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  1. I think that sounded pretentious enough.... Alright, here is the premise: If you so choose, you will create a character. I will then, from a pool of various super powers, randomly assign a power to each player. Your character will be learning about this ability from the beginning of the RP onward. They will not have any experience with said power. Characters may die, and you do not have to ask the player of said character to kill them, you do though have to ask me. Now, in order for this to work, your character should not be a maniac driven to murder everything they see. I will not allow such a character. There must be proper motivation to kill a PC and I must agree. Of course this means that you should feel free to create a new character if yours dies.

    As far as the setting is concerned, you will be limited to a large Chicago-sized city. It will be much like many American cities, with a few exceptions. Like most American cities, there is a democratically elected Governor and Sheriff. There is also the same sort of organized crime. Mostly street gangs. Feel free to do with them as you please as I am leaving any gangs to be developed up to those interested in such a thing. There is an active, yet very busy police force. Response time to calls is often around 20 minutes or more. Now, unlike American cities, firearms are mostly illegal. Handguns are limited to police only, and are only acquired illegally. Semi-auto and fully auto rifles are similar, only even illegally they are almost impossible to find. Bolt action rifles are legal with licencing. Now, as the police realize that people still need to protect themselves, non-lethal weapons such as various batons, stun guns, pepper sprays, and the like are perfectly legal and easily found on the market.

    The story will be semi-guided with a goal given at the beginning and some guidance, but players will be allowed to go where ever they want within the city. This is because I feel that a semi-open world is nice instead of a constantly straightforward, hand-holding experience, and a completely open-world is not focused enough to tell a story.

    Now, that is pretty much that. If you have interest just let me know here. Also, any ideas you have for powers, give 'em to me. I'll add them to the list.
  2. I am but a humble newbie but I am certainly interested in this idea. I like the idea of not having the player determine their power.
  3. Welcome. If you want to start working on a character, just get the usual stuff. I don't know exactly what I'll want, but Bio and Personality will definitely be there.
  4. While I'm wary on the death rule, I am interested in this. So, I'll say I'm joining! Character planning will begin shortly.
  5. Hmmm. Has enough powers, easy to use, and I can easily just skip powers I don't want for one reason or another. Nice. Thank you. I was going to use another wikis database of powers and just put them into a random number generator. This is better.

    And Blip, don't worry too much. The idea is that your character can die if they mess up, and with someone first gaining super powers, that is a big element. Figureing out how, when, and why to use those powers will be the first fun part. If we get past that, then we can get into conflicts with rivals and all that cool stuff.
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  6. No problem! So the setting is Chicago?
  7. Pretty much, but with the exception that guns are fairly hard to come by. Of course criminals have guns, and so do the police, but civilians are limited to non-lethal and less lethal weapons. Makes the powers hold more precedent. This goes against my political beliefs, but well, I think it makes the powers thing work better. So in short, I'm bad with coming up with cool names for places and things. (Feel free to suggest)

    Also, as I was flicking through random powers, found my origin for everyone getting powers. Its a secret though. >.>
  8. Ok cool, and the setting is entirely up to you! We're the ones who give it life so really in the end it's just a location. I like the whole power dependency thing as well.

    And the suspense is killing me! I'm making my CS now anything specific you want?
  9. Not really. A good in depth physical description is always nice. I am fine with pictures, but I like for pictures to also be accompanied by a decent text description of features that are hard to obtain vie image. Of course when we get a couple more people on board I will make an OOC with a proper character skeleton to fill out. (It'll most likely just be the basics)
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    Name: Jewel Jemma McLawe aka JJ or Jem.
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 133 lbs
    Occupation: College Student

    Strengths: Strong-Willed/Loyal/Honest/Intelligent/Outgoing
    Flaws: Stubborn/Melodramatic/Sensitive/Isolated/Overanalyzing

    Hobbies: Cooking, Video Games, Adventure and the outdoors, sports, fashion, exercising, singing.
    Skills: Engineering, Programming, very strong math and science skills, very athletic and physically fit, clever with words.

    Appearance: Curvy and fit body; athletic and toned legs, abs, and mildly cut biceps. Peachy complexion.

    Power/Ability: TBA [fingers crossed for Time Manipulation or something epic!]

    Bio: Jewel grew up with a relatively cozy lifestyle. Her father always spoiled her, her mother always gave her those "girl to girl" moments all daughters cherish. Jewel was a regular happy go lucky kid, always making the A and AB honor roll at school. She grew up in the best of both feminine and masculine worlds, learning all about sports at a young age, always going hiking and swimming with her parents and sometimes even camped or hiked on her own as just a teen. She learned how to cook from her mom who is a culinary chef. She's the perfect hybrid of a tomboy and a girly girl. She's popular for her playing basketball and the occasional talent shows she wins for her singing around the local area. She aspires to be either a sports star or a singer, maybe an actress. High school she was known as popular but quiet, not really getting into any mischief but was a social butterfly. She graduated with honors and a 3.9 GPA that landed her a academic and athletic scholarship to 90% of the schools she applied to. She has many people she knows but a very small circle of friends she actually trusts. Inside, she struggles with her social identity and her calling in this world, and upon getting her abilities will have to juggle who she is with adapting to this newfound life of hers.
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  11. AAAAAANNNNND, The ability to manipulate Methane gas...... Just kidding, didn't role yet. Which reminds me, I will tell you all your powers in a PM. I'd prefer if you not share it with other players. It'll make it more fun.
  12. OMG don't do that lol!!! And okay, I may have some friends coming in as well.
  13. That would be nice. I will start working on an OOC. We get one or two more people I'll put it up and we can start.
  14. I'll join this. I have a power idea to submit, if its not there already.
  15. Welcome aboard, and yeah, I think it is already in that list Chosen gave me. They have freaking everything in that list. Its great. I have also decided, since that list subcategorizes, if I roll you a subcategory of a larger power, you will probably get the bigger power and all of its subcategories. I did see a few exceptions... like ones related to omnipotence...... might only ever get bits of that...
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  16. Well if there's a certain sub category you're looking at, maybe give some people with lesser powers that one (ex. If they can already fly and are immortal, then they can be omnipotent. But if all they do is use their telepathy, make it so they can only access the minds of the weak).
  17. More complicated than what I wanted. Ya'll getting one button push each. Plus, an NPC is already pretty much God....
  18. We talking Superman level of god, or Dr. Manhatten level of god?
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  19. Two questions:

    I read over the entire thread, but the whole "you can kill somebody else but have to clear it with the GM as opposed to the person" thing is still iffy to me. Maybe I'm missing something? My point is, I think the person controlling the character they want to kill should have some kind of say in the matter. I get there has to be a valid reason behind it (ex. They're a super villain destroying the city and you need to stop them/you're the villain and want to stop a specific hero), but I know I would hate it if all of a sudden, somebody stabs my character in the heart and instantly kills him. I don't know, maybe that system can be looked at/explained a little more so there's more of a say?

    And #2. When we're assigned our powers, do we get to make our own awesome super suits? I want a super suit :3
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