So... Um... 'Ello :)

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  1. So, I am new to the site. My name online name is Serlenia (my real name is a secret >.>).

    I have to admit I'm slightly overwhelmed by everything on this site at the moment XD. This isn't my first experience with roleplaying but it's been YEARS since I've roleplayed. I want to say about six to seven years ago (and man does that make me feel old and I'm only 21 XD). So yeah, there is just a lot of info to take in and a lot to discover so please excuse me for any mistakes I make '^_^

    I've continued writing since first discovering roleplays and fanfiction back in middle school but I've fallen into a bit of a slump when it comes to writing. Now I'm just looking to improve my writing skills, have a little fun and get myself excited about writing again (while also getting the ideas flowing once more). Lets see... what else.... I haven't done many group rps but I'm fascinated with them and would like to try them out again. However, I think I would like to start off with a single partner roleplay to kind of get used to it again before I try a group one.

    I think that's all I wanna say for now. I can't wait to be a part of this community of writers and roleplayers :).

    Andddd.... just because I love the color purple...

  2. Hey, welcome to Iwaku and yes I love purple too! :3 *hugs*
  3. Thanks! :) And yay!! Another person who loves purple! <(^__^)>
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  4. Hiiii Serlenia! :D Welcome to the community!
  5. Hi Diana! Thanks, glad to be here :)