So, The Fourth of July is coming up

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  1. "Fucking bullocks."​
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  2. Ahaha sorry, that video was quite hilarious and interesting.
    My dad's birthday is on the 3rd, so we'll already be celebrating something though :P
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  3. …I don't think that man knows just how much revenue the Royal Family actually makes for Britain.

    I already don't celebrate the 4th~
  4. I approve this message.

    You'd also have LAMB, in sufficient quantities.


    (Don't say in Fox studios)
  5. You yanks can keep deep frying mars bars and feeding your children misinformation about your founding fathers. We Canadians get to celebrate our semi independence day three days early.

    God save the Queen and Canada the True North, Strong and Free.

    Also we have better booze then you lot will ever have ever.
  6. I'm pretty content with the fourth of July.
    I mean I get to hang with my friends, BBQ and watch pretty fireworks. I don't mind the celebration, it's the unity that really matters.
  7. I enjoy the fireworks, and the company of my friends and family. However, I absolutely hate this country and all it stands for. I would prefer to live in a better country like Canada or England. :/
  8. I'm staying indoors with the newly found AC

    Just so everyone knows I've never in my life experienced Air-conditioning in my own living space.

    I...kind of love it.
  9. Canada could always use another voter to keep the NDP out of power.
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  10. Ain't nothing to side eye mister SoCal, American beer is light in alcohol and taste. Hell our non alcoholic beer is stronger and better tasting.

    That's why July 1st is the superior holiday.
  11. I'll be doing whatever it is Metis like myself do. Which means nothing because screw humidity.
  12. What do you half breeds do the on the founding of either country?
  13. Taunt daffy English kniggets because no one likes us.
  14. 4th of July is meaningful to me for a personal reason, and only a personal reason: my grandfather. It was his favorite holiday because we'd light up the sky with fireworks in his backyard. He was a great man who died too young. I refuse to be a stick in the mud about this confusing holiday, because it's what he enjoyed the most. Those days, we were a whole family, too. I could always expect to see all my sorely missed aunts, uncles, etc. during that day an Xmas.

    Anyway, um... On the lighter side, I also put effort into the holidays for my son. Every single one, even St. Patrick's Day. It's worthwhile to see him get happy and excited about something, so why the hell not do it? It will teach him the value of togetherness, too. Sure, our holidays are weird... But families get together to celebrate them. They get days off work so they can spend that time with the loved ones they don't get to see as often. And if they can't, he can always just celebrate with me and his daddy. I want him to know that no matter what, he can count on me to make his holidays fun and memorable. (I also just want to be the coolest mom on the block. >___>)

    Ugh, this sappiness is killing me. *Hisses and escapes to kill things with her Force lightning*
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  15. Haha... all this. Your boner for your country is adorable.

    Anyway, it's one of the few days in the year where people don't look at me sideways for making explosives, I'll take it. The patriotism and all that is just passing stuff. The real message here is togetherness and blowing shit up.
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  16. What you call "American beer" is not what Koori was referring to. Macro brews like budweiser, miller etc are nasty. As is just about anything made in mass production > < Some of our local craft breweries, and what a lot of us solely drink, would knock you on your ass in taste and abv%.
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  17. You don't want to live in England. Not even England wants to live in England.
    Sure, we've got a few nice things, like legalised gay marriage and the NHS, I guess. But, for the most part, we're like a smaller America, only with better accents and the faint smell of fish wherever you go.

    Also, this:
  18. Laggy Lagiacrus, I love the smell of fish.
  19. You don't understand. It's not the kind of smell that you like and get used to. It's that ever-present stench that's so subtle you don't notice it until you focus, but when you do, it never leaves. It clings to you, trapping you in its ceaseless cloud of watery pungency.

    Real talk, though, you don't want to live in England. If you've got the money to move, pick a European country that's got its act together.
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