So, um, hi!

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  1. So hiya.

    I'm Rororo, but you can call me, Ro, Roro, Rororo, but not Rorororo. D:
    Oh yeah, another alternative to my name is also Rorororororororororo.

    Anyways, I've always wanted to get into some roleplaying since it's incredibly fun, but I find that I usually am...
    1. I'm waaaay tooo old for the group and so the group interest is a bit...naive?
    2. The people I RP with are kinda English illiterate.
    3. They're awesome for a few days, but then they leave me to be forever alone.

    I browsed through these forums and found them to have a nice healthy balance of age groups, interests, and serious/casual roleplayers.

    Anyways, treat me kindly! :D

  2. WELCOME welcome! I hope you find Iwaku enjoyable and the people even more so and maybe one day we will be rping together.
  3. Welcome to iwaku Rorororo :) Oh wait that was four.... Does that mean that it is the end of the world now?

    Hope you find a lot of fun roleplays on your stay here during your last month alive (since the world will end the 21st of December) Enjoy your last moments alive with a looot of roleplaying :D
  4. I hope the countries that are ahead of us keeps their spoilers at the minimum. I really don't want to end of the world to be spoiled I want it to be a surprise. (This isn't even funny, I'm not funny, I should stop making jokes.)
  5. (Is it bad if I found what you said ...quite hilarious? ...No? Ah, my humor...)

    Ello Ro!~ I'm new to this site as well :) I look forward to seeing you around!
  6. Hello Ravv join the party we don't have much, I mean we have a few bottles of soda and some old cracked plastic cups. But hey we're all friends here right, right?

    (Let me love you)
  7. Right. Tis be the best party I've ever joined~ There was that one time with a ghetto fan, but hey, the past is the past.

    (You are welcome to~)
  8. I'm thinking one of two things 1. You have a Ghetto fan that likes to follow you around and tell you how awesome you are or 2. you have a really shitty fan that you fixed all ghetto like.
  9. Aaaanywaaaaays....Heyo Ror, I'm Hunter! Hope you love the community and site and yes I think Iwaku's mix is just right. Hope to see you around sometime.
  10. Welcome to the forum, I hope to see many creative works from you. May your idea bulb never dim or go out!