the more mysterious yet blatantly obvious girls of the group. She doesn't hide her emotions well, and is often easy for those who know her well to read, but she likes to try. She doesn't like people worrying about her and tries to give off a collected appearance.

    Special: Senses the more troubled spirits. Runs the after school club


    Nixie rushed through the school halls, her bag bumping on her hip as she ran, causing her to crash into a trashcan, the zip bursting open and her papers flying everywhere. She groaned and pushed the hood of her jacket up from her eyes a moment before groaning again and letting it flop back down over her eyes and just lying there a minute. She shouldn't have slept in, which caused her lateness. At least everyone was already in class, and she was able to just lie there in perfect solitude a moment. Or at least, she would have, if she hadn't heard footsteps approaching and peered through the fluffy rim of the hood to see a pair of black sneakers in front of her. 'You look like you've had a rough day.' The cool voice said and Nixie groaned, recognising it as Zeph. Slowly she picked herself up off the ground and began to dust herself off. 'It hasn't been the easiest of mornings.' She responded, keeping her voice clipped. She didn't particularly like the guy, and she liked him even less now that he'd seen her tumble headfirst over a trash can. 'Late to school again Nixie, not very persistant of you. Won't your parents get a note from the principle?' Zeph sneered, clearly mocking her as she began to pick up her scattered essay. 'You'd know wouldn't you?' She retorted, straightening up as she picked up the last of the papers and then tried to walk past him. 'Look, I have a class to get to okay? Let me go.' she glared at his as he blocked her path.

    Fresh air whipped through the length of the empty hall, an open window being the colperate. Long silken brown hair flowed off the shoulder of a young girl returning to class. Her sensei allowed her to leave for a moments worth to go to the restroom. It was a little past the afternoon time and lunch would be upon them soon. She hoped that she had done well on her pop quiz and that the meaterial they would soon learn won't be pointless. Asuka enjoyed to learn new things and read up on alot of different type of subjects. School was always just a few too many steps behind her. She'd have graduated early but wanted to stay simply because she wanted to enjoy her last year in high school before she got booted off to college. Her parents never paid any attention to her as it was though, what harm could it do? As she turned the corner to her classes hall she noticed a very familuar boy blocking the path of a young girls. Asuka rolled her eyes irritatedly, it was Zeph, the biggest womanizer in the whole school. She lothed him, his very existance a harsh scrawl on the eyes. How pig headed was he really? There was not a single respectable thing in him. He was nothing but a low life, a punk, rift raft. And yet he lived in a very wealthy family whose reputation was respected. With her hand racking through her long hair she spoke in a half bored tone, "Zeph don't you have better things to do then try to impregnate every girl in the school? You really are a hopeless case. I have no clue why the princible still allowes you to come to school here. Personally I think you'd do better in the 'Projects'. At least you'd be with your own kind." Her expression was annoyed but not drawn as her features were always some what soft, no matter how angry she was. But as the red hair boy turned to her she could see that mocking grin he always wore, the one that ticked her off most.

    Zeph turned around as Asuka's voice drifted towasrds them, the tone harsh, eyes looking down on him. He grinned at her, studying the way her uniform framed her slender and attractive body. 'Asuka, you know I don't think I've tried to impregnate anyone as yet but if you're offering..' He trailed off, a glint in his amber eyes as he didn't do anything to hide the appreciative glance he was giving her. Nixie was slightly shocked by this girl's harsh words. She hadn't been there very long, but she knew that Zeph wasn't one of the most liked people in the school. In fact, most people she spoke to looked at him with disdain, but she didn't think he deserved such harsh words as those. Before she could voice this oppinion however, Zeph spoke again. 'Of course, you know the principle keeps me around because she likes a good perve.' He grinned wickedly, delight flashing in his eyes as he watched for her reaction. 'So, tell me, did you come out here to flirt or are you too busy to have a bit of fun?' His words were light yet teasing. This woman hated him with a passion, that was no mystery to him, yet still he taunted her, flirted with her despite knowing she could backhand him at any moment. He liked seeing the fire in her eyes, the gaze that scorned him. He knew she thought him worthless, that much did hurt him, but he kept that locked away. He refused to have her know that her oppinion actually mattered to him.

    Asukas eyes widen at his remarks. Just when she thought she heard him at his worst he'd always catch her by surprise. Then smirking she sneered, "You sure have quite a gift at being repulsive Zeph. I gotta hand it to you, you're the only one that can make me physically ill by the very sight of you. Congradualtions." In a sarcastic tone she clapped her hands mockingly as if to prove her unamusement with him. Looking over to the girl behind him she observed her clothing. She must be that new transfer student I've been hearing about. Her eyes went back to her nemises as she retorted, "Oh and as for your comment ealier, I'd rather drown in acid then ever do anything with you." Then with a rough shove she pushed him aside and grabbed the girls wrist, leading her out of the hall. Once they were away from Zeph Asuka let her go and questioned, "Wheres your classroom at? I'll walk you there." Her expression gental and kind unlike it was towards Zeph moments ago.

    Zeph just smirked at her clipped words as she pushed past him rather roughly, her glare and words icy towards him. He laughed to himself as she rescued Nixie, dragging the confused looking girl away as she did so. 'Call me!' He called after her, a wicked grin on his face. Humming to himself he tucked his hands into his pockets and strolled off in the opposite direction, pleased with the day's efforts. 'I think that went well.' He chuckled to himself, kicking another trashcan idly as he passed it.

    Nixie found herself being dragged behind Asuka, realising as she turned to look at her that she was a senior. She had decided she'd do well to learn who was who by their uniforms in her first week. So far it had helped a lot in her oppinion. She was speechless for an moment. This girl was gorgeous. The kind of pretty that didn't require much enhancement. There were a lot of girls like that at her boarding school, Nix thought to herself, girls that didn't need to add to their looks but did anyway, using cakeloads of makeup even if it was unecessary. Snapping back to the present she realised Asuka was talking to her. 'My class? Uh...' She rummaged through her pockets only to find that she didn't have her class schedule on her. Her mind snapped back to this morning, where she had run out the door late. The schedule was still on her desk at home. She cursed under her breath. 'I.. uh.. I don't know what I have right now.. I forgot my timetable.' She admitted in a timid voice, a blush creeping up her cheeks.

    Thinking for a moment she thought of a solution to the girls problem. She then snapped her fingers thinking aloud, "Duh! Heh sometimes I wonder where my heads at half of the time." If she went into the princibles office and asked if they could make her a new copy of her schedual then she wouldn't be wondering the halls. Brightly she smiled back at the transfer student saying, "Sorry about ealier, Im normally much more pleasent then that. He just gets on my nerves very easily." Walking at a hasteful pace she asked lightly to the girl, "By the way your Nixie right? The tranfer student that resently moved here?" Her eyes glanced over to see she assumed correct, "Well Im Asuka, its nice to finally meet you. If you need any help finding things you can ask either myself or any of the other class representives. Its our job to set a good example and help our fellow classmen." Asuke had been on the honor roll since she could be in it and to be premoted to a class representive was just another boost of confidence for her. She was proud of everything she had done on her own, without any help from anyone, not even her family. It was a great achevment that would help her get into the college she wanted. Stopping at the office door she knocked a few times saying, "We'll just get you a copy and then I can get you back to class. Sound good?"

    Nixie was speechless for a moment as Asuka asked her for her name. 'Yeah.. that's me.' She didn't know if she should explain any more about herself. In the end she just smiled and shrugged. 'I think I'm going to need it here. Everything is so different to what I'm used to.' She kept the smile there as she followed Asuka, still nervous and confused. Oh why couldn't she have just remembered her stupid schedule? Now she'd be late for class and everyone would probably laugh at her or something. She knew she would eventually get out of the new kid phase but for now it was extremely daunting. She didn't know how to act here. She supposed the only thing she could do was to lay low for a while and then hope she made some friends soon. At least Asuka seemed nice. She knew not everyone was like Zeph, but she worried that some were worse. She knew a lot of the girls talked about her in whispers when she passed by, and it wasn't exactly a pleasant feeling to know she was being laughed at. Snapping out of her thoughts she was just in time to notice that they'd made it to the office. She was given another schedule and she studied it awkwardly a moment, biting her lip as her vision blurred slightly while trying to read the small print. 'Sounds good.' She echoed while searching in her bag for her glasses. She couldn't find them and groaned. They too must have been left on her desk. 'This just isn't my day..' She groaned, shaking her head and managing to make out the writing on the schedule. 'I think i have english right now.. with Miss... Inuzake.' She managed, squinting at the paper another moment before biting her lip. 'I can't make out the room number.. sorry..' She blushed again, looking down at the paper and wishing she wasn't so goddamned hopeless today. She probably thought Nixie was pathetic, at least that's what Nix thought.

    Glancing at Nixies schedual she smirked piping aloud, "Yep thats it. I know where thats at, I'll lead you there alrighty Nix? Then I have to hurry back cause well...I was only supposed to go to the bathroom." Her expression was pleasent but slightly worried if she herself would end up in trouble. With a small nervous laugh she scratched the back of her head smiling before looking down the hall towards the class. Tilting her head back at Nixie she said, "Come on, its not far from here." And once the senior reached the room she bowed to Nixie, wishing her luck and apologising to have to take her leave. Turning on heel she made her way back to her own classroom and later explained for her lengthen tardyness.

