So that happened.

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  1. I moved into my new place today.

    My neighbour knocked on my door (10 at night), and the following happens

    Me: (observing that my neighbour is holding a plate with a big fluffy belgian waffle on it and a container of maple syrup

    Waffle Girl (WG): Do you like waffles?

    Me: I - uh, ah, is the pope Catholic?

    WG: Haha, do you have a plate?

    Me: (steps aside and gestures to the kitchen shelf, making this face O_O)

    WG: (slides waffle onto plate and pours maple syrup over it) There ya go! Have a good night!

    It was delicious AF.

    I felt like you guys should know.
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  2. *Goes to find Waffle related vids*

    I found these. :3

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  3. Immediately thought of this.
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  4. Joined the bandwagon.
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  5. I have no video or gif for you, only sound life advice: befriend waffle girl and reap the delicious rewards of friendship.
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  6. I agree with this.
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  7. Next time, it'll be rape.

    This is how it starts.
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  8. I thought this was gonna sate my Henry appetite. It didn't. I am severely disappointed.
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  9. Free waffles? I want a neighbor like that. O.O
  10. I'll take "Things that only happen in Canada" for $500, Alex...
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  11. Better than one of my dorm experiences;

    -Me, sleeping at 2AM.
    -Door opens, lights go on, must be roomate, didnt lock the door.
    -Some random blonde dude, stares at me for a moment as I wake up.
    -Takes a dew steps in, turns, drops pants, pees on roomate's futon, walks out.
    -I'm still blinking awake, wondering if this is real life.
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  12. I'll update since this thread is back; I made her and her roommate Rice Krispie squares with M&Ms the next day; it was a I could make on a $5 budget n_n'
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  13. Free waffles?? Dagnabbit, I had to pay 5 Euros for a waffle with cream, chocolate sauce and strawberries the other day. Whenever they give out free stuff, I'm always the one out the back missing out. Ah well, sell the lavvy, as they French say.

    Jolly nice of you to return the favour with rice krispie squares and M&M's, I might add! :)

  14. That still sounds pretty cheap o_o (and yes I did the conversion)

    Unless it was like a toaster waffle or something
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