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    • She gets abused by her father and he doesn't know even though they've been friends for three months. The saddest part is that they're in Middle School. Her father is an alcoholic and every day, she had new bruises she hides from the world. He doesn't know about this until school starts to come to an end and the weather gets very warm. She wears long sleeve shirts and jeans, even if she seems hot. He starts to suspect something so he follows her home after school. He sees her father drink, then disappear into a room. When he comes out, he has her in his grasp. Sadly, her best friend had to witness her as she gets abused. The next day, he says something to her and they start fighting. In the end, she runs off. Will things continue like this? Will he be able to help her? All that be revealed in the future.

    • Name: Mattaya Louise Russo

      Nicknames: Mattie, Louie, Mattie-Lou(By her grandma)

      Age: 11 almost 12

      Looks: Mattie is short for her age standing at just 4'3.5"(She make sure to include that half an inch if you ask her her height). Her clothes are generally baggy on her because they were bought to 'grow into'.
      Mattie is under-developed compared to most girls in her the school. She is a good weight for age if not a little under. She's not really lanky due to her height and is more of spindly.
      Mattie has short hair that's dark brown. It's slightly spiky and is usually very messy because she forgets to comb it. Her hair style is short barely touching her ears and scraping her neck but longer on top so it looks more 'feminine'.
      She has one dark blue eye with flecks of silver and green in it and one dark brown eye with flecks of hazel and brown in it.
      Mattie's skin tans pretty well mostly because she spends as much time outside as possible. Even in the winter she has a light tan. her skin has a rosy tint to it especially around her cheeks.
      Mattie's skin also is sadly usually bruised though she hides it under her clothes. She always seems to have bruises, scrapes, and cuts somewhere. If anyone accidentily sees them she'll put it down to she's clumsy and awkward.
      Mattie is a tomboy through and through. She has a rough and tough style with a little sporty now and then. She normally wears jeans or camo pants and t-shirts along with a jacket or hoodie of some sort.

      Picture of Mattie

      Personality: Mattie is a tough girl who always tries to smile. She doesn't like dwelling on bad things and like to laugh and smile. She loves exploring and playing sports. She also has a vivid imagination.
      Mattie is pretty bad at arts and crafts stuff. She loves cars and building though. She like her mechanics and woodworking classes at school(Any shop classes really).
      Mattie is very good at keeping a secret, she ha s a hard time being serious, but if needed she can be. She hides her fear of going home pretty well most of the time though if you walk with her home you notice she gets more nervously chatty the closer she gets because she talks when she's nervous or frightened. She isn't a very graceful person and uses that as an excuse a lot.

      Short Bio: Mattie's mother had her when she was just 16. Her father a 17 year old delinquent ditched when he heard he had a daughter.
      Mattie's mother married another man when Mattie was 3.
      Her mother was diagnosed with bipolar and chronic depression when Mattie was 5 and has severe depressive episodes or mania episodes a lot due to not taking her meds. She spends most of her time in her bed/room unless she's in a mania episode then no one knows what she's gonna do.
      Her stepfather works odd hours as a store clerk at a convenience store/gas station.
      Mattie pretty much raised herself and taught herself to cook(Though she's pretty bad at that).
      She has two stepbrothers who are older then her (15 and 17), they live with their mother most of the time and only visit on some weekends and holidays.

      Pets: N/A

      Sterling Matthew Russo (Father)
      Travis Elliot Sampson (Stepfather)
      Louise Paula Sampson (Mother)
      Travis Elliot Sampson Jr. (17, Stepbrother)
      Maxwell Harley (15, Stepbrother)

      Extra: Mattie gets chronic migraines that keep her home from school sometimes.
      Though sometimes her migraines are just an excuse because she's been hurt to badly to make it too school.
      Other times she'll go to school even if she has a migraine to avoid staying at home. That is only if the migraine is semi-manageable.
      She refuses to sleep on a bed that has a bed frame because her eldest step brother told her a story of a monster who hid under beds and dragged little girls down into a secret world and ate them whens he was just 5(He was 11). After that she started only sleeping on a mattress on the floor because no one could hide under the bed then.