    Sitting in her assined set, Rei stared at her paper in a daze waiting for the hour to end. School was manageable and even though she didn't think she was that smart her teachers did. She was hand picked to participate in advanced classes due to her skill at learning. There were times Rei was clueless and felt more then ridiculous at times but she picked up on things quite quickly when shown. It was weird to her, to easily learn a subject so fast. People envyed her for it at times but she did her best to try and not think about others feeling ill towards her. It only made her sad and helpless to make the issue better. Before her mind trailed off any farther she shapped back to reality when a new face entered the room. She was very pretty in Rei's opinon, prettier then her she thought. Rei never thought of herself highly when it came to looks. She lacked in both areas it mattered most, butt and breast size. She had very small hips and small cup. To her a B cup wasn't enough to get a boyfriend or even get an eye batted at her. Thats why she was so focused on school work, it was all she really had going for her. But this new girl was beautiful and obviously fearless judging from her hair and clothes. Broke code and made that radaint color work for her. Rei could help but immedately admire her, she wished she could be so brave. But she was too shy for her own good. She had only one friend, Trinity, and that was cause she spoke to Rei. If it were for her they would have never been friends to begain with. Watching as the aqua haired girl sat down in front of her she gaze at the long locks of hair. It looked so soft and sleek, she pictured it would be like stroking the fur of a fluffy rabbit. Soft and soothing to the touch. Rei had stared at the alluring color for so long that she realised what she had thought she acted on. Blinking a few times she glanced down at her own hand, noticing the lock of hair she was holding. Immedately turning flush she rattled on in a studdered tone, "Oh! I-I-Im soo sorry! I just, I...well you see...your hair is really pretty and it looked soft and I just...Im sorry." Great, now the girl she had quickly come to admire would think her a fool or worse...a creep. With a complete utter look of embarressment she braced herself for the worse, hoping she wouldn't get sick right there on her desk.

    'Thanks!' Nixie called after Asuka, before turning back to the door of the classroom and taking a deep, calming breath to sooth the butterflies that were dancing in her stomach. She slid the door open and stepped inside, blushing slightly as the class fell silent at her entrance and the teacher asked her why she was late. Hastily explaining in soft tones, Nixie handed in her essay and slid into one of the few spare seats of the room. Hastily she took off her jacket, noticing the stern glance that her english teacher was giving her, and then pulled out her exercise book and began scribbling the notes down hastily. She was about halfway down the page when she felt someone touch her hair and she jumped slightly, turning around just in time to see the girl behind her let the vibrant locks go and apologise hastily. Nixie laughed quietly, surprised and kind of glad. 'It's okay, i like your hair too.' She beamed at her in a friendly manner, slowly coming out of her shell a little more and feeling glad that everyone seemed to be so friendly. 'I'm Nixie.' She added with a smile.

    'As I'm sure you all know, Anubis was the god of the dead and was a very significant part of Ancient Egyptian culture...' The teacher droned on in that boring tone that made half of his students fall to sleep before the lesson had even started. Drakxen glanced at his watch, frowning slightly. How long did it take to go to the bathroom? Asuka had been gone for ages. Why did girls always take so long in the bathroom? It made no sense to him but he knew better than to bring it up. He glanced over to her empty seat, her books still laid out neatly on the table, her pen resting in the fold of the page where she'd left it nearly fifteen minutes previous. He could just make out the image that she had sketch lightly in the margine of her book and he leaned over a bit to get a better veiw. His heart skipped a beat when he recognised the image as himself. His smile began to widen until he heard his brother's voice and his head flicked towards the front where his brother sat, responding to something their teacher had asked. He scowled when he realised that it wasn't he that had been drawn in the book, but Roarke, his overbearing older brother. Scowling he sank back into his seat and picked up his pen, drawing angry slashes in the margine of his page furiously while he listened to his brother's calm voice as he responded and smiled at the teacher. He saw a couple of the girls near Roarke swoon as the smile was sent their way too and he made a gagging noise, just as Asuka walked into the room and took her seat, apologising for her tardiness. Instantly he flushed red,ducking his head so that the long bangs of blonde hair hid his face from view while she walked past. He hoped to god she hadn't heard him and thought it was aimed at her.

    Rei was surprised at the girls responce. She was so kind and friendly that Rei felt herself slightly blush. Wow....shes so nice. Im lucky. Trying to get the tempature of her face to go down she touched her face with her cold finger tips. The action made her cheeks look plump and chubby as she spoke, "Nixie huh? Thats a really cool name! Mines boring. Its Rei." She frowned a bit for a moment before hearing Nix's next complement. She gasped slightly, " do? No ones ever said that. I thought because it was so short that I looked like a little boy." Her inside thoughts were simply blurted out because Rei failed to make a filter for herself. It also made her appear very honest though, whether she veiwed it that way or not. Fussing in her seat she asked shyly, "Would you mind if your hair? It was as soft as I imagened...I..I just like different hair colors seeing that I can't really dye mine. We-well even if I could I'd never be brave enough to anyways so..." She meekly averted her eyes from Nixie, hoping she still find her friendly and not creepy.

    Sitting down she glanced over to see Drakx with his head lowered and his expression a frown of displeaser. She wondered for a moment what exactly was wrong. However Asuka avoided asking simply because Drakx at times became very moody, expectially when it came to hid older brother Roarke. They both were the same age but Roarke was still the oldest and it showed. Drakx had his moments but Asuka could see which one was more of the leader. He watched out for Drakx constantly and cared deeply for him. It was one of the many things about him she admired. But Drakx seemed like he was always trying to compet with him. This was something she couldn't understand seeing she was an only child. So most of the she simply coaked it down to it being simple sibling rivalry. Softly she whispered to Drakx and a hushed tone, "Did I miss anything?"

    Nixie smiled at Rei, a light blush colouring her cheeks as she complimented her and asked if she could comb it. Taken slightly by surprise, the blunette nodded and smiled again. 'Sure, that's okay. Personally I think your hair suits you, you look like a pixie or something.' Her eyes lit up brightly as she spoke, giggling slightly. 'Just don't put a curse on me or anything.' She thought for a moment and then spoke again, still giggling. 'Even your name sounds pixie-ish. I love it.' She exclaimed and was promptly shushed by the teacher who said in a chilled tone that if the two girls couldn't keep their tones to a hushed volume then they would be catching up in detention. Those words caused Nixie to blush at being scolded by the teacher and she fell into silence a moment. Before long she was talking to Rei again however, and feeling exceedingly relieved that she had someone to talk to today. When the bell finally rang, she was relieved to get out of that stuffy classroom and away from the horrors of 'The road not taken' by Robert Frost.
    'Uh, do you mind if I tag along with you for lunch? The library isn't very fun and I'm always getting in trouble for eating in there.' She said a little ruefully as they walked out of the classroom.


    Drakxen shrugged, staring straight ahead and copying the notes from the board into his book.

    'Nothing but mr boredom over there talking about how the gods have their own roles in Egyptian society.' He said in a slightly irritated tone, gripping his pen tightly in frustration. He couldn't believe he hadn't realised it before. Of course she liked Roarke. Everyone always liked his brother. He was intellectual, funny and charismatic. Everyone listened to Roarke. He scowled deeply, his eyebrows furrowing as he dwelled on it. Mr cool, always the popular one. The goddamned class president wasn't he? Stupid goddamned twat, he muttered to himself, glaring at the back of his brother's head. It just wasn't fair. Why couldn't he have some luck for once? He sighed and let his head drop onto the desk a moment, tired of walking in his brother's shadow. It wasn't fair at all. Not one bit. He was what? five minutes older than him? So why did he feel so much younger? He was relieved when the bell rang and he was able to pack up his belongings and flee the room, hastening to find his best friend and hopefully be able to vent to Xeron.

    Rei felt happy she made a new friend and even though they got in trouble, it was kinda fun. She never met anyone so interested in speaking with her right after meeting. Nixie was totally different and somehow that comforted Rei, to know she wasn't the only one. Hearing Nixies request Rei smiled lightly and nodded, "Mmmhmm you sure can. I acctually wanted you to meet my friend Trinity. Shes really friendly and has been my friend for a long time. Come on, I'll take you to our lunch table." It was a great feeling, meeting people like her. She knew she'd never run into anyone exactly like her but it was nice to meet those that could relate. Once they reached the lunch room Rei led Nix to her usual table and sat down smirking, "She should be here shortly."

    Auska sighed a bit saying, "Well at least I know alot about Egypt otherwise I'd be pretty upset I missed a culter I enjoy to read about." Drakx was in a bad mood and she could tell. She was going to avoid talking for the rest of the hour. Whatever his problem was she obviously wasn't helping. She hoped that it didn't have to do with her or something she unknowingly did. Today she'd just spend lunch time alone, Drakx had a friend he normal vented to. Unfortunately she'd never come near him because of what followed him. The lunch bell rang and Asuka gathered her things quickly, heading for the door. She thought she heard someone call to her but she was already out the door. Part of her thought it might have been a ghost, which she didn't want to get caught chatting to in front of everyone. With a pep in her step she trotted down the hall, smiling and waving to a few classmates as she headed for the lunch room.

