RP? Anyone want a one on one?

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  1. So basically, I want to know if anyone is interested in a one on one with me. I will post my idea here and if anyone is interested, then well we can work on the idea a bit and then create our characters. :) Let me know please, I hope some one is interested :D

    I have two Ideas

    Idea #1

    this is a Cinderella story. Well not any Cinderella story. This story is of a vampire girl that spends the day as a normal girl and at the stroke of midnight as a vampire princess.
    She gets to spend one day as a princess too, and not just some mere human. She meets her prince at the masquerade ball that she begged her step mother to let her attend.

    Prince Hunter: Black hair and gorgeous blue eyes that are somewhere between sky-blue and ocean. Really tanned skin and lean-muscled build. He's stands at about 6'3 and is seventeen. He tends to shirk his princely duties and wants people to see him not as a prince, but as just a regular boy. He doesn't want the responsibility of his rank and he often looks bored at royal affairs. He's never sloppy-looking, but his formal wear leaves alot to be desired. Whenever he's forced to dress up,his sleeves are always rolled up to the elbows, collar is unbuttoned and his hair is always messy. He favours the ruffled look. He's also sarcastic, smug and a tad bit arrogant, but he has a great sense of humour. Very encouraging and rebellious.(ME)

    Vamp princess Shameen : Green eyes that glow a deep sea green at night. Long curly black ahir.5'8. Slender looking and incredibly sexy.(haven't fixed her a personality yet )


    If you had t make the choice....

    What would you chose?

    To save one sibling from a house fire... or five strangers?

    Cyleste had to make the same decision, and now she is haunted by those five strangers. However, they were not just any normal strangers, they were evil humans who loved to cause chaos and hurt. They wee corrupt beyond saving.

    Now those souls are after her, and they will get her, espeically when they realise that one night a year, they can inhabit a body, this chance they use to their full power.

    But what happens when the body they choose, is the one she chose to save?
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  2. Well, I'm not I big fan of idea number 1, but number 2 sounds like it has a lot of promise as the plot of a book. Anyway, I wouldn't mind doing the second idea.