"So... the smutty stereotype, where taking the train means getting groped... is true?!" [MxM]

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  1. Hello lovelies! This is my first time on this site, so please bear with me as I grow accustomed to the layout and whatnot. I am not, however, new to roleplaying, both mature plots and just in general, so I should hope that I know what I'm doing. At least, most of the time. ^^;

    Before we begin, a bit about me...
    • Generally, my post sizes varies depending on my muse and what I can come up with for the post. I sometimes forget myself and can go on for a while, or at least, longer than what I've been given, and then others, it's harder for me to think up a reply. I'm usually pretty good with grammar and spelling, but a mistake here and there only proves that I'm human.
    • On a similar note, post times will vary. I'm looking for a patient partner that won't mind if they get several posts in two or three days, then gets the next few between a few weeks. Roleplaying honestly started out as an escape for me, an outlet for stress and to help my writing skills, and it still is all of those even though it's become a hobby as well. In other words, that means I need you to be patient. If real life picks up, I won't be on as much, but if I manage to snag a bit of free time, then great! Conversely, I am a rather patient person and know that you have a life as well.
    • I also will explicitly state when I'm bored with a rp or want to end it. Unless I outright tell you that things just aren't as interesting anymore, and we both agree that we can drop the rp, then I've just disappeared for a while. Prod me if you'd like, as I do enjoy OOC chat, but just please, please, please be patient.
    • I think that's all... If I'm missing something that you'd like to know, don't hesitate to ask.

    Now, onto the fun stuff~ You know that hot and heavy fantasy where one character, innocent to the ways of large cities, begins taking the train only to be molested by a sexy but mysterious paramour? Well, I'm breaking out a plot for it! I'm looking for a roleplay partner in general, so if any of this is similar to your own interests, PM me or post here and we'll talk.

    • The pairing will be Older x Younger, as ageplay is one of my favorite taboos to explore, the other being incest. Of course, there is always a limit, but differences of 10 or so years is just... >////<
    • Kinks will be better explained in the plot itself, but what I'm looking for is someone to play the wealthy older man (age is yours to determine) who becomes interested in a young country boy out on his first foray into the city as he attends university. Seduction, toys, and anal training will be included, as well as slight, slight mind break and conditioning. The latter two aren't too terrible or gorey, and I'm willing to change it a bit if you're uncomfortable with that. There will also be D/s with romance. It doesn't have to be complete romance as if the two were equal partners; I enjoy the fondness that's felt for a favored pet or prized possession equally as much as the more love-based romance. I'm open minded as well, so you're welcome to suggest things to add.
    • If you'd like, the older man can be a supernatural creature as well, such as a vampire or demon or mage, to speed up the seduction process a bit. Logically, it would take a while to reach the end goal of what I had in mind, but maybe with added powers to enthrall the younger man or to add a sense of addiction, it wouldn't take so long. On the other hand, if you want it to be that long term, that's perfectly fine and we can do it the old fashioned way.
    Okay! Enough of all of that. Onto the plot.

    A young man has just been accepted into a prestigious university in the city. He has lived in either the country or the suburbs his whole life, and has rarely ventured out into the city. As such, he is the perfect prey for an older man, a wealthy individual who, though he has everything, is quite bored with the monotony of his current lifestyle. He is used to getting what he wants, when he wants, but has a surprising amount of patience, which he uses when cornering his prey. The university-bound boy catches his eye, and from then on, he begins observing, taking note of every little nuance of the boy's life. He tracks down the boy's small, somewhat rundown newly rented apartment, keeps tabs on everyone the boy is in contact with, makes a list of every place the boy visits. By the time he is content with his knowledge of the habitual routines of the boy's life, he supposes he knows more about the boy than the boy does of himself. Of course, he rationalizes that the boy is defiant and willful enough that things won't ever get boring even after the boy gives in, which is why he doesn't scrap his plan from the beginning.

    Ah, his plan. Every morning and afternoon, the boy takes the train or subway during rush hour. The older male uses the crowded cars to his advantage, cornering the boy against the door of the train, ensuring that anyone wishing to directly look at the boy had to be taller than him or peer over his shoulder in order to catch a glimpse. Then, he begins to condition the boy to his touch and the pleasures he can bring. The first time, it's just gentle fondling, then jerking off, then fingering or using toys, and so on and so forth until the boy can't get off unless it's the older man touching him, nor can he feel any true pleasure unless he has something up his ass.

    By that point, the boy has already begun to look up to the older man as the one holding the authority and power, and he, the man's toy. Once the man suggests retiring to his penthouse, it isn't a hard decision for the boy to make and he goes willingly. From there, the older man offers the boy a deal to truly become his pet. It is up to you if the older man becomes more possessive of the boy, and insists that the boy moves in with him or something similarly controlling like that. Somewhat similar to the Finder series, if you've ever heard of that.
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