    Nixie followed after Rei, a bounce in her step as they walked, excited to be meeting people after a week of solitude. She hadn't had many friends back at the boarding school. Especially not after the Fire incident. She still maintained that she'd had nothing to do with that but of course, no one believed her. She'd just make sure her new found friends didn't find out. Otherwise, she'd most likely be stuck in a bad situation. 'So, how long have you gone to school here?' She asked, smiling and leaning on the table with her head on her hands. She was at peace in a strange way, something she hadn't felt for a while. If she was honest with herself, she hadnt had many friends full stop. It was a pleasant change, she thought to herself as they waited for Rei's friend to come outside. A few minutes later a girl with auburn coloured hair and vibrant green eyes wandered out of the building, making a beeline for their table. She set her bag down beside them and smiled at Rei. It was then that she noticed Nixie. 'Oh, hi, i'm sorry, I didn't see you there.' She smiled at Nixie. 'I'm Trinity, Rei's best friend.' She giggled slightly as Nixie smiled and said hi, introducing herself. Suddenly Trinity's mouth formed an 'o' of surprise asn she reached out a hand to touch Nixie's hair. 'Ohhhh your hair is so beautiful. it's like cotton candy!' She cooed and Nixie blushed at the attention.

    Drakxen made his way to the roof where he and Xeron usually spent their breaks, away from the other people. It was easier that way, quieter. People didn't look at them strangely if they couldnt see them. He disliked the way people looked at Xeron as if he were some kind of monster. Sure he knew something was a little different about the guy but he didn't see why it meant they had to treat him like crap. It wasn't fair on Xeron in his oppinion. But apparently Xeron didn't really mind, so Drakxen didn't say much on the topic. He sat down on the roof, leaning his head against the side of the airconditioner vent and closed his eyes, thinking about how he hated his brother, how the love of his life didn't like him back and how annoying it was to have to see the way she looked at his brother as if he shot rainbows out of his arse. He snorted at that thought, wondering where it had come from.

    'So you're serious about starting this club? Do you even believe in that stuff?' Roarke asked Abby, one of his fellow class representatives. She raised an eyebrow at him. 'You can't possibly tell me that you don't see the spirits that walk around here. They're everywhere.' She gestured loosely with her hand as the ghost of a young woman drifted by, looking lost and alone. Most of the souls looked lost and alone. Like they'd forgotten where they were going. It made her wish she could help them. Roarke sighed, shakign his head. 'I see them, but I choose not to pay them attention. I'm almost envious of Drakxen for his obliviousness. He has no idea of the things that surround us everyday.' He shook his head in wonder before remembering the conversation that had started it. 'I just don't think many people would actually be interested in it. not many give a damn about the paranormal.' She laughed and shook her head. 'That's where you're wrong. Lots of people would rather join a paranormal club than something boring like the chess club. You'll see. We just have to spread the word.' She flashed him a bright smile before turning on her heel and walking away. 'Where are you going?' He called after her. She turned back around. 'To get a second oppinion.' She said with a smile, walking into one of the school buildings.

    Abby knocked on the door of the classroom where Professor Yuhi Hiroi sat at his desk, reading some sort of papers. She smiled, leaning on the doorframe, studying him in silence a moment. 'You know you look very cute when you're concentrating, professor.' She said with a smirk, waiting for him to look up at her.

    A listless spirit drifted around the school, watching as many of the teenagers wandered about arm in arm, laughing about classes and inside jokes and how they'd be going to see a movie on the weekend with their friends and what they were going to wear. The spirit sighed, her auburn curls waving around the delicate features of her face which she brushed back with a thin hand. She'd lived in this building for hundreds of years and all through that time she couldn't help but feel that something was wrong. She felt a loss that she didn't understand. Why did she feel that way? And why couldn't she remember what she had lost?

    Nixies question made Rei pause a moment before answering, "I've known the people in my grade for nine years but I've only been at this school in particular for two." Her small features were warm as she watched around the room for Trinity. When she got a glimpse of her red hair she smiled enouncing, "There she is!" Her friend headed straight for the table and sat down, returning the happy expression Rei had. When she noticed Nixie she wasted no time to introduce herself. It made her happy that she had such a great best friend, someone who wouldn't judge or act as if they were on a higher plain. She wanted Nix to feel welcomed in their little group. Thanks to Trinitys warm welcome she could easily tell that her wish came true. The three of them chattered on the whole lunch hour, getting to know each other quickly.

    Xeron waiting atop the roof as usual for his friend Drakx. If he didn't show it was no big deal, he was awear who his friend was with. If it wasn't him it was Asuka. Xeron didn't understand nor did he bother to even try to get the idea of a relationship or crush. It seemed like alot of effort for nothing. He would have told his friend that but Drakx was a bit more sensitive then most guys. Another thing he was wise enough to keep to himself. Drakx was the only friend Xeron had and he did his best to keep it that way. Even though he didn't particularly like people human beings were stil social animals. He knew eventually he'd go off the deep end without any type of human interaction. Only company he had when Drakx wasn't around was Dematrenth. The company of a demon was pretty much no company at all. All the beast ever did was growl or grunt, never did he ever speak. Some part of him suspected he could but wouldn't and the other simply believed he wasn't capable of speach. Whatever the case he was never much help with anything other then scaring people and ghost off. At times he wondered why he bothered staying alive. Slipping his pale hand into his breast pocket he removed a pack of cigarettes and placed the filter of one on his lips. Xeron smoked every once in a while, small habit he figured would turn bad eventually. Hearing the footsteps of his friend arrive he exhaled the toxic smoke, the trail of it whisping about his head. Without even looking he knew something was wrong, calling over his shoulder he asked, "Wanna talk about it or forget about it?" He always offered both to Drakx and most of the time he was open with Xeron. His forefinger tapped the point of his chin as his friend joined him to sit.

    Flipping through the pages of his students work Professor Hiroi graded them as he worked through his lunch break. It wasn't offten he ate during this time. No, normally he endulged in something else that satisfied his other hunger. As a famiular figure stood in the doorway he heard her voice, playfully dancing along his ear dumbs, "You know you look very cute when you're concentrating, professor." He didn't glance up but simply said one thing, "Shut the door please Abby." Her name was something he said often now, more then he'd ever admit. She was young but so much wiser then her years. It was hard to ignore her delicate body swaying there, waiting for his full attention. Look up from his work for a moment he saw her expression and immediately knew why she wanted him to look. Sometimes he wondered if it made him a bad person to feel this way towards one of his students. Other times he just didn't care enough to think. As he set his papers down he asked, "Did anyone see you come in here?" His pen placed gentally on the desk before he stood up and made his way over to her. "You were careful...right?", his words were soft but slightly worried. He put his whole life on the line to be with her. If they were to ever be caught it would be the end of him. His hand finally reached for her youthful face, tilting her head up so he could look at her. He'd never grow bored of the way she looked at him. Never did he ever feel special until she walked into his classroom and into his life.

    Finding herself aimmlessly wondering the halls Asuka looked around for a particular ghost that inhabited this school. She was always so soft spoken and very polite. Asuka grew fond of this spirit quite quickly and kept her company from time to time. She had helped a few ghost cross over and leave the living world. But to her efforts no avail with Maxine. It seemed she was searching, for someone or something. Asuka had asked a few times what it was and she was given the sad truth. The woman didn't know why she was there and whom she had been so paitently waiting for. It made Asuka feel pity and pain for the spirit. She did what she could to distract her from her lonelyness. Whispering down the halls called out her name, knowing within a few moments the spirit would be with her.

    Name: Trinity

    Age: 16

    Grade: 10th

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Trinity is friendly and cheerful, but somewhat shy as well. She's only comfortable around strangers if her friends trust them too. She cares about her friends and looks out particularly for Rei, who has been her best friend since they were younger.

    Special: Doesnt see spirits, is descended from Maxine.

    Name: Maxine

    Age at death: 23

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Short Biography: Maxine, born May 17th 1853, was not your average girl. Before her death in 1876, April 14th, she'd had many encounters with the supernatural that she didn't know about. One such example was the day she met Lucifer, known to her then as Lucian. She fell in love with this man, mysterious and charming, and had been told by him that they would be together. Before this could happen however, she was murdered by one of God's angels for her 'impurity', and by that i mean she was killed because she had traces of demonic power hanging around her from spending time with Lucifer. She waited for Lucian but he had vanished, and with him, her hopes for happiness. Over time her memory began to fade and she couldn't remember who she was mourning the loss of. All she knew was that she was waiting for someone. Now she drifts listlessly while waiting for this unknown person.

    Personality: Maxie is kind, caring but a little niave. She is also highly sensitive sometimes, but knows how to take care of herself. She's polite and lost, afraid of many things, envious of more. She watched her whole life disintergrte, everything she knew and now all she wants is someone to help her understand this new world, this world she watched develop in place of her own. She is often lonely, still trying to find that person she loves even now, even though she has all but forgotten their face.

    Special: She's a ghost that haunts the city, she has watched her ancestors grow and expland as she waited to cross over and never did.

