So, um hello? =3

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  1. So hello. My name is Amberlynn. I'm an aspiring writer and I love to Rp. I usual Rp in a descriptive style but I don't care for excessively long posts either while Rp'ing. If you can stretch out a guy taking off his shirt into three paragraphs, congrats, but that's not what I'm looking for here. I don't mind how long or short a post is really, I feel like this makes everyone more open and just easier to Rp with everyone else really. I'm not extremely picky about Rp's most of the time unless I just get in a mood >.>

    I mainly Rp yaoi and that's mostly what I'm here to do. I have a few Rp ideas that I would love to do with anyone here =3

    I Rp both fandoms and OC's, I love either one really. I prefer to uke but I can seke but again, more towards uke unless I'm in a mood >.> (BEWARD OF THE MOODS)

    I also love to play video games including Minecraft, and um.....Minecraft xD Its one of the few games I could afford but I love playing it when I have something to do on it. I also really love LA Noire. I have a PS3 (YESSS!!)

    I like anime though I'm usually pretty picky about it and I'm very limited on the animes I have seen. I've seen Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, No.6, some of Bleach(but quickly got out of it >.> ), K-on, Lucky Star, and BlackRock Shooter.
    So few animes >.> I tend to just pick one and get obsessed with it for some reason.

    Other shows I watch that I just love is Big Bang Theory(I love nerd >.> ), Firefly(Dammit FOX!!!), Bones, Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead(I've recently become obsessed with Zombie things @.@ and just survival stuff!), and mostly just those. I really love those xD

    I really love to read as well. I've read so many books I just can't name them. I've read recently, The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governer( *Cries* Noooooo, Brian whyyyyy?!?!? T_T ), The Hunger Games, and Looking For Alaska.

    I am online most of the time and if I get an Rp partner or two, I'll be on here mostly too most likely.

    So yeah, that's pretty much me. I hope someone sends me a message or something and we can Rp! =3

    ~Reporting from the weather ballon, Over the smoke stacks, Over the city, The Weather Man
  2. Hi there Amber! Welcome to Iwaku!

    There are certainly a lot of people here willing to RP here. The community is great, and if you need any help just ask! I hope you enjoy it here, and if ever you need a fix of detailed high-fantasy RP, just drop me a line.

    And... that's from Little Inferno, isn't it? :D

    P.S. You wouldn't happen to be taking a certain Astronomy 31G class, would you?