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  1. I read it, and it's funny @Brovo had absolutely nothing to do with my rant, and yet I was completely and utterly moved by his apology. And then the strangest thing happened. Other people started apologizing too! I started thinking to myself, wow I really was overreacting a bit to this. Then I was going to post my own apology as well. Till I found out I couldn't, because somebody started drama and the staff like body slammed the thread into a locked up state, because once again, people didn't avoid stepping on peoples toes and may have pissed people off. I don't know what the drama was. I didn't read that far into it, I got pissed off because I couldn't jump on this apology train. I was genuinely moved by the way it started out. So here it is. I will post my own apology thingy right here.
    The first I will apologize to is
    @Shadow I made a point of trying to terrorize you, because I was butt hurt because you were just being honest with me. I found people who also didn't like you and I made a big joke out of you. There were memes made just to make fun of you. I purposely said things to piss you off. I made jokes about you with your friends. I even went as far as to try to make you feel worse knowing that a relative had passed in your life. I belittled you and pointed fingers at you like it was your fault, when really you just wanted to be left alone, but I had some sort of revenge thing against you. I'm sorry. I was a cunt. You may have done some shitty things, but it was nothing compared to what I did. I am very sorry.

    @Rain of the Night, I know that you are not entirely angry with me, but you also need an apology, because well I put you in some pretty hard situations, that while yes it was based around role play it effected you out of character. I'm sorry. I should not have gotten angry with you over little things that could easily be let go, I should have respected your characters and I should have respected you, even though I did quite the opposite multiple times. I apologize for the disrespect I have given you.

    The staff of Iwaku, I should apologize to you for calling you power hungry in a moment of anger, I know you are not, that you are simply doing your jobs. While I may not agree with what you do. I may not agree with your choices, it doesn't mean that you are trying to be like, BOW DOWN TO MY POWA! I've had this happen on other sites. And you are not the dictators that the other sites where. Not saying you're all perfect. You're only human. I know what you're trying to do is for the good of the community as a whole instead of the good of one. Just remember, we are not a one size fits all community. That being said, I'm sorry for attacking you in my own anger.

    The countless role players that I've promised to role play with and then didn't. Sorry, life happens. I should make more of an effort to give you guys time, and I shouldn't just forget about you all and go on as if nothing happens. I'm sorry to have forgotten you! I'll make an effort to remember and devote more time to you.

    The inn regulars in general. I know Rain of The Night got his own apology but I believe I effected him outside of the inn as well. So anyway, I'm sorry that I have made you put up with my moody bitchiness, and I'm sorry that I used your characters in a twisted different world for my own benefit. I should have spoken to you about the role play first, sometimes though, I let my mind run away with me and I try to spice things up and utterly shock everyone! But next time I have something that has any affect on any characters but my own it will be brought up directly with the ones it would involve.

    And to the rest of Iwaku, I know we are not a one size fits all community, however I decided to post a rant about being angry with the way things have become. I blamed everyone else! I mean yes, I do not like that I have to avoid peoples toes, but I kind of like having people respect me and my opinions too! While yes I do think that things around here could change, and that people are forced to bottle up things more often then not because of fear of pissing someone off or breaking some rule or get into a passionate argument, but hell I am passionate about a lot of things and in the heat of the moment I don't like to drop it when I feel my point has not been made, but the point is I blamed you instead of taking a look in the mirror first, and I am sorry!

    And lastly, I would like to apologize to myself. Yes myself. Because I have let this build up inside of myself for too long to where it did blow up, when I could have easily taken steps to get all of that bottled up anger out before it blew up out of me. I am sorry self! We'll have to learn to work on letting my stress go with out bottling it!

    -Flops over.-

    Sincerely Razie!
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  2. I swear, some of the sorriest people post on this site.

    EDIT: Welp, I guess my attempts at wit are pretty shitty.

    Back to being boring!
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  3. I wonder if the Allies would have forgiven Hitler if he just apologized for his bad behavior. I'm not comparing you to Hitler or anything, I'm just curious as to where a line should be drawn for apologies. I mean, somewhere along that line an apology just isn't enough. You have to think before you act, yes?
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  4. ... Really people?

