So my curiosity is killing me

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  1. What is the difference on the blogs where it says blog roll in the people with the grey B symbol and the ones with the blue B symbol with a star beside it?
  2. I tried to do a little investigation, but I came up with nothing. I could find no link between user ages (I found both adults and teens with both versions of the symbol), nor could I find any link between whether or not they're online (some people with the blue version were online, others hadn't been online for hours, and same for grey version). I noticed that it actually isn't static, as I saw someone's symbol thing go from the blue version to the grey version after I refreshed a page. It seems to have nothing to do with when their latest blog post was either. I used my browser's inspect element function and found that the blue version is named "blog_on@2x" and the grey version is named "blog_off@2x" but that doesn't exactly give any answers.

    Now curiosity is also killing me, because none of the things that make sense seem to be the answer. XD
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  3. @Diana WHY FOR THEY ARE LIKE THIS! I will give you owls if you tell me.

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    I can't even find the answers from the official mod. o___o (Just check that off as another reason we wanna replace this system with something that is actively updated)

    I thought maybe it was a list of people you follow that have blogs, and that it goes blue when they are online. But that's not the case across multiple blogs. So I think it's bugged out.
  5. Could the blue blogs maybe be the people that follows your blog? Like if you follow one blog, they show up in the blog roll, and if they follow you back they become blue? That's what I've always thought...

    We should write a book about this. The mystery of the blue blogs.
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