    Mattie dragged herself out of bed. She made her bed...sort of...she more of pull the sheets and blankets up over her pillow, everything was still wrinkled it just looked kind of made. She went and searched through her clothes chest, an old toy chest, and yawned. Mattie glanced her arms, she was wearing a tank top and a set of boys super hero boxers to bed. She shook her head, no she couldn't wear a t-shirt today.
    The middle schooler grabbed a set of woodland camo pants and a long sleeved baseball t-shirt. The baseball shirt was for Max's little league team and was a pass-me-down to Mattie.
    The team had been called the 'Firebrands'. The shirt was black with orange writing across the front with the team name. On the back was the number 05. The right sleeve had a flame pattern on it.
    Matties pulled her clothes on and sitting on her bed yanked on a set of old pink converse high tops. Her grandmother had gotten them at GoodWill a few years ago and they were now covered in mud and scraped up...You could barely tell them used to be pink, which made Mattie happy.
    She grabbed her backpack, a blue mesh Jansport. Her stepfather had insisted on her having a mess backpack so she couldn't 'hide drugs in it'.
    Mattie made her way to the kitchen of the trailer. It was a nice enough trailer home, small but in OK condition considering the owners. Her stepfather was passed out on the couch. She grabbed a banana in and hurriedly yet quietly left.
    She started to run once she was out of the trailer to the place where she'd meet her friend so they could walk to school together or take the bus depending on the weather.
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  1. [​IMG]
    The alarm clocked at blared exactly at 6:15 and Miles rose into a sitting position on his bed. Yawning tiredly, he slammed his hand on the Off button but before he could get out of bed, his door swung open. Next thing he knew, Miles had his sisters jumping on him. Laughing, Miles grabbed them both and held them tightly before releasing. He climbed out of his bed, but his sisters stayed on. His sisters were currently wearing their matching silk nightgowns. Miles, on the other hand, was wearing his typical, every day pajamas. Nothing special.

    Opening his closet door, Miles walked into it and started looking for something to wear. After fifteen minutes, Miles had chosen was already dressed down. It wasn't that bad of an outfit and worked just perfectly for him. Once that was finished, Miles exited his closet and made sure to close the door. Looking at his sisters, he smiled. "C'mon, let's get you two dressed." He said, before all three of them left his room. They walked passed the bathroom then stopped at the door next to it where his sisters slept. Entering, he immediately walked over to their closet. All three of them walked in and started looking for a cute outfit for the both of them. The oldest of the sisters, Isabella, who was seven found what she wanted to where with the help of Miles. Next, he helped the youngest sister, Bethany, who was six find what she wanted to wear. A few minutes later Isabella was wearing a rather cute outfit while Bethany was wearing her usual fancy attire

    Once that was done and over it with, it was 6:40, which meant breakfast. The siblings walked downstairs and entered the kitchen. The house was silent, other than the talk between the siblings while Miles made cereal and poured orange juice. He set out the bowls and they ate in silence. They finished by 6:48 and were getting their bags on. The siblings then walked back upstairs and brushed their teeth as well as their hair. They worked on this until it was 4:57, then left the house. Miles made sure to lock it, before he walked with his sisters to the place where they were going to meet up with Mattie. While he was walking, Miles noticed that it would be a pretty good day, which meant they could walk. Since they passed his sisters school on the way to the Middle School, it'd be easy for Miles to drop them off.

    At 7:05 Miles reached the large tree in which him and Mattie always met at. He noticed Mattie was there and smiled. "Hey!" He called out to her, watching as Isabella and Bethany ran over and hugged her. He stopped next to Mattie and leaned against the tree, hands in his pockets.
  2. Mattie hadn't been waiting long when her best friend Miles and his little sisters showed up.
    "Hi!" She greeted in return. The youngster winced slightly when the girls hugged her. Babe awkwardly hugged them back and smiled down at them.
    "Hi Izzy and Bethy!" She greeted the younger girls enthusiastically.
    Mattie untangled herself from then sisters' embrace and picked her bag up and slung it on her back. School started at 7:55 for them and it wasn't a short walk there so they needed to get going or risk being late.
    Mattie fell into step beside her friend.
    "How was your weekend?" She asked. Mattie hadn't seen Miles all weekend because she'd had a migraine all day Saturday and Sunday had just been a bad day for her. Mattie tossed her banana peel into the woods that lined the sidewalk. She smiled at Isabella and Bethany. Not having any younger siblings at least that she knew about Mattie had semi-adopted Miles little sisters as her own. Sure they were girlie for her taste but they were sweet girls.

