So what's the Second Derivative of this Trignometric Co-Function Anyway ?

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Right. So here's the deal.

Have you already taken Calculus ?

How'd you do ? How do you feel about the subject?

Was it worth it (i.e, is it useful in life) ?

&& BONUS QUESTION: Can you help Sakii with her homework sometimes ? :33
No I have not. If I can manage it I never will. Not that I have anything against it- it sounds fascinating, I just don't know what I would DO with it. And my basic algebra class is already nigh destroying my life. I see no point in stressing myself out for something I don't really really enjoy.

But if you love math, I would say calculus is the way to go.
I've only taken pre-calc but from what I can tell the whole thing is easy. So long as I know my functions and rules I'm fine.
... I didn't get that far in High School.

And even if I did I would have avoided Calculus like the plague. c__c I hate math. Not to say I couldn't do it, I JUST HATE THE NUMBERS. HATE. HATE. HAAAATE.

I was all about the English. D:
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*shakes head*

Poor numerical illiterates.
Meh. Performed average.

Let me try to remember what I learned....
Caclculus wasnt a part of my curriculum.

and im gald of it.

*WMD gave up on maths in year 10*
Mouu :33
You all SUCK. I'm in eleventh grade && I'm taking AP Calc >_<

Doesn't ANYONE know enough Calculus to tutor someone? Why not ?
I took Calc 1 and 2...Passed Calc 1 but failed 2.

If you're at Calc 1 level, I may be able to teach you, but I'd have to dig up my old calc books, as I am very, very rusty.
Lawl. Art>Maths any day of the week.
Well. At times, it felt like hell.
So far, so good, but time will tell.
Catch me first, and I may well.

Oh, and Saku? If you're gonna go into engineering, physics, or some similarly math-heavy field, then yes, it is useful.

Otherwise it's a waste of time.
I agree with Ric.

I stopped at Adv. Algebra simply because I figured an Actor or Psychologist wasn't going to need to know much math past that.
I use a lot of math at work, mostly fractions and geometry though.
I've done both... passed calc 1. Failed the calc 2 final but still managed to pass the course... I think I understand it better now, after applying calc in a couple of classes, but I'm not in a math heavy degree, so Iunno!

Some of the biology classes uses calc too... stuff like epidemiology, and tracking population changes... also if you were thinking of going into atmospheric/oceanic sciences. Those bio/life sciences/natural science fields were modelling is important, since nothing's linear in nature... oh joy.
I'm in grade eleven and pre-cal.

Pretty fine, except for Sinusoidal graphs. I can solve it without graphing, why do you want me to make a graph?
*Runs screaming from the thread*
actually i ahve a revision to my statements;

The only good calculus, is Professor Calculus from Tintin.