So who still remembers Board Games?

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    Not as in 'bored' games, but the actual I have to play on a board and try to win this game! Things now a days seem to be all about game systems or online game platforms. The boardgames of old and card games are going by the wayside. We were discussing this in the cbox and so here is a thread to further the discussion. So tell me, Iwaku, what boardgames do you remember playing when you were growing up and didn't have all these fancy schmancy technology stuff? Can be board games, card games, imaginary games whatever what kept you occupied?

    As a second part to this discussion, does anyone know of any online multi-player media board games? perhaps we can start a fun iwaku board game night! so lets chat :D
  2. I really loved Monopoly, Risk and Axis and Allies. All some pretty fun games, and they usually end up lasting long enough for people to start yelling at each other. :D But I know back at my parents place there is a closet just stacked full of board games of all kinds. I believe the only time I end up playing any board games anymore is during family get togethers. Kind of makes me sad because they are usually quite fun.

    If there is a website where we can play board games I would definitely be in for a board game night.
  3. I adore board games. My co-worker is trying to have a monthly board game night. Scatergories is a big hit. When I was younger I loved playing Monopoly, chinese checkers, Othello & backgammon. I want to learn chess, go & majong. Vay said he'd teach me the last one. Also card games! Love those. Blackjack, gin/rummy, hearts (though I barely recall it), poker (even if I'm not that good), crazy 8s.....
  4. Family tradition used to be Taboo with soem family friends, good times. I also know a varying amount of card games (hearts, solitaire, go fish, crazy 8s, ERS/War, poker etc) I miss game nights actually. when i have a family (or rather if) I'm going to make a game night :)
  5. I never had anyone to play with as a kid. :(
  6. UNO, Go Fish, Checkers, Chess, Monopoly, Life and others. I always loved trying to get the family to play. When they didn't, I still had a few little action figures and played outside.

    You find a game, this dude is in line. =)
  7. Erm... While people may not be playing older board games along the lines of Monopoly or Risk any more, I've never really heard it that board games as a form of gaming are just dying, if anything they seem to be springing back thanks to the localization of European board games like Settlers of Catan, and there's a ton of games out there now designed to simulate everything from owning a railway to surviving the zombocalypse. If you want to spread your definition of board game out more there's deckbuilding games to. So... do I remember board games? I'm tapping my foot impatiently waiting for the guy at the college tabletop club who owns Twilight Imperium to schedule another night.
  8. Board games: Monopoly (somewhat), Sorry!, Twister (if you could call that a board game, still very fun) Battleship, and Checkers

    Card games: Yu Gi Oh! Yes, I played that game, I had my own deck and everything when I was little and oh my god, I played enthusiastically. As in I yelled when I put down a card. XD Good times, good times. I collected Pokemon cards just because they looked cool. I tried to get into Magic but I think I was far too young to get it.

    I'm pretty sure there's a free Monopoly game online, along with checkers and chess. It's been a while so I don't quite remember.
  9. I still play MTG, for card games. And Egyptian Rat Race (what on earth do other people call it?!) was something my friends and I played every time we got our hands on a deck of cards, when I was in Jr. High.

    I'm a pro at cheating at Candyland and Chutes and Ladders, thanks to those being the only two board games I owned as a little kid with older cousins. Risk takes too much time when I try to play it with my family, since my grandfather and my uncle get supersrs about it. Nobody leaves a game of Monopoly as friends, why would you do that to yourselves?? I really enjoy playing my special drinking form of Cranium with my friends, Drainium. I think that's about it... >> <<
  10. I still play board games. A favorite of mine growing up was "Candy Land" and "Hi-ho Cherry o" [The original, not the crap with the multiple different colored cherries]
  11. Gah I should've played the Candyland board game instead of the computer game. Every time we got into Ice Cream land, we got to make our own ice cream and ugh. I kept trying to eat the screen. XD