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  1. Not 100% sure why I'm posting this idk maybe it'll make me feel better idk

    I've just had a depressing weekend, like it isn't so much that something bad happened it is that I'm just depressed this weekend. Normally it isn't this bad but the last week and a half especially this weekend have just been getting worse and worse and it isn't so much that bad things have been happening I just have felt myself slowly becoming depressed um yeah
  2. Have you tried talking to someone you know?
    Getting something nice to eat and just watching something?
    Going for a walk?
  3. I've been eating fine, actually more than I probably should eat but it is kinda like I say to myself "I'm kinda hungry so I should go eat and then I eat a ton". I haven't really talked to anyone about it it just got really bad today and my closest friend (I am a college student living on campus) lives down the hall and he's been hanging out with some of the other people on the floor lately which I'm completely okay with, we still hang out he is just being more social. So I haven't really been able to talk to him since he haven't been alone today to talk. Walls for me either kinda work or don't work at all and end up making me feel worse. I probably would give it a try but it is dark where I live and I don't think it would work.
  4. You'll be alright, bruh.
  5. You have any online friends to talk to?

    Or just distracting yourself with something might help too.
  6. I'm sure I will be all right, I'm sure this sounds stupid but I've just been in such a weird mood lately. I have one online friend but he lives 5 hours ahead of me so he is already sleeping. I've been just laying down hoping it will make me feel better if I get some rest
  7. Nah, everyone has their low days.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much unless if it starts to become a trend.
  8. I'm just worried it will become a trend this happened before. Now I'm not saying that I have an awful life, I actually have a pretty decent one and I can't really complain much. I was depressed for about 3 or 4 years going in and out of being slightly to seriously depressed during that time. Very few times was a actually happy at the end of the day like where I would actually say "today was a good day" since I've been at college it has gotten better and I thought that the college atmosphere was the cause of that (by that I mean just meeting new people and getting involved and stuff) but I'm starting to wonder if it is starting to fade and soon I'll be completely depressed again...sorry for being such a downer
  9. Depression, if we're talking about the disorder here is often times a Biological issue with the Brain.

    (Note is this is very simple terms, mainly cause I don't know the actual specifics myself)

    How good your personal life is often wouldn't be a factor.
    Because typically a good life would have your brain produce the chemicals that makes you feel good, happy etc.
    But with Depression? Your Brain might not do that, and product chemicals that make you feel bad instead.

    So feeling bad about being depressed when you have a good life isn't something you should feel bad about, at all.

    If you're worried about it coming back though, have you tried seeing a consular about it?
    Or at least a friend whose seen this stuff before? May it be first hand or through someone else?

    They could offer some good techniques on how to improve your situation.
  10. Yeah I know I should be more social but I just don't feel like being social. I've always been one of those people who prefers small groups to big ones. I can function in big groups I just prefer smaller groups. I mean I have three people on my floor who I consider real friends one is a guy who I always talk to the other two I don't talk to as often but I really consider them as friends. I just don't want to be that guy who burdens his friends with all his problems, I've done it before and it didn't turn out well
  11. There's nothing wrong with being more or less social.

    I was just suggesting you talk to someone, not that you find a giant group of people to be suffocated by. :P
  12. I know and I'd like to take to my friend down the hall, but I just feel stupid being like "hey I'm having a bad day help me". I vent to him a lot about little things and he sometimes gets annoyed with me so I don't want him to get mad at me for venting about kinda serious stuff
  13. I get that concern.
    Which is why I was also asking about an online friend, or a Consular.
  14. Yeah I'll probably talk to my online friend once he wakes up, I'll be fine, sorry for bothering you with this like I said I'm not really sure why I posted this but yeah..sorry for bothering you
  15. If you were bothering me I wouldn't be answering.
    You've got nothing to apologize for.
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  16. Okay thanks, thanks for your concern too it means a lot that someone I don't know would take the time to try and make me feel better
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