So, onexone stuffs. Yarg.

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    Now that this has caught your attention,
    and that you are all mushy on the inside,
    I shall
    o ^o !!!
    If you know me already, you know I'm weird. And I get very busy in real life from time to time.
    Guess what.
    Right now, I'm not TOOOOO busy. But I am pretty busy.
    School always comes first.~ And rping is after for funsies. :3
    I kinda wanted to try for one to three onexone's for the moment.
    I cannot say yes to everyone. And you must know I may not respond every single day.
    But, I can try my bestest.
    What kind of onexone's you ask.
    I like lotsa stuffs.
    I'm open-minded, really. Shoot me an idea, I'll respond.
    I have a want for more cutesy, fantasy or not, romance rps.
    But, I also like the random other topics.
    Like giant robot fighting pokemon things.
    Or something.
    SO YEAH.
    Shoot me ideas.<3 And go.
    Here or in pms. <3
  2. ^^ Well, what sort of rp would you prefer?
  3. Unfortunately for you, I never got past the kitten.
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  4. Knives:

    I kinda like lots of things. It's hard to pick for me.

    I play either gender. Just puttin' it out there.

    You poor soul, you. </3
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  5. XD I won't deny, getting past the kitty was hard for me as well, but I endured! Hmmm... I'll come up with some stuff and get back to you.
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  6. c: Yay.
    I have been thinking a Pokemon rp would be fun.
    Or some kind of 'fantasy creature in the modern world' type rp.
  7. I liek Pokeymans. I'd be up for one of those, in which I'd probably be playing a pre-existing character of mine that I used in a Pokemon roleplaying game a while back for like.. Many long times.

    Or something else completely, I have characters/can whip up new ones for whatever, so.. Lemme know if you wanna do one with me? :P
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  8. grggy:

    I waaaant pokeymans.
    I'm just not positive how to plot about it.
    Could do typical rivalry thingy plot I suppose.

    I have been seeing a lotta pictures of the Black and White chick with N. I keep thinking of fun roleplay ideas for them.
    But, yeah. I'm up for creating a character for one.
    Any idears?
  9. I should have watched this thread, sorry Dx.. But uhm.. I dunno. My guy was part of Team Rocket for a while, but pretty much became an enemy by screwing with the wrong people. Could play around with that, maybe have some sort of uneasy alliance when.. Something happens. -shrug-

    Send me a message if you're still interested, so we can talk about it more. Or something else entirely, if you want.
  10. Still watching the kitten.