    (Miles is adorable! How old is he?)
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  3. (He is twelve!)

    Miles chuckled when he saw Mattie tense up a little. It was a amusing to see her reactions to things. Watching as Mattie freed herself from his sisters, he began to hum. He always did, even when he was supposed to be learning. Hearing the happy sound of Mattie's voice, Miles turned to look at her. His sisters said hi in return, doing a little curtsey while they were at it. Miles saw Mattie start walking and quickly followed. Within a manner of seconds, he was in perfect unison with her steps and the girls were walking ahead of them. He looked sighed softly when she asked her question, shrugging his shoulders.
    "Same as always I guess. Had soccer practice, hung out in the forest behind my house, played with my sisters." He replied, before suddenly smiling as he remembered something. "And I wrote a new song. You should come by after school and I'll show you." He suggested, a smile on his lips. He noticed Mattie has tossed her banana peel into the woods, and shook his head, making little 'tut tut' sounds. Walking over to where it fell, Miles picked it up then ran over to the nearby trash can and tossed it in. He waited until Mattie was beside him again, then fell in unison with her steps. While walking, he couldn't help but notice the smile on Mattie's face as she stared at his sisters. Seeing her happy made him happy, so he couldn't help but smile as well. Taking out his phone, Miles swiftly unlocked it then ran in front of Mattie and quickly snapped a picture while she was smiling. Once his mission was done, he fell back into step with her and showed her the picture. "A picture tends to last longer." He pointed out.
  4. Mattie listened. She played soccer too for the same league Miles did. It was a a small city league for kids 10-13, it was both indoor and outdoor soccer because it was cold out it was indoor soccer right now. She frowned at the thought she'd missed practice. She loved playing soccer especially since she wasn't forced to play with just the girls. Once you hit the high school age even the city leagues split you up by gender and age. For now it was a co-ed league though it had mostly boys. She smiled again when Miles invited her to his house after school.
    "Yeah, I'll come over. I have softball practice after school, but then I can come over." She explained. Mattie tried to do as many sports as she could manage just to stay away from home. She was from a poor family though so she couldn't afford a lot of sports gear. All her softball stuff was from when her step-brothers played little league. They'd grown out of their gear though so she had it now. She kept her sports gear at the school so her step-father couldn't ruin it.
    Mattie nodded when he aid he wrote a song. Miles was pretty good at writing songs and such. She'd never been good at writing and didn't have the patience to sit down and actually write a song. She also preferred to be more active, her teachers were often very annoyed at Mattie's energy and most of them thought she had ADHD. Generally when listening to Miles songs Mattie would be doing something like working on their fort or some such activity to keep her hands busy while she listened.
    "It's biodegrable!" She half whined when Miles threw her banana peel away in the trash. They'd learned about biodegradable things in science class the other day, though Mattie hadn't paid enough attention to know how to pronounce the word right. She gave Miles a weird look when he snapped a photo of her. Since he'd gotten his phone he'd seemed to be more into photography, which she didn't mind, but it was different.
    Mattie stood on her tip toes and looked at the photo, Miles was much taller than she was because well he was hitting puberty which meant growth spurts and she was just a tiny person. She smiled at the picture, she honestly didn't think it was a good picture. To her she looked just tired and rumpled but she didn't say that.

    (If you want me to remove the lines about Miles(The puberty and photo ones) I will. I don't want to seem like i'm power playing you're person. You didn't say how tall he was so I just guessed that at 12 he'd be starting his growth spurt phase? I could be wrong...sorry...)
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  5. (No need to say sorry! All's good!)

