So...let's give this a go! (Doctor Who. M/F. 18+)

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Hi there! I'm just going to start by telling you a little bit about me. I'm female, 20, and from England - I've been role-playing since I was about 13, and I love doing it :-)

Now these are the general rules (don't worry, there aren't too many):

- Please be 18 or over. This is definitely a comfort thing and I feel betrayed when I'm lied to. And since this will be a romance rp, I don't want things to be uncomfortable maturity wise and there might be more mature elements to this.

- I'm really sorry, but I'm only comfortable roleplaying with females at the moment.

- Please be active. I'm on quite a lot, so 4 or more replies a day would be great. Anything less, and my dumb brain gets distracted.

- Length. I'm looking for short, detailed, but quick responses. Something I can reply to on the move.

- Feel free to chat with me. I don't bite, I promise! (Although that's not exactly a rule as such, haha)

- Mediums. I don't roleplay through threads, but I do use pm and email.

Plot, although technically it's just fluffy/romantic stuff haha : So...this will be my first attempt at playing the Doctor. Since I'm rewatching the earlier series (the 2005-onwards) one, I'd love to play 10 or 11.

Maybe you'd play his wife and companion, an OC of your choosing. I'm looking for something fun, detailed, but also casual - so there doesn't always need to be drama 24/7, and I'd love to roleplay the domestic side of things. Of course your character will have to be pretty open minded to settle down with a man like that, and he'll always be worried about keeping her away from harm. Double points if they have children or will eventually.

So in short, this will be like the normal Doctor Who episodes but with added fluff and romance. Mature scenes might pop up, so over 18's please. I look forward to hearing from you :)
Not open for further replies.