So...Roleplay anyone...?

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I got a couple of ideas that can be build upon. Not too sure what I want to do with them though...I"m a sucker for modern fantasy/love RP's.

Idea 1: Something to do with a criminal, male probably and a female love intrest, depending on the gender of the criminal. Maybe a crime ridden girl/boy or perhaps an innocent/goody two shoes girl/boy who get's dragged into this guy/girls's crime ridden life. Fantasy may or may not be involved, I'm willing to comprimise on this one! If your intrested comment here or PM me so we can work out the details~

Idea 2: Maybe a Traditional Vampire/Werewolf forbidden love story. Or a Krusnik/Vampire Love story. Had a Krusnik/Vampire one going that I adored but my RP partner seems to have bailed on me...If you don't know what a krusnik is they basically look like an Angel with black wings, pale skin, and superhuman strength to compete with a Vampire. Like Vampires they are supposed to look drop-dead sexy. They feed on Vampires.

Idea 3: Demon and Angel Forbidden love story

I"m sorry, I don't really like the whole Yaoi or Yuri thing...not for me I guess ^^;
But if you want to RP any of these things with me then, we can work out details
here or probably, perfurably over PMing. Thanks ya~


We just started an RP together and already I find you tempting me with new ideas. LOL