    Drakxen spotted Xeron and shrugged as he shuffled over to sit beside him, stealing one of the cigarettes from the pack and lighting it. Normally Drakxen was against the things, but at times like this it made him feel a little better, like a slap to his brother's face. 'F*ckin' Roarke, always being the perfect one.' he growled in irritation, his storm blue eyes dangerous as he glared ahead of him. 'I'm so f*cking sick of it. everyone always wants him. He's not that fantastic. I mean seriously, since when is he that much better than me?' He demanded to know, not expecting an answer from Xeron. he just needed to vent and it was easier to do if someone was there so he didn't feel like such an idiot venting to no one. It was easier to explain why he was talking to Xeron than it was to explain why he was shouting at no one. 'I don't get it. He could have anyone in the whole freaking school and he has to go after Asuka?' He said in irritation, emphasising each word with fury. If the penny hadn't dropped for Xeron before that it surely must have now. At least that's what he told himself. He knew his friend wasn't an idiot. It was pretty obvious how he felt for Asuka, even if she didn't notice. He glanced over at Xeron, taking a heavy breath. 'So.' He said in a calmer tone. 'How was your day?'

    Abby smirked and obliged, walking into the classroom and closing the door behind her. She moved over to his desk, pushing him a little so he was forced to move back while she perched on the end of the desk, looking down at him in his chair while she leaned over him. She turned a little to look at the papers he was grading and smirked. 'Having fun with the freshmens' poor math skills?' She taunted, letting the paper float out of her grasp as she adjusted her glasses slightly, smiling at him in a playful and slightly seductive manner. At his question she placed a finger on his lips, just enough to silence him. 'Relax, I was careful. And if anyone did see me come here, they'd just think I was getting some help before the exams.' She reassured him, removing her hand and leaning back She was restraining herself, simply for the fact that anyone could walk in at this time and see them. Still, it was fun to tease. He let her, on some occasions but she knew he preferred to have the control, preferred her to want to be controlled. And she did, simply because of the way he did it. Running a hand over his tie to smooth it out she tilted her head to look at him. 'Doing anything this afternoon?' She asked, that glint in her eye again. 'My parents have gone out of town for the weekend, so I have the house to myself.' She was very careful about how much she said at school, but because they were alone she knew that she was pretty safe. She refrained from kissing him, though she was tempted to. It was too risky, she reminded herself. Too risky for him, and for her. He would lose his job, would probably be banned from teaching, and she'd be expelled. Sure she could lie, she could say he'd forced himself on her, but she couldn't do that to him. He meant too much to her.

    Maxine came to a halt as her name was called and she recognised the voice as Asuka's. She turned around, trying to locate where the girl was calling from and then headed in that direction, finding her standing alone in a hallway. 'Hello again Asuka. It's good to see you.' She said with a gentle smile, her soft voice as gentle as the gaze she held unwaveringly on Asuka. She knew that others could see her, but Asuka was the only that bothered to pay attention to her and try to help her. She'd tried to help her many times, but still to no avail. For some reason, the ghost wasn't able to pass on. It was like she was bound by chains of lost memory, forced to stay drifting in this city that didn't remember her at all. 'I thought you'd be with your friend, that blonde boy.' she said in some surprise. Normally Asuka was accompanied by Drakxen so it was a rare event for her to be talking to the brunette.

    Drakx was quite furious, that much was obvious. He had helped himself to one of Xerons smokes and lit it in a haste, growling low under breath. There was always something wrong when Drakx visited Xeron. Whether it be is brother or simple school problems he was always the one he vented to. Xeron never had a problem with this however, it was better to hear someone then listen to old 'Grunts' behind him. Taking a long drag he allowed his friend to sneer in the wind before turning to change the subject, " was your day?" Xeron mildly scuffed as he remarked, "Same as always, just a different day bro." Flicking ash he went back to Drakxs current complaint adding in his own 'flitered' thoughts, "And that shit about your brother. I doubt hes interested in Asuka. No offence but she don't strike me as his type. Now him on the other hand...hes more of the type she'd want. Looks all one sided to me Drakx. If your brother 'really' wanted her." He pause a moment putting his cig out, "Well Im sure you can guess the rest. Point is you got nothing to worry about. At of right now. I can't read the future so I can't say forever. That'd just be f*ckin' stupid." Standing up he looked down at his friend before walking a few steps ahead of him, "If you want her Drakx..then go for her. The worse that can happen is she gives you the whole 'lets just stay friends speach'. Your a moron if your just going to sit there getting pissed about your brother being himself and you doing nothing to tell Askua you like her. She seems pretty dence ya know? The only way you can get it across to her is if your as blunt as that prick Zeph. If you sit there and do nothing then nothings going to change. Get what Im saying?" He turned to his best friend and patted him on the shoulder, trying to give him some confidence. "If she doesn't accept then well...", he thought for a moment and stared off before deciding not to finish all together. Pulling his hand back he shrug and shook his head, "thats all I got really. Sorry I cut it short." Xeron hoped his bluntness wouldn't aggitate but point out the obvious to his beloved friend.

    Yuhi watched Abby as she playfully messed with his tie, taunting that hungry side of him harshly. However his eyes merely glanced up at her, his hands did nothing to stop her actions. She was a smart girl and he knew that she wouldn't risk their futures so carelessly. But apart of him always felt as if they were being watched. He hoped it was just his over powering guilt instead of his fears. Yuhi heard her question and looked back down re-zooming his work, "This weekend? I have alot of work to do Abby, as you said yourself exams are coming soon. But if I could get some help...", he trailed off his eyes holding that flame of desire in them. She was testing his will and he was about to break. An entire weekend of just him and her, alone together. He could only think of the things they would do with that kind of freedom. They'd be able to act normal around one another, to simply be together. Of course the obvious would eventually happen and he was sure with her appetite it would be more then just a few times. But that wasn't the part he looked forward to most, it was the simple pleaser of being in her presence and not having to be afraid of eyes watching. He sighed a bit at the thought, the stress was draining him. Before he could stop himself his hand was already cupping the side of her soft pale cheek, stroking it lovingly with the edge of his thumb, "I would like to see you this weekend. But only if you promise to help me finish my paper work and not distract me when doing so." A clever smirk curved the Professors lips, he knew there would be a slim chance of that following through completely.

    Asuka heard her name and the familuar voice she had been hoping for. Smiling she faced the ghostly woman saying brightly, "Hi Maxine! Its been awhile. How have you been?" She knew the woman was normally alone but she did her best to keep her spirit company. Leaning against the lockers she crossed her arms and lifted her right leg up to press against a partly opened locker door. It clicked shut but she left her foot to rest there, it was more comfortable that way. At the question of her afterlife friend she sighed and looked away slightly, "He was pretty moody when I tried talking to him so I figured I'd take lunch alone. He has his other friend he visits during this hour anyways. So he'll be alright." She hoped he would at least, as of late he was acting more strange then usual. Alot of the times she couldn't help but feel that somehow it was her fault.

    As much as he hated to admit it, Drakxen knew Xeron was probably right. He grumbled something unintelligible under his breath as he took one last drag of the smoke and flicked the butt over the edge of the roof, watching as it landed in an empty trash can and burnt itself out. 'I guess.. it's just hard.. Every time I try to talk to her about it, she says something about how much of a "good friend" i am and how grateful she is to have me. It sucks. Because after that I feel totally useless.' He accented the words with his fingers, shaking his head and then running a hand through the blonde bangs, scooping them up and pushing them back away from his face. 'She was drawing pictures of him in her history book.. It just got to me.. why him? Why is it always him? Every girl i've ever liked has always wanted him, not me. It's totally unfair. You should have seen it man, he was answering some question and all the girls f*cking swooned. I've never seen anything more ridiculous or annoying. Like what the hell? If they're gonna be that easy why the hell aren't they after someone like Zeph instead of my brother? Don't they get it? He doesn't date. I think he's gay or something actually.' He sighed and stretched before turning to Xeron. 'I'm sorry, I pretty much talked your ear off all lunch.' He apologised, feeling guilty for dumping all his issues on his best friend. He rubbed the back of his neck ruefully and flashed him an apologetic grin. 'You must get really sick of my whining everytime something pisses me off.' He commented randomly, lapsing into thought as he shot him another smile.

    Abby smiled at him, leaning into his tough, her cheek pressing against his hand easily and happily, glad he'd agreed to her suggestion. She hadn't wanted to spend the weekend alone, though she knew that at some stage or another she would have gone to him instead. It was just easier this way. She wouldn't have to sneak out of the house so her parents wouldn't hear her leaving or coming back, and she wouldn't have to worry about being seen with him due to her place being pretty secluded. Then she bit her lip, frowning. What if he was unimpressed by her place? It wasn't anywhere near as grand as half of the places the kids here lived. The scholarship had been what got her into Gin no umi, not her parent's wealth, because, well, they had none really. Her dad was working two jobs just to keep food on the table and her mum worked part time because of her younger siblings needing to be looked after. That was why it was so important that they went on the weekend trip. They'd be gone by the time she got home, she knew that. But she was worried. She hadn't told Yuhi that she wasn't like the others, that she didn't have wealth keeping her going to the school. What would he say? Would he be angry for her not telling him? Holding back a sigh she glanced back at him, smiling again. 'I can promise to help, but I can't promise that I won't distract you.' She said, a gleam in her eye as she spoke. she then bit her lip again and gently took hold of his hand, pulling him a little closer in the chair as she spoke. 'I have to warn you.. my place isn't exactly the neatest, or the biggest..' She started to say, taking her time with the words. 'So you'll have to promise not to judge me. Money's a little tight for us..' It was the closest she'd ever come to explaining her family's financials with anyone and she just wanted it to be over. She looked into his eyes again, holding his hand against her chest with both hands. 'Please?'

