So, I've been replaying the Diablo series...

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  1. I have several things to say.
    1. The games are awesome! I love I and II, and RoS made III so much better!

    2. This is where the Discussion comes in:

    Isn't it technically Tyrael's fault that Malthael became Death? Because Malthael only became Death AFTER The Worldstone was smashed, which Tyrael did that. So isn't that Tyrael's fault?
  2. No. We all make our decisions, the archangels are no different.
  3. Yes, but the stealing of the Worldstone made Malthael go insane, so could the Worldstone be connected to him?
  4. It was his job to take care of it. I don't think it was linked to him. It was more a, "I failed...must find."
  5. Also, Tyreal only smashed the world stone because otherwise, the corrupted worldstone would be a significant force for the demons in the eternal war, and most likely the doom of all of mankind.

    ...Instead of just the doom of all barbarian kind.
  6. Unfortunately, if your getting your lore strictly from game, You're not getting the full story. You only get bits and pieces that inspire the game. If you want to know the full story I strongly suggest you read the books.

    1. The Sin War: Birthright
    2. The Sin War: Scales of the Serpent
    3. The Sin War: The Veiled Prophet
    4. Demonsbane
    5. The Black Road / Diablo I
    6. Legacy of Blood / Diablo II
    7. The Kingdom of Shadow / Diablo II
    8. Moon of the Spider
    9. The Order
    10. Storm of Light
    This is correct order for the books in how they should be read. Lore from the Books always contradicts the lore found in game but Blizzard has officially noted that the Lore found in any of the book series trumps the lore found in-game.
  7. Alright, I'll look into that.

    What happens to Malthael after he is defeated though?
  8. Also: after he became Death was he still part of the Angiris Council, and did he also still have Wisdom as well?
    The books were all amazing.

    That said, the Diablo series is surprisingly coherent and has excellent continuity. Astonishing story, characters and lands to explore as well only add to the hack and slash death gauntlet all the way from Tristram to the steppes of the Worldstone Chamber and beyond.
    We'll find out in the next expansion or installment, won't we?
  9. He dies.

    Wisdom shall be lost.
    This is Malthael when the worldstone was destroyed. He went off, abandoned heaven and its status of angel of wisdom.
    Blizzard has already Blue posted this question, He's dead.
  10. Well, to be specific, I should say the Black Soul Stone. Isn't it implied that it's not truly destroyed and that the Prime and Lesser Evils are loose again?
    I honestly haven't dug to deep into the lore yet in post Diablo 3.
  11. The events haven't occurred yet (why the Lore is gray at best), but to best explain how the storyline evolves, it's best to look at the End of Days.

    . . . And, at the End of Days, Wisdom shall be lost
    as Justice falls upon the world of men.
    Valor shall turn to Wrath -
    and all Hope will be swallowed by Despair.
    Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all -
    as Fate lies shattered forever.

    1- Wisdom shall be lost.
    This is Malthael when the worldstone was destroyed. He went off, abandoned heaven and its status of angel of wisdom.

    2- As Justice falls upon the world of men
    Tyrael being a *%@!!%*% ripping its wings and falling like a meteor

    3- Valor shall turn to wrath
    Imperius being really mad at Tyrael and the Nephalem. He needs all the help he can have and still want to kick our !@#.
    We can also argue that this line describe how Imperius becomes crazy in the book "Storm of light". In fact, he only wants to murder every men, women and children.

    4- All Hope will be swallowed by despair
    Before reading the book, I thought it was when Rakanoth captured her. But, I feel this line is also tied with how Auriel acts in Storm of Light. We feel the corruption of the BSS start altering her view of humanity. I wouldn't say she lost hope in humanity. But she changed for sure. She doesn't see Tyrael as her equal anymore.

    5- Death at last, shall spreads its wing over all
    This is Malthael, the trailer is self explanatory. With the loss of the Worldstone it corrupts Malthael to become Death. But when he dies, he's dead. When an angel dies they come back as a new aspect. A new Aspect of Wisdom will emerge from the crystal arch. One that isn't corrupted and won't necessarily be malthael.

    6- as Fate lies shattered forever.
    This is the interesting part. This event hasn't occured yet. Itherael voted for humanity which means he's not our ennemy (technically). Also, when demons stomp over the heaven, he seeks our help. Which means he has some kind of faith in humanity and knows we can be allies. According to the Book of Cain (if I'm right), Itherael knows how the conflict will end. He always knew, it is written in the scroll of destiny. But Itherael does not know the fate of human kind. Something will happen, maybe it has already happened. Something tied with Ithereal and destiny. I don't think he'll go mad and try to destroy us, but the next expansion is tied with him. This is the most logical place the next X-pack will go.
  12. I have a few more questions:

    What happened to the pools that Malthael used for Wisdom?

    And also, Malthael showed foreshadowing of his Death tendency even before the Worldstone was taken when he Abstained because everything must die, and Imperius counted it as a vote against Sanctuary. Correct? (Not really a question, just need affirmation.))

    Finally: Could Imperius turn into Wrath like Malthael became Death?
  13. It never really says. At least I can't remember. However, one would have to assume that they would still remain for the next Angel of Wisdom.


    Possible? Yes! Could Imperius be the next end game boss, Sure.
  14. So, this is most likely the final question:
    Someone talked about how Malthael felt guilty for the Worldstone's loss, was he responsible for guarding it?
  15. My knowledge on some of the Lore's details are a bit sketchy, but if I remember right he wasn't personally responsible for guarding the Worldstone. I also recall reading somewhere that Malthael was one of the ones who discovered it in Pandemonium and developed an affinity for it (someone correct me if I'm wrong here). At some point before he left the Angiris Counsel he had taken an interest in the humans/nephalem of Sanctuary. I think once he realized how powerful the nephalem could become he decided they were a bigger threat than the demons. Cue the former Archangel of Wisdom eventually becoming Death.

    On an unrelated note, anyone else ever notice the heroes never really seem to win in the end?

    Diablo I: Warrior jams Soulstone into his head and becomes the Dark Wanderer, and if I remember right the Rogue became Blood Raven and the Wizard became The Summoner.

    Diablo II: Worldstone had to be destroyed because of Baal's corruption

    Diablo III: Prime Evil is freed from his soulstone, There is no longer an aspect of Justice, and the current aspect of Wisdom is on a time limit (mortal).
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