So, there is now a club/group for people who are interested in the Japanese language

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    "there is no one here"

    "Oh wait"

    "now there are two"



    I CAN SPEAK JAPANESE kind of. I've been taking Japanese for two years now.


  2. This reminds me of the friend who constantly sings "pomf pomf kimochi what's this sticky stuff on me" while we're working together.

    Japanese is a neat language to learn. But all I ever see people do is inject one or two words into normal English and consider themselves cultured.

    Would like to learn so I could play a few imported games and visual novels. But man, there's an awful lot to take in.
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  3. ...

    2 semesters for me. .,.
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  4. I laughed my butt off at this.
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  5. I already know how to speak two Japanese sentences somewhat fluently which are "Ha Ji Me Mas Shi Te" and "Was Ta Shi Wa ???? Desu" so I'm ready to learn when you ready to teach.
  6. If my knowledge is correct, "Desu" means "Am" and verbs or put at the end of the sentence so that would be right if everything else was in Japanese.
  7. Or "Is".
  8. Mm, yep. I've seen a lot of that half Nihon culture. And, the hilarious part is the word usage is only correct about 20% of the time.

    But, no. There is, like, two different variations of an alphabet to learn and ALL THE KANJI. It makes taking the tests very hard. But, we learned the language in steps. First, we started with romanji:

    watashi wa Chess desu. kuujuusai. roleplay ga suki desu.

    Then hiragana:


    Then Kanji:


    What I said was: I am Chess. I am 19. I like roleplay.
  9. Yeah. I got confused what I saw "I am chess" at the start.
  10. I learned enough to be conversant and then traveled to Japan for a while

    Lots of folks there seem to know English well enough where I was at

    Still haven't learned to read

    Did learn enough to get a date
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  11. Yes, you are half correct. Desu (です) is the verb to describe how something is. But, no, what I said was wrong.  But, it is kind of complicated how to actually say that...

    watashi wa doko ni anata ga shitte iru.
    I am where at you have knowledge of. <-- Literal translation.

    So, watashi is me. Anata means you, BUT I've been told that you do not use that unless you know the person intimately OR if you aren't talking to a specific person, but instead posting it to a forum where the person you are talking to could be anyone (For example, my textbook uses Anata). Normally, you would just put the person's name where the 'anata' is. I didn't use Desu in this sentence because the phrase 'watashi wa doko ni' literally means 'I am where at'. Doko - where; ni - at.

    How much sense does that make?
  12. My friends call me Chess. I guess I should have said Dreamweaver.
  13. So I wonder.

    Does learning Japanese make watching subbed anime any better?

    Cause I can't stand dubbed.
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  14. You learn that all the subs are wrong. You start to understand what the characters are saying more. It makes it more personal.
  15. Makes sense.

    Wouldn't agree they were wrong though, else there'd be huge backlash. But making it fit a different dialect it's bound to happen.

  16. Not really

    Normal people don't talk that dramatically
  17. I talk that dramatically. Always.

  18. Ignore the funny looks people give you

    Kick reason to the curb

    Talk dramatically for they know not who the hell you are
  19. HELL YEAH.

    I AM LOVE.

    I AM LIFE.
  20. A couple of things I've noticed


    [What the hell!?]

    [Nice to meet you]

    [Please be good to me.]

    These were my first hints at subs being a bit unreliable.
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