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  1. Alright so This is my various romance Ideas, each one is different from the other and the really only hold two major things in common: they are romantic and they take place in modern times. I can play either character in each idea(but I do have a preference to play as a boy in straight romances).

    What I would really want:
    • friendly people
    • NO one-liners
    • tell me if you want to end the rp(I will understand)
    • If you do straight be VERY good at it(I am a tough judge of straight romance)
    What I can give:
    • totally friendly openness
    • 1-4 paragraph responses and I probably will match your length
    • interesting characters
    All that being said here are some notes on the ideas: S=straight romance, L=girl on girl romance, G= guy on guy romance. I will * the ones I really want to do.

    Actual Ideas:
    • Love with a shot of Espresso(SLG)- There is something so captivating about the cool barista at the coffee shop it's no surprise the regular, Character A, is falling head-over-heels for said barista, Character B, who is also crushing on them. Every day Character B gives Character an extra shot of espresso as a subtle nod to them. This story will detail the cute everyday interactions between and their eventual romance that happens eventually. Probably between adults.
    • *Princely Project(SLG)- Character A is a nerd with a love of princely characters but unlike what one might expect they don't want to find their prince but rather become. Lucky for them Character B is on board with helping turn them into the prince of Character A's dreams. The most goofy set-up by far this tale will be the training and romance with the two of them. Will Character A become the prince, were they already always one, or will they give up on their goal and just enjoy being a nerd? (If straight I want Character A to be the girl because that would be more weird and fun). Definitely about highschoolers.
    • Broken Hearts and Broken Bones(LG)- Character A is in an abusive relationship sadly and their best friend, Character B, has been having to pick up the pieces for a while now because they love Character A as more than a friend. Slowly Character A gets sick of the abuse and realizes the person that has really been loving them and caring for them and eventually leaves their lover and dates Character B. Obviously the most somber and angsty of the ideas this story can either end with the two getting together or end later as they date and Character B helps Character A heal. Can have them as highschoolers, college students, or even adults.
    • *Wrapped in a Red String(LG)- Character A and Character B were middle school friends that began dating in highschool only to break up two years into their relationship and Character A moving away and finishing up highschool in another state. The two of them lost contact for a while but were still in love with each other after those two years apart. As fate would have it thought the two ended up going to the same College and meeting up once again. Character A is still obviously pursing Character B but Character B has become sad and broken over the years and blames herself for the break-up so they stubbornly refuses both Character A and their own feelings. They will obviously both be in college.
    • Straight to you(LG)- Character A thinks their straight... they aren't though. Character B is gay and is making Character A fall for them. The story is all about mostly about Character A trying to accept that they are in fact in love with someone of the same gender and Character B having to try and help them realize it. They can be in highschool, college, or even adults.
    • *The Truth about Tomboys(L)- Most consider the very masculine Character A to be a player but really she has never dated anyone before because most do not take the commitment as seriously, people like Character B. Character A is deeply in love with Character B but she is a player, a very feminine one at that too. So the both of them are trying to compromise and be together but what can become of a sweet-hearted tomboy and a femme fatale? They can be highschoolers, college students, or even co-workers.(Willing to go explicit but not required)
    • *Narcissistic Love(L)- Character A has never loved anyone before because she is too caught up in herself. She doesn't see others as less than her she just loves herself the most. Character B sees the narcissistic character one as both entrancing and surprisingly kind to others. Naively, Character B confesses and tries to date Character A, who for some reason accepts. The story details what it's like for someone so self-centered to finally finding someone else for them to love as much as themselves.(Willing to go explicit but again not required)
    • *Off To The Sunset(L)- Character A just wants to run; she wants to run far away from all her worries and live a life on the road. Character B want to follow her wherever she may go. I could see the story going mostly to ways: one is that Character B is in love with Character A and that is why she wants to go with her and make sure she ends up okay or Character B just wants to run for her own, probably selfish, reasons and falls in love with Character A along their journey. The characters can be highschoolers or college students but adults would work quite well in this situation.
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  2. Hi! So, I like the idea for Straight to You. It sounds like a pretty straightforward gay flick, y'know? Or... gayforward. Or whatever.
    Anyway! I usually play gay male characters, but if you want to do girls I'm fine with that. It's harder for me, but hey. Writing in the face of diversity, you know?
  3. I'm totally cool with doing gay males and I would love to rp with you so shoot me a PM and we can talk about it
  4. Hey. So, uh... I like the Love With A Shot Of Espresso plot idea thingy if you're up for it. Yup.
  5. I am very up for it shot me a pm and we can do it
  6. still open for more RPing
  7. Is the shot of espresso plot still taken?
  8. The Truth About Tomboys is something I'm interested in.
  9. Nope feel free to shot me a pm so we can do it :)
  10. Hi!

    I'm inteested in that plot, high-school setting
  11. Fantastic send me a pm and we can hash out the details
  12. Whoops!

    I've just noticed :( someone like that too...

    .... So, if it's still available... If not - I'll understand :(
  13. Nah I'm a big fan of doing multiple versions of any roleplay so all the options are open. I feel like the same idea can be done and interpreted differently depending on the people so I would be happy to Rp with you
  14. Okay, I've read all the scenario options and I like them. You seem like the person I would very much enjoy role playing with, but I quite like a role play to have a basic idea to start off with then have the story develop on its own. Improvisation I suppose, while still based on the initial idea. If you're interested in doing a 'make it up as you go along' type role play, I'd be more than happy to show you my skills. If you only want to stick to your posted story ideas, that's understandable. If that's the case, then Wrapped in a red string seems pretty awesome.
  15. I would totally be willing to hear what you had in mind
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