    Miles put his phone away and looked down at his vest friend. Being 5'3", he was no doubt taller than her. The perks of growth, right? The very thought made him chuckle. After a few more minutes, they reached his sisters school and Miles walked then to the doors.
    "Be good, okay?" He said, raising both brows. His sisters hugged him before promising to do the best they could, then running off. Miles watched them go with a smile, then walked over to Mattie and continued walking.
  6. Mattie waved to the girls as they went to school. She started to trudge to school. Mattie loved school sort of. She liked the escape from home, but she didn't like sitting in classes forever. She hitched her bag up higher on her shoulders to relieve pressure on some bruises on her shoulders.
    "Max and Travis are coming tonight and are staying the week. Their mom and stepdad are going on vacation for the week so they have to stay with us." She told Miles.
    The school was about 20 minutes from the elementary school and it looked like would have about 5 minutes to spare if they walked fast.
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  7. Miles looked at Mattie with worry. He knew she didn't exactly 'like' Max and Travis. Keeping her pace, Miles sighed, "If you want, you could stay at my place until they leave. My parents are hardly ever home so it would work, and you wouldn't have to deal with them likes of.." Miles trailed off, cringing, "them." He finished. Miles didn't like Max nor Travis. He used to hang with them, but then they started cheating in their games, making fun of Miles, and harming his friends. The very thought made his blood boil.
  8. Mattie nodded, she didn't like her stepbrothers. Travis had always been mean to her and bullied since her mother and his father first got together. Max had been nicer to begin with, but he'd started to be more aggressive and less kind to her a few years back too. They were nice when you first met them generally but that never lasted.
    "I'll have to ask my Dad cause it's overnight." Mattie explained, "I will tonight though" she added hurriedly. Mattie didn't like calling her stepfather dad but both her parents had insisted that's what she call him when she was younger. Now she was too afraid to call him anything else or to call him something else around everyone else because she thought that could arouse suspicion about what went on behind closed doors. Her stepfather had promised her bad things would happen to her and her mother if anyone ever found out her hit her.
    "I have car-shop class first. We're learning car mechanics and such at the moment." Mattie told Miles, changing the subject.
    Mattie loved PE and shop classes, she liked doing hands on things. She was kind of excited for Science Lab next semester though her science teacher had expressed worry she would blow something up because she wasn't very good at science.
    Mattie pulled out her schedule to look it over again, her first period was Car Shop, the Homeroom, Pre-Algebra, Bio-Science, Spanish, Health/PE, Lunch, English, and lastly she had chosen to have a Woodworking Shop as her last period instead of Arts or Music.
    PE period was normally for exercising but one certain weeks or months they'd go over different things like healthy eating or something. She'd done Computer Science last year and hated it so she really was happy she hadn't had to retake it this year.
    "When are report cards given out?" Mattie asked. She knew they'd announce it at some point in time, but she couldn't remember when. She knew she needed to get her grades up in everything but her shop classes and PE.
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  9. Miles smiled softly and nodded once. He hoped her father would say yes, or he might just resort to Plan B. Which would be sneaking in and stealing her like a thief stealing a princess. Thinking about that, Miles blushed and quickly covered his mouth his hand. Though he had been talking about saving Mattie, the minute he saw the image in his head Mattie changed to Rebecca, the girl he had a crush on. Clearing his throat, Miles removed his hands and felt his blush fade. Looking over, Miles listened to her words about working on cars. Whenever she spoke about things she liked, Mattie seemed to be a little happier and her eyes seemed to light up. It was actually kinda cute. Noticing her pulling out he schedule, Miles walked a little closer and glanced down at her schedule. "Huh. I have Homeroom first, then Advanced Math, French, Choir, Gym, Free Period, Lunch, English, and then Music." He told her, able to remember them all by heart even though school had only started a month ago. Miles had always been good in school, and was meant to be in Advanced English as well but he turned it down so he could have more time to help Mattie. And when it came to sports, Miles was always giving it his all which is why he's so good at Gym. As for Music and Choir, that had to do with talent. Miles was gifted with an amazing voice and he can play Violin, Piano, Guitar, even Drums. Though he liked Violin the most of the four. Since no words had been spoken, Miles was daydreaming. That is, until Mattie asked him a question. "Huh? Oh, report cards?" He chuckled to himself, but began thinking about it. "I'd say within seven to eight weeks from today." He answered, surprised that it was actually that soon. To think it was already Monday again when last week seemed so close. Relieving a soft sigh, Miles started thinking about his sisters but was suddenly jumped on and tumbled to the ground. Next thing he knew, Miles was caught in a tussle with two of his best friends. In the end, they were all sitting on the ground, bags scattered, looking messy, and laughing. "You guys are up early." Miles teased, one leg laid out while the other was propped up and his elbow resting on it sideways, arm was dangling off his leg. "You should be proud. Your stupid alarm wouldn't shut up so I had no choice but to get the hell up." One of them said, a little angry but amused. The other one nodded, then looked at Miles again. "No kidding. That thing was louder than a freaking bullhorn." He agreed, exaggerating. "Good to know. But if we don't hurry, we'll all be late!" Miles told them as he stood up and grabbed his bag. Brushing himself off, Miles caught up to Mattie and was followed by Keith and Brian.


