So One Day, Something Weird Happened.

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  1. November 2nd, 2017

    News Reporter: "And this is Channel 18, with your daily New York news on events, weather, and everything else that any other normal news channel would have. Today, we have strange reports coming in of weird, oval shaped 'portals' appearing in either very private or public areas. The places for these strange occurrences range from public parks, even the famous Central Park, to dark alleys apparently. These dark portals drop what is known to be humanoid like creatures before disappearing, eye witnesses say. It is suggested that people start actually going to bed on curfew, and securely lock their doors while authorities find out more about this phenomena. This report concludes our news hour, and we hope you all have a great day."

    The man shrugged at the television, as he moved his head back and forth. "Strange portals appearing out of nowhere? Humanoid beings popping up, ridiculous things like that? HA don't make me laugh, what a load of bull crap.." The skeptic stood up and stretched before tossing the remote onto the couch, and shook his head. He then checked the clock that hung above his plasma television. It was about 4 PM EST time, and he felt like he was going to go out for a bit. He popped his knuckles before opening the door, and locking it behind him. He then walked down the dorm hallway before walking out the main door.

    Lance, Age 20, was finally outside.
  2. "...and we hope you all have a great day."

    Anzhela Savage hid her frustration, walking away from the television rather than putting her foot through it. Those people had just reported what could have been the start of a new and terrible tragedy in human history; having nothing more to offer than a diluted mimicry of the terrified posts she'd seen earlier in the day. It was just about as helpful and informative, which was to say that neither sources provided anything but the vaguest of descriptions; something else that annoyed the twenty one year old. With a sigh she pushed aside a few ancient fast food bags, disposable cups, errant beer bottles and finally, underneath the shifting mess, Anzhela found the keys that she was looking for. It took her a moment to prioritize the movements, but, within a few short minutes she had descended the stairs (refuting the temptation of a easy descent), thrown wide the door to the dorm and had stepped into the algid afternoon.
  3. He breathed out a deep sigh before sucking in the cool fall air. He then looked around, and frowned. There was nothing much to do today, it was a Saturday after all, and he did have the day off. He looked up and then an idea popped up in his head. He would take a walk around the campus and later, around the evening, drive down towards Central Park and check out for himself what was truly going on. He nodded in satisfaction at his quickly thought up plan before commencing on his way down the sidewalk, looking at the trees who were losing there leaves. There were many things on his mind, especially that totally far fetched phenomena going on, about random portals and things like that. Maybe later he will find a place to sit down and browse a random internet forum about this supernatural bull. But it was reported on the news, and not just anything was reported on the news, he hoped. At this moment, he did feel like being occupied with at least something, but later that night, he would.