so, um, hi, i'm Xanthe

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  1. so.. hello, i'm Xanthe,

    i'm new here (as you can tell) i'm fairly used to Chatroom RP's, kinda used to Forum, i'm up for most any RP, um, gosh i feel awkward XD

    anyway, i'm just posting here to let people know i exist i guess

  2. Hello Xanthe and welcome to Iwakeu! Most members here are friendly and the staff are more than helpful. Just make sure you have your profile set up and you fill out your Roleplay Resume. People use this to see what kind of Roleplayer you are before even engaging into conversation. It helps you make friends easier and it's easier for those looking for someone to Rp to find them. Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay here and jump into Rps asap! Be sure to have fun and follow the rules of the site as well as any rule applied to Rps you join! Again welcome to Iwakeu! ^^
  3. thank you for the welcome, i really like this site so far, i'm going to try to start RPing in a day or so ^^
  4. Welcome to the site, Xanthe.

    I'm October nice to meet you!
  5. hello October, thank you, it's nice to meet you too ^^
  6. Welcome to Iwaku Im Angel. If you ever wanna do any role-plays but can't find anyone I'm your girl .

    P.S have some cake :cake: heh and i like your picture its totally Bad A--
  7. aww thank you for the cake ^^ *noms cake* and yeah, i wasn't the one who drew it though, so i can't take credit