So who is this God person anyway?

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  1. -puts down the Hitchhiker’s Guide-

    So a friend and I were talking and we were wondering how everyone seems to have their own idea of who/what God is. I’m just interested to know what you all think.

    Hope this thread doesn’t offend anyone. >.>;;;
  2. It prolly will, we have quite a few atheists around here including me, though I'm the kind that lets people find their own answers, but the lovely staff here can take care of things.

    So to answer: to me God is something inside us rather than an external force. It represents the constant quest for meaning and moral balance that most of us strive to achieve. Basically we are our own personal gods in our consciousnesses and have to look inwards through meditation or prayer to communicate that deep within ourselves. That or God is the collective subconscious.
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  4. When I was studying to be a Yoga instructor we learned something new to me. I'm not saying I believe it. I'm not saying I don't. We learned that Yoga is universal. It is a science. However it works for people with any religon. We learned that there is only one God. Everyone has this idea of God who really are all the same, just others see different aspects of God. And they have different names for God such as Alah which makes sense because different cultures have different languages. I found that interesting. I believe there is a God. I mean it doesn't hurt by having a little faith. If anything it causes peacefulness, a feeling of safety, love for those who may not get any in thier lives, motivation to be a better person, etc...
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  6. Headlocks are the best remedy to religious debate, young lady.
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  8. Thats what my parents believe.
  9. Well to me God is the creator of all things. I whole heartedly believe that. He is the one you can go to for anything and everything. However one should also have a healthy fear of Him as He is a just God as well as a caring one.

    You are right in the fact that almost everyone has their own idea of God which in a sense sort of makes a new religion of itself. Taking only the parts you like and applying those to your life. Anyway good discussion topic. :]]
  10. Quoted for the greatest truth man shall find.
  11. Universe is too big for it not have been made by something, dunno what it is, don't want to bother finding it right now.
  12. Wouldn't that then require something else to be even bigger then the universe, and if so then what made that?
  13. Vay just stole my ideas from the original Project Genesis. >:[

    Also Ocha, one could also argue that size is just relative to the beholder; case in point are single celled life forms even aware of things even bigger than them?
  14. But that's dodging the actually remark. People claim the universe is too big, or too complex not to be made. Does that not require a creator even more complex to make it? Then doesn't something else have to make the creator? It just starts a spiral from there.

    As for your single cell organism, you have to convince me it has awareness first.

    Oh, and just for the record I'm not atheist.
  15. Had them thought before coming to Iwaku mate. Actually packed a bag and went traveling around temples the whole shebang. My backstorys more complex than I let on.