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  10. Mattie nodded, they had Lunch and English together she remembered now. Mattie was kind of in awe at how smart and talented Miles was. She had never been good in school and her only talents seemed to lie in manual labor. She had some talent in sports, enough to get onto teams, but not enough to be the star player. She had barely avoided being held back in her other schools because of her grades and rather large amount of absences.
    Mattie grinned at the other two boys,
    "Hey Brian, Keith!" she greeted them cheerily fist bumping both boys. Mattie had moved to this town in the beginning. for November last year and hadn't showed up to school until a couple weeks after that due to 'family and health' reasons. Miles and his friends had been the first kids to actually talk to her and had chosen her for their team during Dodgeball at PE. Mattie had some other friends at the school, but the boys were her best friends.
    Their friendship had really solidfied during the winter months because they all ha d a bunch of free time and would go skating, or play 'Russian vs Americans' in the woods, or some such very active game. They also did a lot of exploring and nearly all went to the hospital for hypothermia while 'camping' one night.
    Mattie looked up as they approached the school, she couldn't remember if Kieth or Brian shared any classes with her
    "See ya boys at lunch!" She called out as she headed for her locker. The school split girls and boys lockers up. Technically the left side was girls when you walked in and the right was boys. The lockers were painted school colors the boys side was a blood red and the girls side was a very light gray. However if there was more boys then girls or vice verse inevitably there would be boys on the girls side or girls on the boys side.
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  11. Keith and Brian both greeted Mattie with a fist bump and smile. It was good to see her after she'd been absent for a while. They were curious as to why she had been, but already knew she'd say the same thing the teacher did. That is was merely family and health issues. Miles noticed the look in his two friends eyes, but already knew that they wouldn't do anything. After a few more minutes of walking, the group of four reached the school. Miles became excited, and walked onto campus, the other following behind him. After a mere minute on campus, Miles saw Rebecca and called to her. The girl turned her head and smiled upon seeing Miles. He watched as she departed from her friends and walked over. "Hi." She greeted upon meeting up with them, a smile played on her lips. "Hey." Miles said in return, Keith and Brian greeting her afterwards. Rebecca seemed to have noticed Mattie, cause she turned to her. "Welcome back to school, Mattie. You probably don't remember me. I'm Rebecca Eastwood, I have Homeroom, Pre-Algebra, and Bio-Science with you." She said, with hope that Mattie would remember her. Miles watched the two, but was quickly dragged ahead by Keith and Brian. "You have to go out with her." Brian said, low enough for the girls not to hear him. "There's no doubt that she likes you back." Keith agreed, nodding firmly only once. Miles chuckled and shoved his hands in his pockets. "I hope she will. I want to ask, but I don't know how." He explained, sighing softly. The conversation ended as the boys entered the school and immediately headed for their lockers. With five minutes to spare, there was no doubt in Miles mind that he would make it. After taking two minutes to put his things away and grab what he needed for Homeroom, Miles shut his locker and waited one extra minute for his friends. With two minutes to go, the three boys rushed to Homeroom and sat down just before the teacher walked in to start class. On his right was Keith and to his left sat Brian, which meant that notes were passed. However, other than that the boys were paying attention and doing what was expected from them.


