So Who is Excited about the new Metal Gear!?!??

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    So for those of you who do not know, I am a huge, HUGE gamer, and Metal Gear is one of my strongest games in my life. What do you mean by that? Well, seeing how I am 23, Metal Gear Solid came out when I was 6 years old on the PS1, and I have such a strong emotional connection to the game series because its been with me all my life. Not only that, but the story of this game is awesome! Some people say it has more story than some RPG's, which is true, but I have always loved the perfect blend of gameplay, story, and great cinematic scenes in a game. I still get teary-eyes when I think of when sniper wolf dies... T_T

    Fun Fact!! My persona of F0X was greatly influenced by a metal gear character, Grey Fox. The "0" in my name actually comes from another game, Which is Zero from Megaman X.

    Anyways, I am QUITE excited for MGVPP And I think its going to be a super awesome fantastic game from everything I have seen so far. My local gamestop is doing a 9pmPST release of the game on Monday, soooooooo...... When I get home, I'll be on my PS4 til I have to sleep. But I'll still try to make time for replies, don't worry!!

    So yeah!! Share your favorite MGS moments in the thread, or just talk about your likes or dislikes about MGVPP, or anything else you want Metal Gear related!!! ^_^​
  2. When I looked up the legacy collection, it was all like 150-200 dollars each. So I was like "Welp, guess I ain't getting metal gear solid for a long while." Well out of sheer luck, I found out that Walmart had it for 50 dollars. So after HEAVILY persuading my mother to drive me to walmart (In case there was like 1 left, she spoiled me there for a while XD) I got there and found out that they had like 20 copies XP Regardless though, I got the legacy collection ^^

    So I played metal gear solid 1 and... o.o That experience was very pleasant. I liked all the characters, I liked how the story progressed, I found it to be an over all master piece. Got a little pissy when the game wanted me to type a code from a box that I didn't even own (Spent a good while searching before I decided to use internet >.<) But other than that, it was perfect.

    Then I went to playing metal gear solid 2. I was kinda turned off near the beginning where trained military was missing all their shots against ocelot and I was like "-.- Woooowwww, I understand you want things to be dramatic and epic, but come on XD" But I hear people say to play 4, and then go back to 2. Everything that didn't make sense, will make sense. So I'm not going to complain much until I play 4. Regardless though, I did like Raiden so I don't know why people were so angry about that. Allot of people seem to like Raiden now a days though with his appearance in 4 and revengance.

    So then I started 3 and they were like "You have a time limit to complete this mission, you will also need to eat food to stay alive" And I was like "Oh great... 2 things I hate in a video game, a time limit and a survival feature -.-"

    WELL I judged way too soon and didn't start it back up till recently (There had to have been like a year apart from starting and finishing). And I'm glad I continued it XD It just might be my favorite too. Feels pretty short so I might try to 100% it. (Can somebody PLEASE tell me what Ocelots hand motion means? The one where he points at you and then... I can't even explain that next part DX

    So then I played portable ops. Typed in all the codes, got max medical and research. Not sure how I feel about that game though. But now I understand why Kojima didn't put it in the legacy collection.

    So next up on my list is metal gear solid 4 though I wanna wait till I move out and stuff before I start that one. I WAS going to just start getting up early and using my dads bigger screen though around that time is when I started staying up super late and not waking up till later so i'll take that as a sign to wait XD

    After that will be peace walker, revengence, and then metal gear solid 5.

    Metal gear solid 5 looks AMAZING. I saw that trailer and god damn did Kojima go all out with war. That trailer was pretty graphic o.o People say the story is kinda scattered though the gameplay makes it 100% worth buying weather you like the story or not.

    Allot of people are buying MGS5 used as a way to protest Konami, others say buy it new so they know that it's still a loved franchise. Although I don't think either will matter as Konami has been scummy the past forever about EVERYTHING. (Silent hill fans REALLY got pissed off when they canceled silent hills for a silent hill pochinko machine)

    Though I accidentally spoiled the patriots -.- Pro tip, DO NOT look anything, or anyone up XD It WILL be explained later on. (There were a few things I didn't understand about 3/portable ops. So I looked it up and it turns out it was because I wasn't suppose to understand it yet XD So I spoiled THE biggest plot point I think -.-
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  3. Oh my @Pharaoh Shadon such a great experience! I'll comment on a couple of things here.

    MG2 makes a lot more sense once you play 4, yes. This is because they explain the Patriot system and all that stuff A LOT more.

    Snake is so gruff and tough, when they introduced Raiden, US fans were a bit taken back because he's not at all the same flavor of character that snake was, so he was a big shock to everyone. But, yes, he became a huge star with MG4 and Revengance, which are both great designs for him.

    MGS has my title for favorite metal gear. I play it once a year (I have missed a few years, but I have played it about 12-13 times) and its just a really close game to my heart. However, as of now:
    Best Story: MG3
    Best Gameplay: MG4 (though I am sure MG5 will replace this)
    Best Boss Fight: MGS, Psyco Mantis (that was the most clever and rusticating thing ever.)
    **These are all my opinion of course.

