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  1. So here I am. A complete noob to this site and so bored i might actually start doing extra work... *shutters at the thought*. I don't mind work but doing someone else's work sound utterly stupid. ..... Never mind that let's get back on track here.

    Roleplays! I need something to keep me entertained. I love fantasy roleplays; dragons, werewolves, vampires, elves etc, etc. I love having romance and action in a RolePlay and sudden twists are always welcome.

    A little more about me...
    1. I am a mature female
    2. I have a job which means I might take a few hour before I can reply some days.
    3. I have two main characters I always use. Namely Alexandra and her brother.
    4. I prefer being a female if I can only use one character but I will also jump in as a male character.
    5. Semi-lit. I have grown to love typing and I can easily write a long paragraph or more.
    Need proof check chickensmoothie username R A I N.
    Side note: most of my rps have died out because I have been on vacation and I wasn't able to post anything for four weeks.

    Thank you for taking the time to read all that. Please let me know if you have something I might be interested in

  2. Hey there, Rainy!
    Now, I'm not sure, but wouldn't this be better served in the New Arrivals board? Roleplay talk is more for when you have a specific idea you want to flesh out.
    And actually, all this information would be great for your Roleplayer's Resume! (under Preferences)

    Now then, is there anything specific you'd like to roleplay? A vampiric elf with a werewolf lover who dances in the pale moonlight?
  3. I am actually working on a werewolf RolePlay right now! And yes your probably right... Stupid noob lol. So I might just edit that with my werewolf idea
  4. Werewolves? :D
    What kind? There are so many different interpretations, it's hard to keep track!
  5. Hey, in interested in doing an RP with you. PM me so we can start a plot