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  1. "How was the movie?" –Roommate 1
    "She laughed at all the wrong parts!" –Roommate 2
    "It was hilarious, he was messing with their minds!" -Me

    Long ago, the creative writing club kept my imagination content. Then, everything changed when my best friend let me read her rp. Only the magical world we constantly imagined could satisfy me. But when our story line was just beginning to progress, we graduated. 2 years passed and my friends and I started a new role play using IM and chat rooms. And although these mediums are great, we have a limited amount of overlapping free time to write together. But I believe Iwaku can change our world.

    In other news: Snow is my favorite, ever! I have 2 songs stuck in my head at any given moment, (I grew up on musicals.) An RP is getting serious when the people at work know my characters by name.

    (Thank you Nickalodian’s Avitar The Last Airbender) <- see, citing my sources has become ingrained! (though really that was more of just referencing it...)
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  2. Avatar! I never finished that...

    Who did you bring with you? :D
  3. :O [MENTION=4590]Koene[/MENTION]! You should finish Avatar; it's amazing. I'm not much of a fan of the sequel (Legend of Korra) but if you don't go in expecting an epic like Avatar you may get a few lols out of it

    Hi Marianna! How are you liking Iwaku so far?
  4. Welcome to iwaku! I so look forward ot seeing you around
  5. Welcome to Iwaku!
  6. Hello to you too!!!

    Apparently, [MENTION=4590]Koene[/MENTION] I have wandered away from camp quite alone. But my trail is more than breadcrumbs, they might hear the excitement and decide follow eventually. (Maybe I will send postcards.)

    In the meantime I have drawn up a plan to make new friends…does popping around posting in games, challenges and roleplays seem adequate to you all (my newly discovered group of experts/advisers) or is there more I can do to force myself not to be so shy?
    This is for adventure after all… And look, I’m already seeing familiar faces…avatar pictures.

    And speaking of adventure I could further express my feelings on Avatar and Korra but [MENTION=1185]Minibit[/MENTION] has it covered, so ditto.
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  7. It's an awesome plan :3 you should join some groups and hang out in the Cbox, too!

    You'll also be my favourite person if you want to complete challenges in the Content forums and participate in discussions and workshops! You can even post your own challenges