    We JUST got out of a thread where everyone was making apologies and working towards a better community.
    And now you're all just jumping on and attacking someone for the same thing?

    Razie Angel, your apology to people you've wronged is well appreciated.
    Please don't let these people bring you down for trying to be a decent and grown up human being.
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  5. I don't know what Sway's trying to say exactly, but I think ASTA was just making a punny joke.
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  6. To show regret is good and all, but it doesn't magically make you a better person. You're still horrible for doing whatever you did.

    All of this is really fucked up. The underlined is extremely fucked up. I've lost a parent and it's fucking horrible... and no amount of 'I'm sorry' can make up for this kind of behavior. So, in this case, you have to think before you do, because an apology can't fix it.
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  7. Basically.

    As you can see, my literal and dry writing style really doesn't do me any favors.
  8. Exactly this. The bit that was quoted counts as cyber bullying and probably should have been reported. That this was done over a role play is alarming. I strongly echo the sentiment- apologies aren't always enough.
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  9. Thank you @Gen. Gwazi Magnum PI . I don't mind what they are saying though. Nobody ever said eating crow was easy. I don't need people to like what I've done with this apology thing, to know that I've done the right thing, not only for the people I'm apologizing to, and me. I do appreciate your approval though Gwazi, so don't think I don't. So thank you. :) By the way I laughed my ass off at that video, and so did my friend when she heard it she looked at me and said, "What was that?" I showed it to her and she laughed and asked me to play it again. xD
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  10. The Middle East wishes its ceasefires were this tense.
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  11. Still not as tense as Ukraine's, though.

    Largely cos those guys have got the "fire" part down real good, but not so much the "cease".
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  12. Also, would like to know what an "Aplogy" is?
  13. Dont let these haterades hate on you razie!

    Long as you uphold to being a better person, and try to get forgiveness one on one with the people youve.... Wronged [Excuse me]

    Youll have a more peaceful life here on iwaku :D

    Cause we chill like that, we like to chill sit back and have our coronas on the beach, PEACE LOVE AND HIPPIE SHIT

    i unfortunately, can see a point in not making another public apology, because yes, now anyone can kinda bash.
    But if it was where you apologized in a pm, made up with these people, THEN made a thread saying you did and how you did it, that would be a moving piece.

    Anyways! keep it up, remember to commit to in-betterment, stay on the right path. Do it for you and the others you wish to make happy, not for the peanut gallery.
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  14. I heavily exhaled from my nose when I read this.
  15. o_o

    *backs away*
  16. o___o;

    *inches closer*
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  17. *Eagerly grabs the popcorn*
  18. The way I see it, though -- by the time that something's in the past, you can either forgive someone for it and move past it, or you can hold it against them, and, honestly, what good does that do? It's not like they can change the past or anything. And the fact that they apologized at least shows that they're willing to do the right thing in the future.

    Like I said in the other thread, I'm not the type to hold grudges. I'll generally forgive just about anyone for anything and assume that anyone is capable of having improved since I last saw them until they prove otherwise. I realize not everyone is like that, though. A lot of my friends are more of a grudge-holding type, and it honestly kind of bothers me to see them assign someone to their shit list and never give them a chance ever again even when I'll still keep in touch with that person and see that they're clearly sorry about whatever horrible thing that they did and that they're definitely improving as a person.

    I mean, there are cases when an apology can't and shouldn't fix everything. Like crime, for example. If there's a punishment to be carried out then it only makes sense that it happens. One could argue that Razie's actions deserve a slap on the wrist at the very least, and, if that's what the mods decide, then so be it. But beyond that... what point is there in not accepting an apology? Like I said before, she can't change the past. It's the fact that she's willing to change her behavior in the future that should matter, I think.

    ...But, I mean, that's just my view on things. ^^" *steps off of soapbox*
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  19. this the new trend this week? Are we all apologizing?

    If so, i'm sorry I came to this thread. >:C
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  20. Don't worry, man.

    We are all sorry you came to this thread too.

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