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The Devil Within

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Hey, username is obviously The Devil Within.
You can call me Veera though.
...if I like you...
If not, call me Devil.
Anyways, my friend Sky thought role playing might be a good outlet for my anger.
So, here I am.
Against my will.

I am a writer so you don't have to worry about my literacy.
I tend to write dark romances and horror stories.
I also play female characters and prefer to role play with males.

What else should I write?
A bit about me, I suppose.
I'm 20 or so.
I live in Ohio.
I was born on Halloween.
People either think it's odd or super cool.
I don't care either way.
Don't really have many hobbies.
So, there' not much to say about me.

If you feel like giving me a shot, hit me up either here or through PM's
I promise I'll reply.
Can't promise I won't bite ;)

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A warm welcome to iwaku, Devil! I wish you luck in your endeavors to find a good roleplay partner. :3


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Welcome ^_^
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