    Maxine smiled sadly. 'I'm sorry to hear that. I hope things work out soon. Maybe you could try to talk to him and find out if there's any way you can help. Though i know men at that age can be very strange. it's all those hormones in their systems.' She gave a slightly truer smile, one so rare that she'd forgotten she had it. A group of girls walked past briefly, talking about a party or something and Maxine sighed. 'I miss being alive sometimes. I wish i had my body back, and that my memory wasn't so atrocious, and that I could just remember who it is I'm waiting for.' She exclaimed after the girls were gone, emotions wracking her spirit as she sank into a seated position, hovering just a few centimetres off the ground. 'I'm sorry Asuka, I don't know what came over me.' She said from the floor, smiling apologetically. 'Isn't your break nearly over? perhaps you ought to go see you friend and find out if he's okay. I'm sure he'd like that.' She suggested, not wanting to seem rude. Just as she mentioned it, the sound of footsteps reached them. 'Hey Legs! Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you.' Zeph's voice echoed through the empty hallway as he jogged over to her, his vibrant red hair flicking into his eyes as he slowed to a halt in front of her, not even noticing the ghost he walked through, though he did get a chill. He shivered and grinned. 'You stormed off so quickly this morning that I couldn't give you my number. So here you go.' He grinned wickedly as he presented her with a crumpled piece of paper as if it were the most important thing in the world. Feeling uncomfotable, Maxine let herself drift through the floor and disappeared, waving to Asuka as she did so. Zeph didn't notice. He just waited expectantly for her to take the paper.

    Drakx still dwelled on his sibling rivalry but it wasn't without reason. If what he said was true then Xeron couldn't really blame him for being envyous. His brother was everything the girls he like wanted. It was a simple fact that constantly smacked the poor guy in the face. As of late though...Xeron could tell it was really getting to him now. Personally he thought Drakx just needed to get laid and he'd be over it. But Drakx was a bit prood, he wouldn't just sleep with anyone. had to be someone he trusted, knew and liked. Raising a brow he heard Drakx apologise, more then once for venting to him. Xeron shook his head and said, "If it annoyed me I'd tell you Drakx. Look you just gotta make her listen to you. Be seirous when you do too. That way she'll know you have something important to tell her." His eyes fell shut and he stood, shifting his weight and heading for the door. "If you sit there feeling sorry for yourself Drakx you won't get the results you want. Just trust me...if she has any feelings towards you she'll give you a second thought when you tell her. And if she doesn't...well you won't loose her. You'll still exisit in her life, but only as her friend." With his hands slipping down to his pockets he raised his head up and looked up over at Drakx saying, "Good luck bro." With nothing more to say he left heading for his next class.

    Yuhi felt his temperature raise as Abby leaned in closer, his heart rate climbing. She knew exactly what to do to get him going. Even the slightest touch sent jolts through him. But it wasn't simply due to the action, but to the way her eyes would be and how her voice purred. She didn't completely agree to his terms but he knew from the start that the statement was futile. He just hoped that he wouldn't have to rush by the end of the week to get his work done. He didn't let how she effected him surface however and his expression was as clam as ever. But when she whispered in his ear his teeth were set on edge. For once he was thankful she couldn't see his face that close. His tone rolled out smoothly, "Don't be ridiculous Abby. You should know I would never judge you on the amount your families wealth was. Now go to don't want to be tardy." His face may have been stone but his eyes were on fire. It would take him a few good deep breaths to clam the storm in him. Abby...

    She wanted to help Maxine but she knew that she was powerless in that matter. Smiling at the fact she was trying to help her though made her realise how kind of a person Maxine still was, "Maybe I'll find him later. But he'll most likely be cooled off by the time I find him again." She could tell Maxine was troubled though and this sadden her. Nothing she said or did would ever set her restless soul free. She just couldn't imagen what she had gone through all these years. It was moments like these that she continplate on allowing a soul to attach itself to her. If she was with Asuka at least she wouldn't be alone. However her thoughts were shattered at the voice of the guy she hated. Zeph strolled up, walking through Maxines body, her expression drawn and sad. She quickly took her quite leave and left from Asukas sight, leaving her to deal with Zeph alone. Glaring up at the firey haird boy she growl in an unpleasent tone, "What on earth do you want?" Again it was just another annoying pass that made the end of her brow twitch. Oh how he set her teeth on edge. There were times she was sure she'd swear at him aloud, damaging her reputation. Snatching up the paper she lifted it up in front of him so he could see. Then with her other hand she tore it up in a rageful fashion and flicked the shredded pieces in his face, "I don't know how many times I have to tell you. IM. NOT. INTERESTED. IN YOU! And I never will be. Go to your easy lays Zeph, their more in your leage." She wanted to stomp on his foot but retrained herself sending a firey gaze his way.

    Drakxen sighed and nodded. Why was Xeron always right about everything? He waited a few more moments after the bell to stand up, mulling over Xeron's advice with some serious thought. Okay, he thought to himself, I'll do it. I'll tell her. He paused on the stairs on the way down as he saw her talking to Zeph ...On second thoughts, maybe on monday.. He decided and even though he knew Xeron would call him a coward, he figured it was safer. She looked pretty furious. Maybe He should go and talk to her anyway? Before he could however, he saw his brother approaching and, not wanting to stick around to see what was happening, he made a beeline for his next class. Just ignore it. Don't look back. He told himself, but it was hard to stop himself from looking back. Just walk. Go beat the hell out of a training dummy. He told himself, muttering under his breath as he walked, heading straight for class. He was dressed in the protective gear and already started training by the time the rest of the class traipsed in.

    Abby smiled at Yuhi, hearing the bell ring and shifting so she slid off the table, leaning over him as she landed gracefully, her lips brushing against his cheek, a daring move that sent electric sparks jolting through the both of them. 'I'll see you this afternoon then, professor..' She purred, trailing a hand down his leg and across his lap before slipping away from him and out the door again, smiling to herself. He may have kept the desire from his expression but she had felt the effect she had on him with the sly brush of her hand. It was definitely the highlight of her day to know how she could affect him so easily. Still, she'd have to be careful. It was too easy to get herself into trouble like that, not to mention him. She hummed happily on her way to her next class, looking forward to what the afternoon promised.

    Zeph grinned again even as she yelled at him, tearing the note up in his face. Still he showed no signs of it affecting him.Though silent rage burned inside him, hatred for the words she spoke burning with vigor, he just smiled, the amusement in his eyes dancing as he toyed with the idea of leading her on a little, seeing how far he could push her to the edge. it would be interesting to see how she would handle it, but she seemed pretty close to a dangerous point as it was, and he didn't want her to be too pissed at him, so instead he just stepped closer to her, forcing her into the corner as he leaned a little closer. 'Come on now Asuka, you know that isn't true. I bet you sit there with your yearbook on your bed, looking at the photo of me.' His smirk was cold, dangerous even, his eyes suddenly devoid of emotion as he got right uip in her face, so close his breath could tickle her skin. 'Do you imagine what it would be like to be with me?' He reached a hand up and caressed her cheek gently, all the while making sure she could barely move away from him. As suddenly as it started, he stopped and took a step back, spitting at her feet. 'Well don't get your hopes up. I don't play with stuck up sl*ts like you.' He snarled, the first traces of anger flashing in those amber eyes that looked almost crimson in the half light of the hallway. He turned around as footsteps echoed, approaching. The two teens, Roarke and Zeph, set eyes on each other and both scowled. Zeph's scowl turned into a sneer. 'Don't look now but here comes your boyfriend. don't call me. I'll call you when I feel like playing with a lower classed whore.' He snarled viciously and turned on his heel, giving her another look of disgust as he left.

    Roarke moved over to Asuka's side the moment Zeph was gone, having been making his way there anyway. 'Asuka, are you okay?' he asked gently, gently touching her face to get her to look at him, his green eyes boring into her soft brown ones. 'Did he hurt you in any way?' He was scanning her for any signs of physical damage. He may not have cared for her in any way more than a friend, but he did care. That was the point. She was his friend and he wanted to look out for her. He wouldn't tolerate jerks like Zeph hurting the ones he cared about. He knew asuka often put on a brave face but he hoped she wouldn't feel like she had to around him. they were friends. Friends didn't hide their problems, they let the others help them. 'Asuka? Tell me if he hurt you and I swear to you he won't get away with it.' His own voice was thick with fury. Like Drakxen, he had a temper, but he kept it hidden with much more skill. But things like this caused it to bubble to the surface.

    Xeron went down the steps to his classroom floor. What he saw was Roarke stroking what looked to be a slightly nervous Asuka. "Maybe I spoke too soon...hope Drakx didn't catch this", he said aloud as he slipped away from the scene quietly. That was a particularly ackward thing to walk in on. Xeron did what he could to keep his prevers side at bay. He didn't truely know how close Asuka and Roarke were but from first glance it appeared to be a bit friendly. Hopefully later there'd be an explination for it, otherwise he'd have to spill the bad news to his friend. Strolling into the class room after the bell rang Xeron sat down in his usual seat, far from the rest of the class and next to the window. He just boredly stared out the window with his chin resting in his palm. Could this day drang on any longer? Xeron zoned out while the rest of his classmates piled into the room in an orderly fashion.

