So the rednecks are throwing a bitch fit

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  1. lolwut

    That's just impulsive and stupid. Also, srsly Oregon? (That's where I live.) If any of this actually works for the petitioners, I hope the people who decided this was a good idea will learn from it... Good gawd.
  2. This is stupid to the ultimate n-th degree. Not only do states have NO LEGAL RIGHT to secede, but the states on the list of those petitioning to secede are among the poorest in the Union.

    A friend of mine on Twitter (@amaditalks) wrote a very conclusive rant on why none of these states would survive on their own. Here are some of her tweets:

    Oh, there's more. What about Medicare/Medicaid? What about your currency? FORGET IT.

    Still sound like a genius plan?
  3. Soon... the English navy will launch its attack... soon...
  4. They're just begging for some decent, stiff upper-lipped British imperialism to come back and beat some civility into them.
  5. As a Scotsman, you know all about this.
  6. Act of Union 1707, mu'fucka. Our relationship with the English extends further than Braveheart-bollocks.
  7. 300 year old butt-buddies.
  8. Worry not, dear America; we'll be very polite about supressing you.
  9. Kentucky will be a fine place to dump all our illegal immigrants, paedophiles, soap stars and Al Qaueda lieutenants.

  10. That's about what I had planned for Kentucky. Maybe we should join forces. I demand that the creationist museum gets leveled though, using no less than 5 airstrikes.
  11. See, this is what happens. You kick some uppity red coats out of your country using nothing but farmers, idealism and a hodge podge of militants and sure enough they'll be around to bitch about it 200+ years later.

    Ya'll certainly didn't complain when we helped you out in 1941.
  12. Our king was terminally insane during the War of Independence. You had a lucky break.

    And you guys wouldn't have even GOT here in 1941 if we hadn't cracked the Enigma codes for your little shippy-whippies.

    Now if you're all quite done watching Red Dawn and telling yourselves that you're a free-spirited underdog nation defending itself against big foreign bullies, I'd rather not get dragged into my 267th internet argument about who's the better landmass. We both suck, but everyone hates you more.

    Now back to the topic...
  13. Several years after it all started, I might add.

    Bloody Americans, showing up late for every war they don't start.
  14. Well, to be fair Grumpy, we have to give the Americans time to suffer enough publicity disasters or to check their oil reserves before they think it worthwhile to acknoweldge the rest of the world. While we go to war for long-standing treaties, international stability or threat of land invasion, they need something bright and colourful waved in front of their faces to generate enough homicidal racism.

    *waits for the inevitable backlash to derail this thread*
  15. Lets get back on topic. >.>


    I honestly don't think these states are gonna do well on their own. Like Cammy said they are gonna lose so many benefits from seceding and I don't see their state of affairs improving. The chaos that would ensue from leaving is jaw dropping. And yes it does seem like a huge political hissy fit. After the election there is a feeling of division between the political parties - this may be one of the temper tantrums.
  16. Just because you're a new country does not mean you have to make your own currency.

    Also, lets face it, then these state turn nations would have to deal with *gasp* foreign politics and *double gasp* cooperating with their neighbors.
  17. It's still the President's call, right?

    I don't think Obama would want to be the man who disunited the States... o_o
  18. I don't think anyone would want to be known as that. >.<
  19. Apparently my first point on why this is stupid was overlooked. Let me re-iterate it.

    *pulls the thread in close*


    Proof: A letter from Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia responded in a letter to a screenwriter who asked the same question.


    Also, previous supreme court rulings in Texas have also stated against the right to secede. You can search up the case of Texas v White for yourselves.

    So this whole thing is basically an effort in futility.