So, What are You Wearing for St. Patrick's Day? :D

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  1. The only green thing I own is a tinkerbell shirt and green zipper earing lol
    What about you? :D
  2. I have NO green on. That way people will touch me when I go out in public.
  3. A blue t-shirt, blue jeans, and... glasses.

    Also, I am Irish. I do not have to wear green because of that. Huzzah.
  4. My name is Erin.
    You cannot get a more Irish name.
    It is law that I am exempt from wearing green because my name is Irish enough.
  5. Scott Pilgrim green tee shirt, dark skinny jeans, one green sock, one purple sock, gray converse with green detail, kingdom hearts keyblade necklace, bowtie earrings, black lace headband, and green/lime/yellowish smokey eyes.


    But I don't. :D <3

  6. I'm just wearing green socks. :) I was going to wear a green headband as well, but dog got to it first... :P
  7. In Sweden we don't have st. Patrick's day so we don't wear anything special xD
  8. I dare not go to work without green on. I work with the public and the public is creepy. I have a green flower hair ribbon, green striped socks and a green gemmed necklace in a green ribbon.
  9. lol yes the public can be crazy and that's why i'm wearing neon green earing with my short red hair so that is stands out like a beacon for no one to pinch me XD
  10. I'll be wearing a teal-green shirt and my jeans. 8D
  11. I am quite surprised no one has said "I am wearing nothing". :P
  12. I think you don't know October as well as the rest of us...

    Ahem, anyway!
    I'm wearing a green and white plaid shirt that I've had for years and mostly keep just for St. Patrick's day so people in public don't pinch me. x__x
  13. I have a bandana with some green on it. I also have a green tee with smurfs on it.

    Yet, I don't care enough to wear either of those. And if anyone tries to pinch me, I'll fuck up their shit, so... >:|

    But if you must know, I am wearing a white shirt with Hello Kitty on it and a pair of track shorts. Woo.