    Yuhi felt the flick of her finger tip graze him and he sucked in a tight breath. She knew what she had done and she did nothing to hide it. As she swayed her hips she whispered a farewell to her lover before exiting the room, pleased with her success. Closing his eyes he grunted a bit, slightly feeling defeated. She'll regret that later on tonight... He thought. His thumb and forefinger worked to rub his eyes, giving him a moment to calm himself down. His breaths were long and deep, eventually fixing the damage she had done. As the bell rang he took a quick glance down to 'check' if he was clear to stand. When he saw that it was alright he stood up and begain coaking up the lesson for the day, his students coming in quickly.

    Hearing the tone of Zephs voice Asuka farrowed her brows stepping away from him. She thought he would have said something more, something like usual. But this time was different, he was prowling towards her in a more menacing manner. The look in his eyes sent a shiver down her spine and when she felt the cool brick of the wall she froze, trapped between it and him. As he neared her he continued in a low and seductive tone, "Do you imagine what it would be like to be with me?" She bit back hard on the inners of her mouth. Her secret fear of him creeping up on her like a gaint arachnid. No was around and in this tight space he could easily do to her what he had done years ago but this time...she'd be awake for it. And just as she thought the attack was to begain he yanked back, whipping away from her in a rage, "Well don't get your hopes up. I don't play with stuck up sl*ts like you!" His words meant nothing to her but his actions effected her mental state greatly. She was foolish enough to let her guard down, thinking he wasn't a threat. Asuka had done all she could to forget, forget that dreadful mistake she had made her two years ago. Now it was all coming back like a flood, rushing through her mind drowning out everything around her. Only until she felt someone touch her did her flintch in responce, "Asuka, are you okay? Did he hurt you in anyway? Asuka? Tell me if he hurt you and I swear to you he won't get away with it." Her eyes looked at him in a daze, she wasn't completely there, " Im fine. Thank you Roarke. He just got too close for comfort...thats all." Then she turned her face from him, her right hand grabbing her other arm. It was embarressing to be caught off guard like that but on top of it being saved too? Her pride was much to swollow. As the bell rang Asuka stood there in silence against the wall, failing to make herself look strong. Then with a meek voice she said, "I...I gotta go to class. Thanks again Roarke...see you in a bit." Then dipped her head down hiding in the wealth of her own hair. How embarressing...I let a chump like me up this badly. He'll pay for this!

    Nixie cursed under her breath. Damn how the hell had she managed to be both late to school AND class in the same day? It shouldn't have been possible. Clearly someone hated her a lot today. She had gone to the bathroom only to find that the bell had rung two seconds later and she really needed to go, so she'd stayed behind anyway, which resulted in her getting locked in the bathroom by the cleaners, and then having to wait for someone to hear her and let her out. When she finally was freed from the bathroom, she then had to traipse back to the lunch table to grab her bag, and struggle to read the class schedule Asuka had got for her that morning, which resulted in her being about ten minutes late for class and she had to sprint down the hallway to class. She skidded to a halt before her classroom, pausing to catch her breath before entering the room, apologising to their teacher who told her to take a seat, giving her an understanding smile and continuing his lesson. Nixie looked around the classroom, finding to her dismay that there was only one seat left, next to a guy about her age, maybe a year older, with dark hair that fell into his eyes, making his skin seem pale and sallow in the light of the classroom. Dark circles underlined his eyes and he looked out the window, not paying her any attention. it was the disinterested look or the ultimately dark appearance he gave off that drew her attention though. It was the towering beast that loomed above him, all shadows and tusks and deadly auras. She recognised it instantly as a demon and she tensed a moment before wondering why it wasn't attacking the students. She bit her lip nervously as she made her way over to the bench and slid in beside the guy. 'So.. what you do to get a demon following you?' She asked in a quiet voice, candy floss blue hair falling into her eyes slightly as she tugged her hood down from the crown of her head, flashing him a friendly smile. He was cute, if you got past the giant monster behind him. She could guess why the seat was vacant. Even without the Sight, it was pretty easy to feel a disturbed presence eminating from the boy. Human instinct steered them away from him. Which meant she was stuck there. Well, she might as well make the most of it. They had a double lesson together after all. 'I'm Nixie by the way.' She said, pulling her books out of her bag and setting them neatly on the surface of the desk.


    One. Two. Three. Kick. Head shot. One. Two. Three. The familiar rythm helped to calm Drakxen's racing heartbeat as he methodically landed punches and kicks on the maniquin in front of him, conveniantly pretending it was his brother. Whats. So. Great. About. Him? Each word was emphasised with a blow to the dummy. It just wasn't fair. He tried to remember what Xeron had said, about how Asuka wasn't Roarke's type, but it was difficult to force himself to do so. It just wasn't working out so well for him. It didn't help that Roarke had such a history of winning over the female population of most of their schools without effort. he turned around when he heard the door open and Asuka walked in, looking both slightly terrified and shaken. Instantly his previous anger was gone and he rushed over to her. 'Asuka, are you alright?' his voice held concern for her, genuine and true. Something had happened, he thought to himself, something big. to do with Roarke? No, his brother would never do anything to hurt Asuka, or anyone for that matter. Looking back on it, he remembered her being pretty pissed at Zeph. His eyes narrowed slightly. he must have done something to upset her. If he found out it was something terrible he'd kill him. 'Everyone else has been partnered up already, we were put together as a sparring pair.' He informed her in a softer tone, not wanting to upset her.


    Roarke watched as Asuka stood up and hurried away, a frown on his angular features as he watched her disappear around the corner. He hoped she was okay and not just putting on a brave face in front of him. He knew how stubborn she could get, even if they weren't all that close. Sighing he straightened up and stretched, scratching his head slightly and then wandering over to his locker to stow away some books before heading into class, his mind wandering. What had Zeph done that was so bad it caused Asuka to snap? surely he hadn't forced himself on her? that was the only thing he could think of. Or had he hurt her? his jaw clenched. Maybe she'd tell them after weapons class, after she had managed to calm herself a little. She was closer to drakx, so maybe she'd tell him at the very least. While he was lost in these thoughts he felt the force of someone running into him, hearing the sound of someone landing painfully on the floor and apologising hastily. Looking down he saw the small shape of Rei, the junior that he'd found himself attracted to over the last few years, an attraction which he felt was highly inappropriate yet he couldn't stop it. 'Oh, Rei, are you alright?' He asked, bending down to help the girl up, trying to make sure he didn't look at her too long, but checking her over for injuries.

    Zeph stormed out of the school grounds, furious and frustrated. Stupid b*tch, why did she have to go and piss him off like that? Why did she have to go out of her goddamned way to make him feel small, worthless. Stupid rich kid. He muttered under his breath, growling lowly as he fumbled for the pack of smokes in his pocket, managing to get them out of his pocket and sliding one out of the pack, putting it to his lips and flicking the lighter a couple of times before it lit. he flicked it shut again and leaned against the high brick wall that surrounded the school, letting the toxic fumes burn his throat and calm him down. He sighed, he shouldn't have been so harsh to her.. it wasn't like she knew.. she didn't understand him, so she reacted. But she did react a little strangely toward him. he didn't understand it. Why had she taken that turn against him? Ever since that night.. Was that it? No, it couldn't be. He hadn't brought it up and neither had she, so he assumed they were cool. but then again.. She hadn't spoken a civil word to him since.. No, stop it, you're being ridiculous. Stop thinking so much you idiot. He took another drag and closed his eyes. Tonight just go out, get pissed and forget it a while. You'll be better for it. He told himself this in the hope that he could make himself believe it. He wanted to apologise to Asuka. She'd probably castrate him if he tried, he thought with a hollow chuckle. Ah never mind, she'll cool off in the end.

    Xeron was so zonned out he hadn't heard the new girl come up and stand near. Until the chime of her voice came in everyone all but himself didn't exist, "So...what you do to get a demon following you?" She was pale and slenderly built with long electric aqua hair flowing out from under her hood. Her eyes were shadowed by long thick lashes that clung to the lids of her eyes like a spider to its web. The look on her face was strangely cheerful and when she stated her name he musted aloud, "Well...your the first who isn't afraid to sit next to me." Tapping his cheek with his forefinger he continued, "Expetially when you can SEE it. I have one friend who can't see him but your the first to speak to me even after seeing him. My name is Xeron...not sure if you heard but Im not the most popular around here if you haven't noticed. You might be able to save your reputation if you avoid speaking to me." He smirked a bit, his tone sarcastic and mocking. People judged him but he liked to make a joke of it then feel sorry. Not that he ever cared enough to allow it to effect him in the first place.

    Slipping into the class room Asuka got in without being noticed, the sensei hadn't done attendance yet. Thankfully she had ran all the way to class and just barely made it on time. Hoping that no one else would notice she kept her head low, trying to hair within the wealth of her hair. Drakx however appeared before her and immediately started to ask questions of consern for her. She failed to answer his question and hardly listened to whatever else he had said shortly here after. But when she spoke her words rolled out in an icy tone that sounded almost scary in the soft girls voice, " sucks you got stuck with me today...cause I am having a" When her eyey finally lifted from under her bangs she almost glared at him and then said, "Let me get my gear on. I'll join you on the floor." Then with a face of stone she swept past him and headed for the changing room to switch out her clothes and ready herself for sparing parctice.