    If it helps, you could use this picture. It's not exactly the same, but it's the closest thing I could find


    Also, this is what Rebecca looks like
  12. "Hi, Rebecca!" Mattie greeted cheerily. She remembered Rebecca mostly because she remembered that Miles liked her. She smilesd at the other girl. Rebecca was nice, but Mattie never really hung out with girls because she wasn't good at hanging out with them. Mattie glanced at the clock she had to get to shop.
    Mattie grabbed her stuff from her locker which, coincidentialy, was right next to Rebecca's. She didn't need much for shop class some note taking material is what she usually brought and a thin binder that had diagrams and other materials the teacher handed out.
    "See ya at Homeroom I guess." Mattie awkwardly said, she felt less comfortable around girls then guys. Mattie darted off to the 'garage' i.e. where her class was held. They were working on taking a part and fixing old car engines. There were 3-4 kids per engine sometimes more becuase car-shop was a mor ein demand class especially among the boys. There were only a few girls in the class.
    Mattie and her group which consisted of two other guys started work on their engine. They were almost done taking it apart. They they'd label the parts and have to prove that each of them could it put back together again. The two boys, Chuck and Maddox, that were with her were from her trailer park. Chuck was actually 14 but had been held back in Middle school for another year. Maddox was 13 and wanted to be a car mechanic and take over his dad small business if it survived that long.
    "Nice to see you back, Mattie." Chuck greeted, his voice always too Mattie by surprise because Chuck wasn't a big kid by any means for his age but his voice was very deep.
    "Family stuff...glad to be back." Mattie responded quietly. She and her group didn't talk much by they were kind of friends. They shared gym class too and Chuck shared Spanish class with her and Bio-Science.
    "Here's the notes of what we did while you were gone. It wasn't much we were mostly doing safety classes so you missed the boring stuff." Maddox said handing her some crumpled pieces of paper. Mattie shoved it in her her thin binder to read later and then they went on to actually dismantling the engine. Mattie was given the task of removing the small parts because she the smallest hands. She organized them neatly on the tarp they had to work on while Chuck and Maddox got the bigger parts organized.
  13. After about an hour, Homeroom ended and it was time for Miles to go to Advanced Math. With a soft sigh, he led the way out of the class and to the guys lockers. After putting his stuff for Homeroom away, he grabbed his stuff for Math then shut his locker. After making sure it was locked, Miles waited for Rebecca at the foot of the stairs they'd have to climb. They were both had classes upstairs, so they walked up together. Within a few heartbeats, Rebecca was standing before him, smiling. A smile plastered on his face, Miles greeted her happily. "How was English?" He asked as they headed up the stairs. "Pretty good. The teacher complimented me twice." She told him, clearly happy with herself. Miles felt happy for her, and it showed. After two minutes, they stopped outside her class. "See ya." She said, but Miles told her something before he turned and left. He ran all the way to AM [advanced math] and sat down, blushing hard. He thought about what he had just said.

    "After school, come to the roof. There's something I need to tell you."
  14. Mattie stood in the girls bathroom as she washed the grease and oil off her hands from shop class. She then went to her locker and grabbed her stuff for Homeroom before blinding up the stairs. Her body aches mostly from last nights beating but she tried to ignore it as best she could and kept smiling as she ran down the hall.
    "NO RUNNING IN THE HALLS, MISS RUSSO!" A teacher who was heading to his class yell after her. Mattie skidded to a stop in acknowledgement of the reprimand and entered Homeroom. Mattie was barely in time and slid into the seat right next to Rebecca just before Mr. Zavrazhny their teacher walked in.
    Mr. Zavrazhny, who everyone called Mr. Z, was a heavy set Russian who was in his mid-fifties. He had black bristley hair and was pretty well built though his age was starting to show. He was average height for a man though he was broad and stocky looking. He always had graying stubble on his face and neck. He had twinkling green eyes and aRussian accent that varied in thickness depending how he was feeling.
    Mr. Z was a very passionate man about teaching and cared about his students. He wpilf often help kids finish last minute homework during class after announcements or help them study for a class. Sometimes he had cool activities planned sometimes he even brought snacks in, and sometimes he just listened to what the kids had to say about how school was going. Homeroom wasn't super strict anyway but he was known as a cool Homeroom teacher. Though when he taught his actual class which was French(He knew many different languages) he was a little stricter yet still cool.
    "Good morning kids!" Mr. Z called as he got situated at his desk.
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