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    The easiest way to start this story would be with the truth. The uncensored truth. Don't worry, it's nothing bad...

    On the day of Mori Oshiro's sixteenth birthday, she decided to go to school. For most, that would be a simple truth. Go to school and be with friends, but Mori had missed the past week because of a cold and the only interaction she had with her classmates was when the class representative brought that day's schoolwork to her house. She always felt awkward going back to school after a long absence.

    Mori fidgeted with her school bag's strap and forced herself to take another step. She didn't really have any reason to be afraid. She didn't get bullied. She didn't get in trouble. She didn't do anything, actually. She did her schoolwork, stayed just below top of the class and that was it. To the majority of the school, Mori Oshiro was invisible. The only person that ever acknowledged her was the class rep and that was her job. So, why was she so nervous?

    With a sigh, Mori forced herself to think of other things. Like work. She had work after school. Then she had chores. And homework. She wondered if her mother would be home when she got home. Probably not. Nana Oshiro had as much on her plate as her daughter did. Once again, Mori forced herself to walk forward. She lowered her eyes, kept her head down. That would prove to be her first mistake.

    Mori slammed into a wall. Only, she knew it wasn't actually a wall. Her eyes widened and she stepped back, daring to look up at the person she had run into. Her heart stopped. Her stomach dropped. She was going to be sick. She was dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. She had the impulse to run away, but her feet were planted firmly on the ground. With her gold eyes, Mori Oshiro stared up at Kouki Suzuki, the most popular boy in school.
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    The sky outside was clear - a resounding blue that stuck to your vision even after coming inside. lazy clouds of bright white drifted over the magnificent color, and the students of the school rested below this sky were bustling with a new day ahead of them.

    However, there was one young man that walked the halls whom most everyone turned to glance at, giggle at, and wave to quite genuinely - and that young man was Kouki.

    Kouki, as it were, was feeling jaunty and light as usual. The boys eyes grazed the walls and students surrounding him, and he would bounce a little as he waved back to the others. A light smile had touched his lips and was there to stay, for the moment. His thick pink hair flowed lightly with each step, lavender eyes practically sparkling with a briskness all his own. His collared button-up held the school's crest on the left breast, a tie loosely done up under the collar, and his bag hung from one shoulder.

    Kouki was feeling good that day - and it wasn't the normal upbeat atmosphere that he possessed this time. It felt as though something good was going to happen. The sun was out, the sky was as blue as ever, the loud chorus of many voices in conversation was like music to his ears. Everything felt familiar, yet refreshing at the same time. The spring season tended to do that to him, but the nice feeling in him couldn't be ignored. Maybe something good will happen today, he thought to himself, eyes turning down for just a moment in thought. Another grin pulled at his lips.

    As he glanced up, he couldn't say that he was prepared for what had come to knock into his chest. His attention was gone for but a moment, and there he was, startled back to awareness due to his small moment of ignorance to his surroundings. Blinking, the boy looked down to what - or he should have said, who - had ran into him.

    To his .. rather immense surprise, taking a first glance at her didn't ring any bells. He didn't know her? He couldn't know everyone at the school, but many he was at least familiar with, even if vaguely. But he couldn't think of this girls' name. She was a petite girl - he was very nearly a head taller than her - with a pink-and-white outfit to compliment her blonde hair. Very blonde, actually with a pink-ish tint, like his. Her eyes, colored a honey-gold-brown, were framed by big red glasses, and they were striking. For a moment, there was a slight silence, possibly an awkward one, as he got his bearings and looked her from her toes to her face.

    But then, realizing that she looked terrified as she stared up at him, he remembered he probably ought to have said something. Kouki blinked once more and cleared his throat, saying, "O-oh, hi!" A greeting felt appropriate, and he flashed a soft, apologetic smile to her. "Sorry for running into you, I wasn't paying attention .. are you okay?"

    Well that was silly to ask. She clearly looked physically okay, but the expression she was giving him was a little concerning. His brow furrowed subtly as he watched her, expecting a response of some kind. Thinking her over as he waited, she seemed like a pretty girl, in this weird, intelligent way. She looked smart, but a little disheveled, and it fit her. He kept the air around him light-hearted, not wanting to startle or scare the girl any further than she seemed to be.
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    Mori couldn't speak. Her mouth was immensely dry. Oh no, everyone was staring at her. She shifted uncomfortably at the attention. Don't talk to me. Please, don't talk to me. If he talked to her, what was she supposed to do then? "O-oh, hi! Sorry for running into you, I wasn't paying attention .. are you okay?" A bright blush formed on her face. Was she okay? No, she wasn't. She felt like she was going to pass out!

    "Y-yes..." she bit her lip, stepping to the side. She would just walk around him. Walk around him and forget like this ever happened. Right, this never happened. Stay invisible, Mori. Stay invisible and no one will bother you.

    Stay invisible. Invisible. Invisible. Invisible. She chanted it like a mantra in her head, but she couldn't move, her body wouldn't let her. She felt lightheaded and dizzy. What if she wasn't entirely healthy yet? Did she still have a cold?

