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So so many plots, be my partner?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by MistahJ, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Hi guys, I posted this a little while ago in another thread and figured I'd try here. Check out my RP resume to check that we’re compatible if anything interests you, but I’ll give you a few starting points. I prefer replies to be at least a paragraph long, if we get into a routine of doing multiple paragraphs then great but at least one please. I do FxF and FxM only. I don’t RP in first person and I won’t tend to do anything anime related – I’m open when it comes to mature content/gore/violence/bad language as long as we’re both comfortable/age appropriate.
    I have a lot of different plots/fandoms so feel free to shoot me a message if anything jumps out at you!
    **Not all of these have to feature romance, plus any of these can be multi-roled.

    Bates Motel**
    Orphan Black
    The 100
    Sweeney Todd
    Rocky Horror
    Slasher Movies
    Harry Potter
    The Purge**
    CSI Cyber

    Tumblr inspired college AUs;
    • It’s Friday night and my roommate and her boyfriend are practically having sex in front of me can I sleep on your floor tonight? (FxF, FxM)
    • I met you at a bar and yeah we had great sex but I’m a college student and oh my god, are you really my best friend’s mother? (FxF)**
    • We had a one night stand and now I have to see you every day in lectures, please refrain from sitting next to me and definitely don’t smirk at me like that (FxF, FxM)
    • You’re my professor and I don’t think us dating would be a good idea but I’d really like to go out with you anyway (FxF, FxM)
    Random plots;
    • You’re a vampire from the 1800s and you’ve just awoken in the twenty first century and I promise you I am not your long lost love, I haven’t even seen Dracula
    • We’re in a zombie apocalypse and I don’t need your help but sure I suppose we could help each other out**
    • A 30 Days of Night kind of jam (vampires)**
    • My partner is missing and I really need your help to find him/her
    • We’re both well-known celebrities and we recently broke up but my agent is forcing me to pretend we’re still together for publicity so I hope you’re okay with that
    • I invited you on a road trip even though we only just met because we’re both down on our luck but now it’s awkward and we’re spending the next two weeks together
    • We met on social media and have been friends for years but you live half way across the world
    • We’re both mob bosses and I’m going to suggest we work together (but just until I can figure out a way to take you out)**
    RP Settings; (We can create plots for these ourselves)
    • Modern college
    • Vampire night clubs**
    • Futuristic world
    • Pirate ship
    • Haunted house
    • Castle/mansion
    • Online

    RP Pairings;
    • Criminal x Detective
    • Writer x Character
    • Age Gap**
    • Married Couple
    • Vampires
    • Gods/Goddesses