So, this is a thing... (Oscar, the Modular Body)

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How do you feel about Oscar?

  1. Awesome!

  2. Hmm... Unsure how I feel about this...

  3. Dafuq?!?!

  4. This will turn out badly

  5. Science, bitch!

  6. None of these

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  1. I watched the second video first. My very first thought was "Dafuq is this?!" then immediately following I thought "Wow, that's creepy" so, I poked around a bit and found the first video. I don't know what to think. I'm impressed by the engineering, and simultaneously creeped out.

    I've had some mixed reactions showing it to people... Ranging from my initial reaction to "AWESOME!"


  2. I'm a little creeped out
    The concept is interesting though

    Tags @Midian and @Kura since I know they like creepy things.
  3. Like I said in TS.
  4. First I thought it was awesome, then I was let down when it turned out to be viral propaganda for a movie.
  5. It's like the opposite of uncanny valley; I love it.
  6. Apparently it's just fiction, but it's still cool. Fleshy 'robots' capable of adapting to nearly anything? Neat.
  7. Homo sit Deus. That is all.
  8. ...Well that's an accurate description of me.
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