    People were still watching her, but the halls spun around Mori and she barely noticed them now. She reached out for the nearest thing. A windowsill. Windowsills were good for balancing. With one hand, she gripped it tightly. The halls still spun around her though. Please, don't look at me. Don't look at me.

    This much attention and stress was not good for her, especially when she was just barely recovering. She should call her mom, but she didn't want to bother her at work... Still, she reached for her cellphone. Or did she? She couldn't register anything as the world fell away from her and everything went black.
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    Yeah, she really didn't look like she was doing well. At first, he thought it was just embarrassment - I mean, she was blushing pretty hard, and that was a bit awkward for both of them to end up doing. But the way her eyes shifted around and her breathing started to quicken, it concerned him more. She choked out a stuttered "Y-yes" to his question, taking a small step to the side, as if to go around him.

    Though she didn't - she seemed rooted to her place then, and suddenly, she started to wobble a little. She looked faint. He blinked, opening his mouth and saying, " .. Do - " Before he could say anymore though, she suddenly gripped the windowsill beside them, leaning against it for support. She seemed to reach for something, but before she could, her eyes fluttered and she quite abruptly started to fall over.

    Now, Kouki wasn't expecting to make anyone faint anytime soon, and he took a brief second to realize that she might hurt herself if she fell - so, instinct kicked in and Kouki quickly stepped forward, his expression surprised and, subtly, embarrassed. The gravity made initially catching her fall somewhat straining, but when he adjusted to holding her weight, she turned out to be pretty light. Kouki's cheeks had flushed more now, feeling stares all pointed towards him and the girl he now was supporting. Did he do something wrong somehow? He had no idea, and as he glanced towards a group of curious students, he shrugged somewhat helplessly and furrowed his brow, a quiet statement that he had no idea what had happened.

    In any case, however, it seemed appropriate to take the unconscious girl to the nurse. "Um - c-could I get a little help?" It'd be better to have two people supporting the girl instead of just him, and luckily, someone volunteered, rushing towards the two and mumbling, "Y-yeah, sure." The boy leaned down and got one of her arms over his shoulder, and Kouki took the other shoulder, whilst also grabbing her books that had been left on the ground. They hoisted her up as quiet chatter started, probably about what had just so suddenly happened.

    "D'you know what made her faint?" The boy glanced over to Kouki with a bewildered concern, and Kouki looked back, responding, "N-no, no idea. I just bumped into her and she got really nervous and she just kinda .. dropped." Kouki honestly did feel guilty - he hadn't intended to make her faint.

    The two boys carried her into the nurse's office and the nurse glanced up, eyes widening. "What happened?" The nurse of the school was a veteran of the staff - she'd been there a very long time, and even if she was used to seeing fainted people or sick people, she always showed concern. "Um, she just sorta passed out, I'm not too sure what happened .. "

    The nurse went through the motions with the two boys - asking them if they knew her name, to which they couldn't say they did, asking if they knew if she had any problems, which also brought oblivious replies. They laid her on a bed and the nurse checked her pulse and checked for feverishness. "Hm .. well, you boys can go, if you'd like. I can take it from here." Kouki and the boy looked at one another, and Kouki said, " .. I think I'll stay here, if that's okay." The nurse nodded and said, "You'll need a pass for class, but sure, that's fine."

    Kouki glanced towards the other boy, who had a hand on the back of his neck. " .. Eh, I guess I'll just go." Before the boy left, Kouki said, "W-wait - thank you for helping me get her here." The boy had messy black hair and dark green eyes, and he shrugged and said, "Ah, happy to help." He flashed Kouki a small smile before making his way out, taking a small glance behind him to the girl before exiting the room.

    Kouki sighed, glancing back towards the unconscious girl and going to sit on the bed next to hers, her bag of books in his hand. Man, she was probably gonna be really embarrassed, and rightfully so .. he'd be too, if he had fallen victim to a situation like that. Well, the least he could do was stay behind to give back her books and apologize for whatever had happened. He didn't mind waiting either, since he could miss a little class with an excuse to do so. Kouki's eyes wandered around the room, where it was quiet and solitary, besides the nurse.
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    Mori groaned and rolled over. She was on a bed, but it wasn't her bed with memory foam and comfortable pillows. No, this was a nurse's bed, something she was just as accustomed to. She opened her eyes slowly and found herself staring up at flourescent lights. She turned her head to the side slightly and let out a small shriek, bolting up. "W-why are y-you w-watching me SLEEP?!" she exclaimed, pointing an accusatory finger at Suzuki. She was probably overacting, but she didn't really care at the moment.

    She dropped her finger along with her gaze and swung her legs over the edge of the bed, her back facing him. She reached down and pulled on her shoes. She dearly hoped the nurse had been the one to take them off. Without glancing at the boy behind her, she pushed herself off the bed. Her legs wobbled under her. She turned back to Suzuki, bowing curtly. "I-I thank you for y-your help... Um... Can... Can I have my stuff back please," she pointed to her bag, which was on the nightstand next to him.