So Long And Thanks For All The Chicken

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  1. Welp!

    Ive been here more than a year and what a 'more than a year' run this was, but all years have to come to an end.

    ...Then again, you can just start a new year on the first of January...but that's besides the point! D:

    My life has found it's busy peak and boy what a busy peak it is. Babysitting my niece and nephew has now somehow found its way to the 'part time job' title, regardless of wether it's the weekend or not! Even if it is the weekend, my job takes away all of my weekend time and gives it to all the people inside that fun park of mine! School is school and college is college. I only have a few more years and then BAM. AMERICAN HISTORY HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER ON DECK! >:D I'm super excited for that, which is why I put so much time into my classes now, even taking more classes than I need to!

    Though I adore to write, create, and imagine using words and this...brain juice stuff I have, I have to depart. I simply can not commit to the beautiful tile plays that NEED commitment! I hate having people waiting on me when I am so stitched for time, I have to set an alarm for using the bathroom. :/

    I wanna say that I love all of the rps I was in. Yes. ALL of them. I put most of my time and dedication into them and wether they stayed alive or not, I have always loved them. So much so that I even reread them! Thank you, guys. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Aaaaand, cue the snappiness off! Now it's time for me to listen to Hard Rock, read some Tom Robbins and try to write a paper on it, probably need to reheat this omelette because its not looking so hot.

    Ha...old breakfast humor....

  2. Aww bye you will be missed :( But good luck in life stuff!
  3. Good luck and hope to see you again.
  4. I hope to see you again some day, Ili. bye.
  5. *blubbers* Dooon't gooooo.


    Goodbye, and hope you come back!