    I am really glad that Metal Gear is an exciting game for you like it is for me!! I hope that you can play through MG4 and then get 5! I am also STOKED for the new online play for MG5. Gonna be so fun!!! ^^
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  4. That's what I'm told, snake being gruff and tough and Raiden not being so gruff and tough.
    Then again though, I don't really have a big attachment to snake personally as I didn't grow up with metal gear, so I don't have any nostalgia for the series.
    So it's probably no wonder why I don't care who I play as since I'm basically in it for the story and the universe rather than playing through the story as Snake (And I have the luxury of knowing the existence of 3 and 4 ^^)

    So what did you personally think of Raiden when you first played 2?
    What do see as the worst boss battles in the series?
    And think you can rate the games best to worst for your opinion? (Also I wanna know your thoughts of portable ops/portable ops plus, revengence, and the original metal gear games. You're really the first metal gear game I've ever talked to so yeah XP My friend did want to watch me play through metal gear solid 3 but SOMEHOW he didn't know that there was gonna be a million cutscenes, and he found the ocelot call stupid XD)

    I cannot wait till I get a PS4 :D :D :D First thing I'm gonna get are those metal gear games. Also, do you think that twin snakes on gamecube is worth playing? Or is Kojima right in saying that it ruins the feel of the game?
  5. Alright best to worst MGS Games (might have some comments why. Rated Best to Worst In my Opinion.

    #1 Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater; The reason I think this is the best is because it has the best combination of gameplay mechanics (CQC, Finding Food, Camo % Blend, healing besides rations) and amazing and super memorable story telling with The Boss and the Patriots and characters you knew from MGS 1 & 2 that were really important, making an excellent and memorable story.
    #2 Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots; This is the most fun MGS game because of the gameplay and online play and amazing graphics (which they all had for their time) AND a decent story, and the high tech feel was more what was looking for in a MGS game.
    #3 Metal Gear Solid; the first, the best. Granted, I did not play the original Metal Gear, but I hear its insanely hard, but I do know the lore of it.
    #4 MGS Peacewalker; Only thing I really liked about this game was the story. I didn't enjoy the gameplay much but that was mainly the PSP's fault.
    #5 Metal Gear Solid, Sons of Liberty; Playing through this the first time, I don't think anyone has fun as a Metal Gear fan. You're not playing as the main character you know, the mechanics are all different, there is first person, there is swimming, its just... Not what you were expecting, and the lore (especially the end) is SUPER CONFUSING. So, its ranked last.

    I don't consider Revengance a MGS game because.. Well its not. There is nothing stealthy about that game at all.

    Worst boss? The Pain from MGS 3. That fight was not very tactical in my opinion, and it was very very repetitive even though MGS3 is ranked highest on the list. Walking through the microwave chamber is basically a boss fight in MGS4, and its horrible.

    I thought Raiden was a great character, kinda whinny at first, but he was great over all, I really like his story. And I loved him becoming the ninja he became in lter games.

    And, if you like MGS2's graphics/playstyle then Twin Snakes is fun, but if you like the PS1 version, stick to that. :)
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  6. #FucKonami
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  7. What have they ever done to you??
  8. Oh, goodie, someone fell for my trap. :P

    What has Konami done to me? Nothing, really.
    What has Konami done to deserve hate? Everything.

    Also, that casino thing is definitely true.

    I have absolutely nothing against Kojima (in fact I rather respect him for being the brain behind such a loved video game series that I incidentally know little about), but his employer is just utter garbage.
  9. That answers my question fully! I didn't think you were in the wrong for your thoughts, just wanted to understand the meaning for them. ^_^
  10. Also this:

    (At least this one directly relates to MGS5)
  11. Just pre-ordered my PS4 copy today. Pre-load and hoping that Tropical storm pops back up and there's no work Monday and Tuesday!

    I've never beaten a Metal Gear game.
  12. I can't get it yet ;-;
  13. Congrats @Windsong !!! That is really exciting! My local game stop is holding a 9pm event, so I am hoping to get 4-5 hours of game time tomorrow night, and then up to 20 hours or so over Tuesday and Wednesday <3
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  14. I just realized, I have the same hair style(s) as Hideo Kojima XD Never made that connection till just now.

    I can't wait anymore DX Tomorrow i'm waking up early and starting metal gear solid 4 :D :D :D :D
  15. I'm pretty excited for it even though I've only played some MGS1 and Ground Zeroes more recently. I did watch a bunch of youtube stuff to get a feel for the events leading up to Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain, though.

    I'll be picking my copy up at around 11 pm central, tomorrow night!
  16. 6 or so hours of metal gear solid 4 ^^

    I watched the cutscenes after you follow that guy to base through the city (that section was WAY too long) but the explaination was well worth it.

    Show Spoiler

    When I first saw big Mana, I thought it was the boss. Didn't really expect Eva to come back. And I did not see all those people being the patriots. I thought they woulda been an entire different group altogether. Though Eva seemed to have forgotten when the patriots were called the philosophers.

    But now I think I have an idea what peace walker is about now and I almost can't wait to play it XD (I didn't have too much interest at first)
  17. I refuse to support Konami in any way, shape, or form. A company with no respect for such iconic series that they themselves put out does not deserve it.
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  18. Just beat metal gear solid 4 :D

    That final fight went on for WAY too long. Not the cutscene, the gameplay. Not exactly why in the middle they changed the names, especially considering who shows up later to tell us the behind the scenes. (NEVERMIND XD I think that part was how the enemy saw it, not my character)

    But I found the game really fun. I wish the flashback parts were done better, and I was looking forward to shadow Moses island though that place had the least amount of flashbacks oddly enough.

    Sooooo next up on my agenda, metal gear solid peace walker HD :D
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  19. I want MGSV so badly. But I have no money thanks to medical bills. v.v
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