    Rei and her two friends had parted ways and headed off to their classes. Fall behind because she had chattered with Trinity and Nixie for too long Rei was running as fast as her small legs would carry her. Hoping she'd make it in time she took a quick turn around the corner and slammed right into someone. She couldn't see them because she was going too fast and thinking too much at once. Closing her eyes tightly she bit back at the pain and made some noises of hurt as she sat on her bottom. the force of the impact was so hard it threw her back and made her hit the floor in a harsh manner. Opening one eye she peeked up to see who was there when she heard a cool voice call to her, "Oh, Rei, are you alright?" Reis face at instantly flushed and she scammered to come up with words, "I-I-Im, well...I just didn't...Im sorry I was running too fast and...Im sorry. Are you ok?" Her frail features stared up at him softly, innocent expression lighting up her face.

    Nixie laughed slightly. 'Not the most popular? Does it look like i care about popularity?' She gestured to the vibrant blue hair and outlandish cat styled hoodie. She smiled in a friendly manner, keeping her eyes locked on his face and not on the demon behind him. 'Does he always just stand there, breathing like a pedophile at a Wiggles concert?' She asked, glancing back at the creature momentarily and looking away again, keeping her voice in a hushed tone so that she wouldn't get into trouble again. 'Personally, I'm not all that scared of demons. I've had my own altercations with some of them. not all are as scary as they look.' She shrugged, a small smile dancing on her lips as she spoke, remembering her past and pushing it back into the depths of her mind again.

    Drakxen watched as she stalked off to get changed and ready, waiting for her to return. What had happened? Maybe Roarke knew what happened. He could ask. Speaking of which, where was he? Wasn't he meant to be there? He didn't remember being notified about Roarke's absence. He was sure that his brother would have told him. Roarke was strangely overbearing and protective of drakxen, as if he were a child, not his twin brother, barely five minutes younger than him. When she came back out he handed her one of the wooden practise swords. 'Feel free to get all your frustrations out.' He offered in a quiet tone, not wanting to upset her and not wanting her to get the wrong idea. 'It'll test my more recent skills.' He flashed her a half hearted smile and readied himself. 'Whenever you're ready.'

    Roarke smiled fondly at her, chuckling slightly at the innocent expression on her facel. She seemed so baffled and it intrigued him to no end. How a young girl like her always managed to make him feel something more than his usual emotions. She was intriguing indeed, he thought as he helped her to her feet, lightly brushing the dust from her uniform, the shoulders mainly. 'I'm fine. you on the other hand might be injured. Are you alright?' He asked again, examining her features carefully for any sign of pain. He didn't want her to be hurt. Though he'd never admit it, he liked her more than he should and it confused him, made him concerned.

    Nixie was more of the blunt playful type. That much he could gather from the comment she made shortly after she sat down next to him. It was amusing and if his demon didn't bother her then he didn't mind her company. Anything was better then being alone with the grunts. Looking over at her he said dryly, "Not all of them are bad I noticed. Its kinda weird...cause we've been taught to know them differently." He was hardly listening to his teacher babble, more focused on the current conversation. It was more interesting to him then re-learning math he already knew. Glancing back at her he questioned, "So why this school? What made you want to come here instead of another?" Some came here by choice, others were forced by family and there were those who just didn't care. He couldn't really read which was she, though he figured the thrid possibility was most likely. She seemed quite carefree, the extra classes might have been what made her choice.

    Asuka threw on her clothes as fast as she possibly could. She was angry and had paitence with nothing for the time being. As she left the locker room she hissed a bit under her breath when she ran her shin into one of the bentches. Walking too quickly and not paying any mind to her surrounding. This only added to her frusteration as she limped it off and eventually gotten over it. Going to Drakx he handed her a wooden sword and spoke, trying to cheer her up, "Feel free to get all your frusterations out. It'll test my more recent skills. Whenever you're ready." In the blink of an eye Asuke struck his sword fast and hard, making the sound of the two wooded swords clink loudly. Then with he stance widened she hurled a few fast short strikes at him, forcing him to back up. And when he took too far of a step back she jumped into the air high and brought the blade down. The hit sent vibrations threw both weapons and Asuka stared back at Drakx determined to fight back at her fears. She was tried for feeling sorry for herself, the humilation she suffered. She was going to get warmed up here and then take this blade and crack it across the back of Zeph's skull.

    "Im fine, you on the other hand might be injured. Are you alright?", Roarke asked. Rei didn't really talk to him all that much but he spoke to her kindly and knew her name. This was a first for her seeing that she was mostly invisable to people. The fact that he knew her name and rarely ever spoke to her meant he paid attention to details. He was bright and clever, but above all he was stunningly handsome. That smile of his should have been outlawed, she felt as though she would have fainted if he was just a bit closer. With her nerves getting the best of her she fumbled as he checked her for any sign of injury, "I-I-I-I-Im fine! I sware!" Her small body hopped up quickly to avoid anymore physical contact. He was just way out of her ludge and she'd be doing herself a favor to get out of there as soon as she could. Waving her hands wildly in an overly animated fashion she said, "Im hardy as a gladiator! I'll be fine!" She was trying very hard not to stare or get any reder then she already was. But she had a feeling she wouldn't able to stop herself from doing either one.

    Nixie smiled at his agreeance with her comment about the demons. She could see herself getting along with him easily. 'Well..' She rubbed the back of her neck ruefully, reaching her hand under the back of her hand and massaging her neck. Her hood fell down and she shrugged the jumper off again. 'My parents chose this school. It's one of the only ones that would actually accept me.. and before they did i had to do a bunch of ridiculous psych tests.' She rolled her eyes, putting her hoodie on her bag. She wondered if he'd ask about it. Probably not. Still, it would make for interesting conversation. 'They're all convinced I burnt down my dorm at my last school.' She explained with a grin, shaking her head a little. 'It's so ridiculous. I don't know how they think I did it.' She started to copy out some of the notes, but she was only half paying attention. She couldn't really concentrate knowing the demon was watching her. She turned back around to look at it. 'Psssttt.. dude, can you like go somewhere else? I'm trying to learn and it's really hard with you breathing down my neck.' She said, not realising how loud she was being. She turned around to see everyone looking at her, including the teacher. She blushed, biting back a mass of giggles that was threatening to errupt as she realised how stupid she must look, shouting at thin air. Suddenly she couldn't hold it anymore and she dissolved into laughter. '..S-sorry..' She stammered, trying to catch her breath but she couldn't stop laughing.

    She came at him like a hurricane, bringing down the training sword upon him with all her might. It was all he could do to keep up and stop her from flattening him with the blade by swinging his own weapon in defence. Wow.. she's really pissed.. he thought to himself as he struggled to keep up. When she took the final blow she seemed close to tears, of frustration or genuine sadness he wasn't sure. He struggled to hold his own against her. He wasn't unfit, but she had the full force of fury behind her and he'd burned most of his off on the dummy and the rest had vanished the moment he saw her. He pushed back, forcing her back, letting his fury of whoever upset her begin to flow, using it as an advantage. 'Don't think.. you can.. beat me that.. easily.' He managed through grit teeth, pushing her away enough to have some offensive room, striking her sword with his. by now most of the class had stopped and were just watchign the interlocking fight with confusion, excitement and concern. Was everything okay? Were they fighting for real? The whispers rippled through the crowd but were lost on the two in the centre of the mat, fighting off their frustrations.


    Roarke was a little bewildered by Rei's sudden reactions. Had he done something to offend her? He couldn't recall saying anything offensive but he didn't always understand women. What offended them could be different to what offended him. He frowned slightly. 'Well.. if you're certain.. i suppose we'd best get to class so you can prove that theory. You ARE in my weapons training class, aren't you?' he asked, frowning a little as he tried to recall if she was or not. he was fairly certain she was. 'If not, then I'll walk you to whatever class you DO have. it's the least I can do. After all, I'm the reason you're late.' He said in a tone that let her know he wasn't going to let her say no.

    Xeron glanced back at the demon a moment as she told her story to him. She seemed as if she had to get this out to someone, tell them her secret. Xeron was good for that and he'd keep it willingly simply because she amused him and didn't show him any fear. It was strange but welcomed to have someone as such near. He could tell she wouldn't be easily scared either, this could be a possible friendship he could invest in. His head nodded a few times, letting her know she was being heard. Up until the moment when she turned around and directly spoke to the demon behind him, asking it to silence its raspy breath. In an instant the room all turned to face her, even Sensei Yuhi. Crossing his arms and looking downward Xeron had a clever expression on his face as Nixie brusted out laughing. Xeron said in a mild and hushed voice, "It seems for once someone else has beaten me at getting all the negitive attention. Im shocked." He was sarcastic and quiet smug about it all. This was the first time he smiled softly and genuine. Its been a long time...since I got this truely laughing.

