So my PC's broken.

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  1. It's the CPU fan.
    They're easily replaceable, but the computer's under warranty so I've probably got to send it back to the shop to get it fixed.
    So as of right now I'm going to be posting from my laptop, on an awful keyboard that keeps missing keystrokes.

    On the positive side I'm going to use this as a reason to get some upgrades on my system. New graphics card and more RAM, Hooo~

    Anyone else ever have computer problems? How long did it take to fix?
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  2. My laptop bit the dust, it kept shutting down by itself, closer and closer to when I started it up. It got to the point where it would be less than a minute from startup before it was down.

    Turned out that was a heating problem, too; the system was doing a thermal shutdown to save itself from frying. My bf fixed it, and it lasted another year or so before I accidentally stepped on the power cord and yanked part of the port out with it. It was cheaper to buy a new laptop than to fix that.

    I still haven't bought a new laptop.

    My computer's wireless card gets loose sometimes, but I moved the tower to where it's not getting bumped into so much so that's pretty much fixed.

    I live with a computer tech, so none of my problems really last very long ;P
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  3. Oh my, you've reminded me that I need to make some upgrades to my gaming rig. The motherboard needs to be replaced, I'm pretty sure. All I know is that he's running slower than he's supposed to. Pretty much everything could use replacing now that it's been a few years. And I sort of want to spoil myself with new graphics card...

    Anyway, the worst broken computer experience for me was my first laptop. She died at like, age 2, because she was just a crappy laptop. Was a graduation gift from my grandma, who preferred to buy me a used computer instead of the new one I wanted. "It's for college," she said. "It'll be fun," she said. NO WARRANTY, EITHER. Because the woman is so cheap... I wasn't ungrateful, I assure you, but the experience with this computer made me feel bitter. XD I had to do so much maintenance and deal with so much lagging.

    AND THEN... The thing died on me, everything inside pretty much broke... The computer techs I took her to said it would cost more to fix than to replace. So yeah. RIP Lucy.

    Hope your computer will be okay!
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  4. Funny...

    I recently got a thousand dollar gaming computer. A virus was accidentally installed onto the computer - after getting a firewall I completely trust and have been using for years - causing me to wipe it. The computer booted up fine, but after shutting it down and turning it on the next day, things went downhill. Icons wouldn't pop up on the screen, the computer wouldn't load onto the desktop. So we wiped it. That didn't fix the problem and after wiping the computer three more times, the computer refused to boot up.

    I even my uncle look it over and he works with computers. He noticed some drivers weren't installed and fix that problem. I woke up this morning, hoping everything would be fine.... Annnnd my computer just crapped itself. So he thinks it's a hardware issue.

    This is the worst computer problem I've ever had and quite frankly it's bumming me out. Thankfully we have a warranty on the computer, so the company better fix it or return our money.
  5. Mine freezes randomly, and it does what I call "Blue Screening", where my GPU basically says "Lolno I quit" and then gives me a no input detected on my monitor. Thats about it. On another note...

    Confuses the crap out of me.

    What are you doing I don't even. What. What virus creates the need to wipe an entire hard drive 5 or 6 times? You do realize restoring to a later installation of (what I assume to be windows 7) would completely fix that, right?
  6. The first wipe got rid of the virus. Something else happened - we think it has to do with the motherboard - that's making my computer act wonky. It turned itself on several times and I actually saw one of those boot ups for myself. Nothing I found in the BIOS or motherboard told my computer to turn itself on so it was really bizarre. And restoring to a later point won't work. I've only had this computer for two weeks so a system restore wouldn't be viable.

    The tech guy from the computer's manufacturer is telling us to run some tests and see what's the problem. He also thinks t's a hardware problem.
  7. I hope you learned a lesson, always make the earliest reset point once you install in case something goes wrong. As far as randomly turing on, I think it may be possessed. Hit it with a hammer and see if that fixes it.
  8. Hah, if the motherboard is faulty a system restore wouldn't work, which is what I'm afraid of.
  9. Have you tried turing the mobo off and back on again?
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  10. @Minibit It's surprising how many computer issues stem from misuse, isn't it?
    I use to think my laptop had an awful fan system that kept overheating until I realised that I was using it while blocking the air intake with my leg.
    Once I stopped doing that it works fine, which made me feel a little bad.

    @Fluffy Gah! I don't understand people who are cheap with stuff like that! Why buy something at all if you're going to go for the cheapest possible choice? it's obviously not going to last as long and if you don't have a warranty and it breaks (and it's a system that's not very easy to get into) you're screwed when something in the machine inevitably goes wrong! D:

    @Zen That sounds harsh. Did you lose anything important in the wipes?

    @captchakiller That picture made me cringe.
    Though next time I have a computer that I'm going to throw away, I kind of want to run it with no fans until it's super hot and then hear it's motherboard sizzle under the tap. That'd be cool. Give it a viking burial, you know.
  11. I had an elevated cooling pad for my laptop, I just never cleaned it, and the fans became clogged with dust, lint, and hair >.< I'm pleased to say I've learned a lot about pc care since then lol
  12. I'm actually having some computer problems right now myself! I had a problem with a fan a long while back, where so much dust got into it, that it sort of minimized it's efficiency and... in turn helped overheat the computer. Not cool.

    Clean your computer fans out regularly, guys! It'll save you loads of money!

    But that's not really the problem I'm having at the current moment; one of my hard drives went Kah-boot on me. It just so happened to be the HD my computer used to boot from, which meant that for a while.... I couldn't boot it. It took a full day and a half of trying, repeatedly, to get the computer to boot into windows. Once it did, I was able to disable said HD, and link the booting to a different one. I really need to take it to get it fixed, because I am sans one HD right now, but.... school.

    Most of my university work requires the use of the computer; I am uncomfortable doing digital art on the lappy, which means that getting rid of the main, desk comp right now is a no go. *Sigh* I'll see about it as soon as the school year lets out. Hopefully my pretty will last till then in one piece.
  13. You got that right!
    But as it was under warranty, I couldn't open up my computer to clean it at all. :I
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  14. True, that. Warranties make it so you can't tamper with the product, or it nullifies it, yeah *chuckles* Warranty = no money so woohoo for that!
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