    Asuka had Drakx against the wall until he blasted back a fury of slashes. His voice growled as he spoke with each strike, "Don't can...beat me that...easily!" She slid back with the last blow, it being his strongest strike. Her head was low and her eyes were hidden. When she clutched her sword tighter her knuckles burned a bright white. Then she spoke in a fury shaken voice, "You think that's all I have to offer...?" Her head snapped up and his hair flicked back, unmasking the rage in her eyes, "Think again!!!" Her slender form lunged forth and charged for him, blade held low to the side. When he neared him she jerked to the side, twirling around him, missing his defencive strike entierly. Then her feet planted like roots of a tree and she swung, her sword aimming for the side of his head. And just when it seemed he would be striked badly it hulted, freezing as if a memory in time. She glared over at him from her shoulder and muttered, "Checkmate..." Then stood up, withdrawing the sword last before turning from him and walking back to the other end of the Dojo. Then she faced him ready once more staring Drakxen down like a hawk, "Ready."

    Rei was flumbling in her mind, she felt her heart was going to either hop right out her throat or pop out of her chest to greet him. It was too much for the small shy girl. She was so frail in body, mind and spirit. Having longer then a two second conversation with a boy, let alone a highly attractive one was far too much for the poor girl to handle. Hopeing her legs wouldn't fail her she mumbling in a quick studdered fashion, one that was drowned out by his voice, "B-b-b-b-b-b-b-but I-I no, I have, no wait I just....." It was hopeless, there was no way she'd be able to get a single sentance out peroperly. The embarressment left her overwhelmed and all she could do now was look down and nod, doing everything she could not to look back up at him. He was so tall and handsome, why was he bothering with her? Better yet why would he go out of his way to walk her to class knowing it would go against his attendance? She couldn't be worth such penalty, her had a perfect record. Even more so a perfect face, body and personality. He was everything most girls dreamed of and Rei...knew this encounter would go no where for her. It was better that she'd not let his kindness have too much of an impresson on her. She didn't take getting hurt too well and the pain of rejection was one she had, so far, been careful to avoid. When she snapped back to reality she realized she hadn't answered either of his questions and left him there with a quzzled expression on his face. She looked up, flustered about and said quickly, "I-I'm sorry! Weapons Class! I'm in Weapons Class this hour." She looked down slightly from him again, always act like such an idiot. Now Im sure he thinks Im some sort of freak...good going Rei. Rei followed Roarke down the hall, her innner thoughts beating down on what little self esstem she had.

    Nixie stifled her giggles enough to calmly finish her work, holding back the random bouts that would still attack her. She saw the faintest twitch of Xeron's lips and wondered what he'd look like if he smiled. 'Do you always get this much negative attention?' She asked as the class wore on, scribbling the notes out of boredom. She knew she should try to keep her grades up but in all honesty she was more interested in finding out about him. 'I'm sorry, that was probably pretty rude of me.' She laughed quietly, finishing the notes and leaning back in her chair, her head hanging over the back of it so her gaze was upside down on the demon. 'hi..' She whispered, waving and smiling before sitting up again and looking at Xeron. 'What's his name? I mean, he can't be called creepy pedo breather in real life can he?' She asked, studying Xeron for any trace of that almost smile again. He seemed extremely mysterious and solemn. She wanted to know more.

    Drakxen was surprised. How much more anger could she possibly have? She had him backing up into the corner again, his back against the wall when shelunged and then halted again, stopping short of hitting him and springing back, challenging him. She was in the zone, her blood pumping with fury. he could see it in her eyes, the exhilaration on her already beautiful features. The way she stood, weapon at the ready, made him think of some kind of ancient warrior. She was beautiful and deadly and his heart stopped for a moment. He lowered his weapon a moment, unable to fight her. She was.. too captivating in all honesty. Then he saw her expression, her eyes glowing with that fire, the fire he admired, wished he had the chance to tame and knew she needed him to keep going. 'Alright.' He stepped forward, and this time didnt wait for her to make the first move. He would help her as best he could. His weapon moved fast as he stopped worrying about hurting her. She could look after herself, he knew. And anything he could do, she could handle. He brought it down hard, allowing himself to clear his mind and think of nothing but the fight, doing the best he could but knowing she would best him anyway. He just wanted to let her calm down. It was what friends did right? He backed her into the wall this time, pinning her there with his blade until he lost his concentration again, finding himself lost in her gaze. That moment of distraction was a vital mistake.

    Roarke gave an amused smile as Rei blushed and stammered. She was so beautiful like that. No, he shouldn't be thinking that. Still, it was cute as she stammered, trying to find the right words. Did he really have that affect on her? Was it just her? He wasn't sure half the time. He didn't know really what kind of effect he had on people. All he did was talk to them. It wasn't that big a deal.. was it? No matter. He kept walking, slowing his pace so they could walk together. 'So, we do actually have a class together. At least we have an appropriate excuse for our lateness. We can say you very nearly fainted after running into me and I had to give you CPR.' He joked, not understanding what kind of effect the suggestion might give. He heard the clash of weapons before they were near the classroom. 'Sound like they're already way underway. Must be a pretty epic battle.' He joked lightly, looking back at her a moment. 'I guess we'll be paired up. That alright with you? I can stand an apple on my head and you can shoot it. Just don't shoot me in the eye instead.' He added.

    Xeron was blank like a loose piece of paper. Hard to read and withdrawn, far from most. He glanced back at her comment and shrugged, not really giving her a vocal answer. He knew the reason why people disliked him. It was either the unsettling feeling his demon gave off or it was simply his lack of social skills. Whatever the case was he could care less. People were only good for two things in life. Screwing you over and sedating your loneliness. In the end one day they will all stab you and leave that knife in your back. A harsh reminder of what happens when you trusted and let people in. As Nixi looked back at the demon she asked, "What's his name? I mean, he can't be called creepy pedo breather in real life can he?" With a soft shake of the head he remarked, "His name I've only heard once but I've never forgotten it. However I can't say it aloud. He doesn't like it. Kinda like when a priest trys to exorcize a demon he asks it of its name. If I were to say it...I'd be putting you all at risk." His gaze turned slowly to hers and allowed the expression on his face to express the gravity of that. If he were to his demon would freak, as it had done so the first time he uttered its true name. Looking to the celiing he muttered, "Anyways you seem to have some issues with school. If you need help I might be able tooter you. Just don't think I'm going to give you all the answers." His face was so drawn of emotion, so blank and bored. If he wasn't breathing he'd assume people would think he's dead. The dull gaze, the lack of life in his eyes. It was pathetic to him, the look. It was simply screaming how he felt on the inside. Though he doubted anyone ever took notice, least of all cared. And that some how brought comfort to him. He wasn't being bothered or asked a thousand questions on what was wrong. He was left alone, undisturbed with his thoughts. Xeron didn't need anyone else help, nor did he want it. there was always a way he dealt with things and so far it'd been working out for him just fine.

    Asuka was ready for him. He had became serious. The drive to fight back settled softly in those blue eyes, lashing out like a whip. This time he moved, forcing her to be on the defense. It was good that he was her sparing partner, anyone else and she'd of beaten them by now giving her no relief. But Draxen was different, he was ready, willing and able to step up to her challenge. Striking wooded swords together the two clashed, the echo of each strike rippling out like a wave in the sea. He was the only true friend she really had and the only one she could trust, possibly even with her life. Drax was a close friend and even though he wasn't always there when she needed him he was always there when it counted. Today was one of those days she needed him and he did nothing but deliver. As she backed up she felt the cool solid touch of the wall behind her. Her fist clenched as he pressed hard to keep Draxen back. For a moment she thought she might have to make a desperate roll from him and gain space. But in a split second his concentration was broken and she striked, three harsh wacks to his body. One hit to his lower left side, the second was up more hitting his ribs. The last struck him in the middle of his neck and shoulder, a downward slash. That blow was enough to knock him back on his feet and eventually fall to the ground holding his shoulder. That last hit was what hurt the most and as she stood there her face went soft in concern for him. Bowing her head she thanked him for sparing with her and allowing her to get out the last of her rage out. Looking back up she lipped the words 'are you ok?' to him hoping he was alright.

    Rei looked down at the ground keeping herself from looking up at Roarke. He was kind, intelligent and handsome. She was doing herself a favor not staring. If he caught her she was sure to be found out and then it would be just one more embarrassment she could add to her towering list. Little did she know that he was doing much of the same thing. Hearing his remark however made her nearly gasp and her heart stopped, forcing her breath to be caught. [I]Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! I can't take this much longer...he's going to make me faint! [/I]Poor Reis delicate heart was racing as if she just ran a 20 mile marathon. She swore a moment her vision blurred. As she got closer to the classroom however the sound of sword fighting saved her from passing out and she muttered softly, "Who's sparing?" Taking a small peek in she noticed it was the two seniors that she had seen together from time to time. Asuka and Draxen, two of the top students of her weapons class. To Rei Asuka was the image of beauty. She was everything a guy could want and everything Rei was not. Feeling as though she was once again shrinking into herself she heard Roarke speak once more making her pulse jump a beat, "I guess we'll be paired up. That alright with you? I can stand an apple on my head and you can shoot it. Just don't shoot me in the eye instead." He joked lightly barely understanding his effect on her. She stuttered wildly shouting a bit louder then she would have liked, "D-d-don't say something like that! You'll jinx it!" His eyes were one of the most striking things about him, other then that lushes smile of his. Now she was even more worried about being paired up with him. Her nervs were going crazy and she could barely hold her bow in hand properly. "Are...are you sure about this?", she asked, hoping he'd change his mind.

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